Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Our last full day here at Big Buck Resort.....

Our Location: Big Buck Resort, Hornsby, Tennessee
(205 Sparks Road)

(More pictures from our winter travels)

We had some pretty good thunder and lightning last night about the time I would normally publish my post which is why I posted earlier. The rain came down but not hard and the predicted extremely strong winds and possible hail didn't materialize. We had some good gusts but nothing too bad nor sustained. It passed quickly, within a couple of hours and things were all quiet again. 

A view from our hike of Mastadon Loop Mine Trail at Joshua Tree National Park, California...

The temperature has cooled off  significantly and our high today reached about 50F/10C with a wind from the north west which was pretty cool all day. The sun was out and shining brightly in the blue sky and out of the wind it was a nice warm day. However with the big door open it cooled the Igloo off pretty fast and we closed it before too long in hopes of keeping some of the heat around for the evening and overnight. 

Part of the trail we climbed on the Mastadon Loop Mine Trail, Joshua Tree National Park, California

We decided we would do laundry one last time before we leave that way we don't have to worry until we cross in to Ontario unless we feel like we want to do some laundry. Our next two stops will be new to us and we have no idea where we would find facilities. So we headed out to Oakland once again, with a stop at Walmart to pick up a few little things. The laundry didn't take long and before long we were heading back home. With two quick stops we were back home within the 3 hour mark. Not bad at all and it was nice to be out in the sunshine even if we did need long pants and a heavy sweater. I chatted with my dad while we were in Walmart for a few minutes, they are getting hammered with a blizzard, yesterday, last night and still going on when I spoke to him after 2 pm his time. I hope we get some sunny days before we we head that far north in early May.

Sunset at Joshua Tree National Park BLM, California

Back home I emptied the tanks once again and put away the sewer hose in preparation for tomorrow's departure. I like to have as few things left to do in the morning as possible. We will have about 10 minutes worth of work to get the services all disconnected and stored as they all need a very thorough wiping down due to the mud and grass from all the weather we've been having. 

Riley fixing her flat...... Joshua Tree National Park, California

A short walk around the park to stop at the dumpster for a deposit and we were back home quickly. Axel the Husky has been around the last couple of days but today smelled like a barnyard, his fur all matted like he'd been rolling in something ugly. He had a friend with him, a nice soft brown coloured fellow that trotted right along behind him. The two followed us around the park and then sat at the door for while after we returned home before they headed off in search of some one who would pay more attention to them. 
A beautiful sunrise at Joshua Tree National Park BLM, California

A few chores before bedtime, a couple more in the morning and we'll be ready to hit the road. It should be a pretty regular travel day with about 250 miles/400 km, and a great part of that on interstate. The weather looks good ahead and we're excited to be moving forward on our next part of the journey home to Ontario. 

Sunset through a cactus.....

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you had a spectacular day. Feel free to leave a comment.

A Joshua Tree at Joshua Tree National Park, California

Until next time... take care, be safe, 



  1. I hope the forecasted rain holds and it doesn't turn to snow. We're trying to thread the needle to get back to Alberta. Looks like next Tuesday is the day!
    Travel safe.

    1. Good luck, hope it works well. We'll just have to see what develops and deal with it accordingly.

      Safe travels to you and Cheryl.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Doug. Glad you're home safe and sound, in the warm and out of the weather!! Think you turn up the heat and open the door to help bring spring along? ;)

      Take care, be safe,