Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Still windy here.....

Our Location: South Entrance BLM, Joshua Tree National Park
Yesterday was once again a day to have the big slide pulled in. The wind gusts were sneaky. No wind for an hour or so and then bam big gusts, on and on and on. Stop again for a while, start again really quick. The Igloo rocking and rolling I'm sure has scrambled the eggs, so no sunny side up ones until we get to the store. 

Another inside day again yesterday, but on tonight's post I've some photos to share. I think we will be heading into Indio for a bit today to get out and about and do a few errands. Janet's friend goes home today so perhaps we'll see Janet Thursday or Friday. After that we're hoping to move on from this windy knoll.

I spoke with my buddy Ron for an hour or so yesterday, just getting caught up on the news. Him and his lovely wife Sharon were heading out in the cold Kansas weather on their annual Good Luck motorcycle ride. They take one every New Year's Day for as long as they've been married and I think he said maybe 3 or 4 before the wedding bells too. Ron told me the wind was cold, the sun was shining and they had snow. I believe he may have said 17F/ -8.3C was the temperature. I could be mistaken of course but I'm pretty sure that was the number he said. They bundle up well and have switched from a two wheeled Honda to a Trike. Be a bit more stable I think.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your day where ever you may have been. 

Until next time.. take care, be safe, 



  1. We still have the wind here as well, but the bright sunny skies really help make things much better, soon the winds will die down and things will get better all the way around. Safe travels to wherever your next destination will be, Enjoy your visit with Janet too.

  2. Thanks George. We are looking forward to the windless days.

    Take care, be safe,