Friday, April 6, 2018

A quiet day here in Cave City, and some campground notes.........

Our Location: Singing Hills Campground, Cave City, Kentucky
(4110 Mammoth Cave Road)
A coolish night last night for sure. We needed the heater this morning for a bit but it warmed up nicely through the day and the sun made an appearance for the most part until late this afternoon. 
Couldn't get the building without the pole...
Over our hot chocolate we discussed plans and  while it would have been nice to actually do something in the 'attraction' area we opted instead for a few things of a  more practical nature. We needed fuel as the big Dog was showing at only a 1/4 bowl full, so that was first on the agenda. Next we needed a couple of grocery items, nothing major just a thing or two.
Thought this was an interesting looking trailer....
Those things off of our list we proceeded to at least tour the village of Cave City and have a look at what we might see for another time. We found some interesting sights and even managed to stop for a walk around in a couple of locations. 
Notice the handle for GASOLINE is green, and the DIESEL is black. If one weren't paying attention it would be easy to make a mistake. Prices weren't too bad. Loved the big chicken in the ad.
We headed out to the Mammoth Cavern but didn't actually go into the building as the lot was pretty full and we already knew from the lady in the office that the tours were full. We did however want to have an idea of what to look for in our future visits. 
The Old General Store is more just a junk place but the prices are outrageous.

We did stop at an interesting amusement type area. Their activities included ziplines, a chair lift, a mountain slide, bumper cars, go-karts, a trampoline with harness, mini golf, and horse back riding and something called Outlaw Cave. We didn't partake in any of the activities although I offered Riley a chance to do them, she had no interest. We did manage to see off in the distance a few people coming down the slide on the mountain. You take the chair lift up to the mountain top for either the slide ride or the zip line ride, or you come back down in the chair lift. Interesting place. 
Some of the 'goods' outside on the front porch.
Back home at the Igloo I parked the big Dog and proceeded to clean him up. He's been dirty for a while and I truly couldn't take any more. I pulled out the wipes, vacuum, etc and gave him a pretty good cleaning. He's not perfect but he's better. It took me about an hour to do the clean up, then we had a nice relaxing lunch and I continued doing a few chores. It took about a  half hour to do the chores and tidy a bit in the cubbies. After that a quick walk to the main office with a bag of books to exchange worked out great. I left a complete bag and came home with not quiet a complete bag. Fair trade in my opinion. After that I settled down to read one of the new books. 
I'm not sure who painted the Indian but I've never seen ANYONE with a face like that....
The day has slipped past and it's already 5:30 pm CST. I was sure we would cross into a new time zone yesterday but apparently not yet. We must be pretty close to the change and tomorrow we will definitely be back to Ontario time. The skies have darkened some and the weather was calling for rain to change to flurries over night. I hope that doesn't actually happen but we'll see how things look in the morning and go from there. No use worrying about it tonight, nothing we can do anyway. 
More of the Old General Store merchandise.
So there you have it, our pretty quiet day here in Cave City, Kentucky. With a few things accomplished I feel better now. Just a few notes about the park for my own future reference or if you're interested. Sorry I didn't take any pictures. Singing Hills Campground is a nice park, but very tight spaces, hard getting into back in spaces. Drive thru's don't look much bigger but might be okay. Hook ups on the back in spaces are too far from the actually place they need to be. They are located at the front of the site, not in the middle or back. So we couldn't park all the way to the back of the site and still reach the electric. Therefore that makes it difficult to park the truck and be off the road due to not being able to park fully back and also because of the facilities locations, parking is very difficult, they make backing into the spot also very difficult. These back in sites don't have sewer but the pull thru's do. We didn't check out the bath house but it is a cement block building that is the strongest building on the property in case of a storm. Not all roads in the park are 'thru' roads, and don't have an extra lane for exiting, so if all of the spots are full, you are in trouble and need to back out. The office staff is very helpful, supplying directions to grocery store, Walmart, restaurants, attractions, cave tours, etc. Also supply directions to laundry, hospital, police, etc. Advise putting a card in your wallet in case you get lost or forget the name of the place. Great book exchange. Would stay again but get a pull through and be prepared for tight, noisy spaces. 
You ride this sled down the mountain slide....
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Feel free to leave a comment, I appreciate hearing from you. 
Can you see the white line down the mountain, that's what you ride the sled on. The chair lift takes you to the top to get on the slide.
Until next time.... take care, be safe, 
I think the carpenter wasn't having a good day when he put these windows together.


  1. Love the crooked window frames. Remember the poem 'there was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile...................and they all lived together in a little crooked house.' That is who these windows are made for!
    Travel safe, nice to accomplish things and enjoy the rest of the day. fingers crossed for a nice driving day for all of us tomorrow.

    1. I never thought of that, but it sure does fit. It was a some kind of mystery shack or something near the caverns.

      Thanks,safe travels to you as well.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. Sounds like there is a lot to do in the area if you have a mind to. I would be taking the chairlift both ways...LOL
    For me at least there always comes a point on the way back to the UP were I do not want to "do" anymore I just want to relax.
    I agree with Patsy, I love the crooked windows.

    Take care and safe travels.

    1. I would have taken the chair lift both ways too but Riley wasn't interested so we passed.

      I've reached that point too. I think I just want to rest up and let myself adjust to the cold and damp without pushing too hard. I find it difficult to make my hands work when its cold and staying inside is much better for me. So for the next few days I'll be seated in my chair and enjoying the view of the Miami River.

      The crooked windows were certainly eye catching.

      Take care, be safe,

  3. Thanks for referring our views of the area it has been quite a long time since we have been there. drive safely on Saturday.

    1. Glad I could help George. I think by doing so I'll have an easier time next year to keep in mind the places we liked and didn't and we can work it out accordingly.

      Thanks George.

      Take care, be safe,