Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A long walk again today.....

Our Location: BLM, Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, CA

(All pictures taken with my phone)

I slept better last night but still was up many times. I think I’ll have Riley knock me on the head with a hammer tonight to see if I can get through the whole night. 

Army type rig, could go about anywhere I think. It's off of American Girl Mine Road.

Looks like a mine shaft over there.

Much warmer this morning than it has been since we’ve arrived. At 7 AM California Time it was 56F/ 13.3 C so you knew it was going to be a nice day and in fact it proved to be true. It was a nice day if you could stay out of the breeze although during my walk I was happy to have it to help cool me off. 

Some very straight up cliff sides.

I took this path back into the hills. 

My friend Linda called this morning to see how we are doing and to touch base after the new year. Always enjoy talking to Linda, she’s a sweet lady and I’ve known her for more years than I care to think about. Daughter Courtney also called today for the same reason, to check with us after the new year. Courtney is back to work with the Toronto School board now and I think glad to be back after the holidays, they sounded more exhausting than her regular working days. I also chatted with my sister Jan for a bit today as well. She’s doing well and sounds happy. Her significant other Rick (not to be confused with our brother Rick) is also doing well. They confirmed snow on the ground and milder temperatures but it’s still winter so what can you expect right? 

Yes I took this road.

Some cut rock here along the way. 

Around 10 AM both Riley and I headed out for a walk. She to do her thing and me to do mine. She completed a square by using both cross country and roads, it took her about an hour to do her walk and she texted when she arrived home. Always nice to know she’s back safe and sound. My walk was a bit longer than I thought it would be but that is the way things go, isn’t it? 

The bluish mystery on the right of the photo.

Very good road back here, the Dogsled would think it's a highway.
I headed back to the same area that I visited yesterday. Lorne (A Place Called Away) told me of an open pit mine back behind the big bluish pile of gravel. So today that was my goal to see if I could find it. I walked cross country to the power line right of way, a short walk on that path, then cross  country once more to reach a road that comes off of American Girl Mine Road and goes back among the hills. From there I followed this road until it narrowed down to a nice well travelled but good road back to the open pit mine. I didn’t go into the pit but stood up above and snapped a few pictures. Interesting area for certain. I could have easily taken the Dogsled back here the road is fairly good and very few dips or bumps. Just some bigger stones poking up here and there. 

The sun is in a bad place to be taking pictures but oh well.

That green down there is algae growing on the water.

It looks like folks take their buggies, quads, etc down in there.
On the way back out I took a road way that lead me beside the big bluish pile of gravel or tailings and from there things got interesting. I rounded the end to find myself looking down at the same path I had taken yesterday. The only problem was finding a way down into the wash to get to the ’same road’ I had taken. Hmmmm….I scrambled a bit, looked around a bit more, climbed here and there, back down here and there and finally found a way down instead of continuing on the roadway which would add at least another 1/2 mile to the jaunt. I managed quite well and made my way back up the side of the wash which cut off quite a bit of walking or so I thought. In order to get around one particular wash I had to swing back toward the hills and when I looked up I sighted what I believed was a rig that sits just a short distance away from our own Igloo. I headed cross country for that rig. It wasn’t until I got closer, about 30 minutes later that I realized it wasn’t the rig I thought and that I had gone a long ways out of my way. I veered to the right when I should have veered to the left.
See the hand? There is a hole in there too.
I walked this roadway for a while.

 Oh well, I knew I wasn’t lost but would have a longer walk than I had wanted. Quickly I found the line of green indicating the wash that I wanted, headed off directly for it, called Riley to explain I’d be a bit later than I thought. I finally reached the area in which I knew would take me right to our door and started slowing to cool down a bit. My walk today while MOSTLY on roads or smooth washes, also included a bit of up and down that I wasn’t expecting, next time I’ll wear my hiking boots. Time was just over 3 hours. I will say I slipped myself a couple of pain pills, sat in my chair and enjoyed my book for a good while.   

Looking out over the way I have to go. 

We cooked lunch inside today, a small pork tenderloin roast, stuffing, cauliflower, Italian spiced white squash and Jello for dessert. I of course, had a salad before lunch. A good meal for us and enough roast left over for a sandwich or two.
More of the open pit mine.

 So there you have it, our day here off Ogilby Road. A good one, with sun and some wind, a bit coolish at times but with wonderful blue skies, and the sounds of quiet. No complaints from us. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Looks like waves, doesn't it?
Until next time......take care, be safe,

That is not slate but gravel.



  1. Deb,
    Looks like an interesting area I haven't checked out yet. Maybe I'll get a chance sometime this year to see it for myself. Good to see you're paying attention to where you are so you don't get lost. :O)

    1. Bob, you are correct. There are a number of things that are interesting to see in this area and we haven't even scratched the surface yet. We are talking about Valley of Names but I think maybe that's for another time. We shall see.
      It's hard to get lost, only misplaced for a bit. My head wasn't where it should have been, and I have a good sense of direction but from a distance all rigs look alike. LOL. It really wasn't a problem, if I had any doubts I could have walked along the power line roadway and figured out exactly where I was within a few minutes. It's hard to get a country girl turned around. LOL

      Take care, be safe,

  2. Such a great area to explore and the weather getting better every day, keep on having fun there.

    1. It is indeed a fantastic area to explore and I'm thinking if I had a jeep or a quad I could explore all the more. LOL My legs will only take me so far and they also have to bring me back home again. Since Riley can't drive she couldn't even meet me at the end of the good road. LOL

      We are enjoying the weather for certain.

      Take care, be safe,

  3. Wow! That's some exercise you are getting for sure! Great pictures, so pretty there! Lunch sounds awesome!

    1. Thanks Shirley. I've been lazy and haven't been doing any walking and I have wanted to know what's back there, so I guess my curiousity has gotten my feet moving.

      Take care, be safe,