Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A few errands....

Our Location: Big Buck Resort, Hornsby, Tennessee
(205 Spark Road)
(April 2nd's post )
I will admit I just completely forgot to do a post last night, well no that's not quite right, I forgot until after I was in bed, when I suddenly remembered. So this is a bit late, sorry about that. 
I believe this is Wisteria...

 The morning was nice, but a few sprinkles fell and I thought we were going to have more rain but just those couple hundred drops and we were finished. 

I believe it is a very invasive plant.....
I can tell you that spring is definitely in the air, we are in the south east area of the USA and I know this because everything is covered with a yellow-green dusting of pollen. I mean EVERYTHING, even inside the Igloo. You can't have the windows or door open without it layering everything. The truck is also a lovely new shade  as well. It's one of the things I dislike about this part of the USA. The pollen season seems to last a very long time. Much longer and much more dense than I remember Ontario being. 
For me , in case I forget where it is. Or for you if you ever might need to know...
We needed to fill up one of our propane tanks and I wanted to top off the Big Dog's drinking bowl in preparation for our departure later this week. So we grabbed the tank and off we headed into Bolivar. 
Just for future reference....

 I've said it before but Bolivar is such a quaint little spot. Folks are ever so friendly and helpful. We didn't see any indication of propane except exchange of the small tanks and we needed the bigger tank. In our wandering we ended up at the far end of town at the Walmart. I topped up with diesel and asked a fella at the pump if he knew where we could get a tank filled. He was local but had suffered from a stroke (although one could not tell to look at him) but couldn't remember any place. He thought there was one but wasn't sure. Apologized over and over, I felt bad for  having asked him. He did tell me where to go to ask at the local Coop Store, if anyone would know those folks would know he said. I thanked him again and off he went. The next fella was a much younger guy and was talking easily and not to me. I interrupted his private rant to himself to ask about getting a tank filled. He directed me so easily, even told me how much it was to fill the tank. I thanked him and off we went. 

A very impressive building for the size of the town...
The beautiful building you've seen a number of times in the pictures from town is the courthouse, at the town square. The same town square that a reader told me was replicated after a fire. The corner houses some very unique old buildings including the bank of Bolivar, the Courthouse, a pizza joint and a few other things. We turned west at the corner. He didn't tell me the street name and I didn't look. How silly is that? Anyway, just as the young fella predicted there it was about 2 miles down the road Dixigas. 
Don't you think?
We pulled in and backed up to the little shed, and I headed into the office to pay. The total for a 30 lb tank that was completely empty ....$24. In Ontario I exchange this tank for double that amount as I've found exchange is cheaper than just a fill since they don't really FILL them like they do here. A 20 lb tank for your BBQ is $16. I think we in Ontario are getting ripped off in a  really really big way. 
Pretty nice little pizza place on the corner across from the courthouse...
So we had completed our errand, fuel and propane, we didn't need any thing more, so we headed home. The over cast showed a slight sign of breaking up as the sun peeked through for about 30 seconds but then was gone again. 
Lots of law enforcement vehicles around town but these ones don't seem to move, wonder if they are being repaired?
Back home we started getting things ready to head out in a few days. I had the ladder and the blue boy down as I had been up on the roof, so they had to go back to their travel location. We loaded up our Blue Def stash as well. A few other little things were put away and that leaves just a couple of chairs to put away (as I'm hopeful of yet sitting in the sun once again), and the services to disconnect. We have a couple  more days before we head out but I don't anticipate a big change in the weather before then and so there is no need to keep things out and it's safer to put them away before it rains. 
A flowering shrub at one of the churches.
A couple of quick walks around the park and that was it for the day. Not very
 exciting I know but it's quiet and peaceful and we like these kinds of days. The park has once again cleared out a bit as the weekend is now past and folks are back to school and work, etc. There are still a number of campers here though and think the empty spots are in the single digits. Although if some folks moved some of their vehicles, empty trailers, etc there would be more. 

A very stately looking church....
The temperatures were fairly high yesterday, and shorts along with a t-shirt would have been acceptable if you don't mind a bit of a coolness to the air. I think we reached about 70F/21C with only a very slight breeze.  We kept a number of windows open through the night as the temps were in the mid 60's/ 18 C even this morning at 8 am. 
Can you see spring?
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. 
I can....

Until next time.... take care, be safe, 

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