Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Very busy productive day, visit with family....

Our Location: Walmart, Rymal Road East, Hamilton, Ontario
(yesterday's post)
It was cold when we woke this morning. Cold inside and out but we started the heater and before long it was toasty warm. I didn't tarry long as I had an appointment downtown at the Rheumatologist's office. I always dislike going down to the downtown area, the parking is a bear to begin with and with the Dogsled it's not fun. The spots aren't meant for anything bigger than a Tonka toy.  
Eventually I got parked in my favourite lot and headed up the hill to the Carlton Building where the good Dr. Bobba is located. After a years wait for the elevator (I won't climb 6 flights of stairs) I managed to snag a ride upwards. Ever notice how no one speaks in an elevator? Haha..ride with me sometime, I talk. Never know what I might say but I talk. 
Before I even managed to get checked in I was hustled into a room by the good doctor himself. We chatted for about 4 minutes, I answered the same 6 questions, did a few new bends and twists, told to come back in 4 months, which I said I wouldn't be in the area but would be back in 6. We agreed that would work and off I went. I managed to get checked in as I was leaving the office. How good was that? I was getting out about the time I should have been getting in. I like Dr. Bobba as I think he's pretty good at what he does and there is never a long wait for your appointment. You're almost in and out right on time every time. I never feel rushed though and I know if I have questions or concerns he'll take the time to answer to them for me. So I have no complaints. 
Downstairs I headed to the blood lab, I'm a bit late on getting my blood work done. Oh well, that's the way life goes. I waited for about 15 minutes before I was called in. Fast simple and easy except they kept my blood requisition form which they shouldn't have done. I need it to get blood work done every two months. So now I'll have to get in touch with the dr's office to get another form sent to me. I should have remembered to take it but well I just didn't. 
Back at the Igloo I picked up Riley and we headed for the bank. Her debit card stopped working earlier when we were away but since mine worked we managed. I thought it was the strip in the back looked a little hinky. So yes they replaced the card but also there was a lock on the card, use for deposit only. So we had to call the Loss Prevention Center. Long story short, after about 40 minutes we had that corrected as well. Thanks to Colleen at TD Canada Trust, Rymal Road branch for all her help. 
From there we headed a bit further down the road to Queenston Tire on Upper Centennial Parkway. I've used this tire place before in the past and had great service there. Also the one down by the traffic circle in the east end of Hamilton is good too. I went in to explain my tire issue and we came up with a great solution. Go back get the Igloo bring it there, park there for the night, they'll have the tire replaced, back on, and the spare back where it goes by the time we finish our appointment tomorrow around noon. Sounds excellent right? So off we go, pick up the Igloo, drive the 5 minutes to the tire place, turn in and I've got a fellow directing me to go NOT were I had been told to park. No problem, I know this guy, not his name but I know his face, he works here. So I pull up where he directs me, get out and guess what? It was all done within 15 minutes and I was told I could still park there overnight. Is that service or what? Thanks to the folks at Queenston Tire, Upper Centennial Parkway. We were back at the Walmart (less slush here) within a half hour and set up in no time. 
A quick lite lunch and the rest of the afternoon was spent reading. Around 7 pm we hopped into the Dogsled for the 3 minute ride to the Vicar's Vice, an old church converted into a restaurant. Yes we could have walked but it was cold windy and we'd have to cross a very major roadway with no lights available, easier  and safer to drive. Very nice place, a bit on the expensive side but not overly. We met Bradey and David, (middle daughter and her fiance) there for dinner. Unfortunately they can't make it to Buttercup Ridge for a visit. It was nice to see them and catch up, they are full of excitement with a house purchase perhaps in the future, as well as a wedding tentatively set for late 2018. We all came back to the Igloo to continue our visit but around 9:30 pm they headed out for home. They both have to work in the morning and a dog that needs to be walked before bed. 
So no post as it was late for me and I was tired. I'd had a very busy day. Again no pictures as the internet slows down extremely the busier Walmart gets. Even though it's our own jet pack there are so  many cell phones being used it slows everything down here. 
So there you  have it, our busy day yesterday.  We had a change of plans late yesterday with regards to our travel to Buttercup Ridge in the next few days. So I'll be filling you on that in the next post.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you all had a fantastic day. Feel free to leave a comment, or feel free to just stop by without leaving one. I'm always happy to hear from you should you chose to make your presence known. 
Until next time... take care, be safe


  1. If you have the Verizon Jetpack that has Unlimited Data it will work but as you noticed at a slower speed here in Canada. If it is the Pay as you go it might be more difficult to connect and there could be roaming charges.
    Glad you got your tire issue resolved quick and easy.
    It amazes me how we can be busier than when we are on the road which sometimes means we are not always up to date in our reading. Hoping everything works out for you when you head up to Buttercup Ridge.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick. We have unlimited data on the jet pack, works here and in Mexico as well. Hopefully it works better this year than last year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

      The tire issue is not fun but it will be resolved at some point I have no doubt.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. How nice that you got in and out so quickly at your doctor's appointment. I love my doctor, she's so good, but we know when I have an appt to figure at least half an hour wait but she's worth it! What a day you had from that to the bank (glad they got that fixed) to the tires and then for a nice dinner with your daughter! Know what you mean about parking spaces. I hate places that have tiny spots! Be careful and travel safely.

    1. Thanks Shirley. I am always on time and I dislike having to wait for hours for someone else. Of course there are exceptions to the rule and we all understand that. Dr. Bobba is quite literally right on schedule every time. I waited once for 10 minutes due to an emergency of some kind but that's it. He knows his stuff so I'm content to keep him even though he's far from my summer location.

      Dinner was wonderful, we had a nice time. I forgot to take pictures, I was excited to see them.

      Take care, be safe,