Sunday, December 17, 2023

A short walk in the wash …….


Our Location:

Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California 

It was a bit breezy but nice today. I will admit I didn’t do much of anything but I don’t think I have it finished yet. I think there may be a few more days just like it in the future.

Washes are not the same, even a few feet can change them but this one is very easy walking.

Some of the things you see in or near a wash.

I spent a little time walking in a wash just taking some pics of anything that caught my attention. The rest of the morning Deb D and I just visited in some comfy chairs beside the Dogsled out of the wind. The others were all doing their own things. Riley is less congested and is on the mend but stayed inside all day out of the breeze. 

Lots of dead trees in every wash. The bottom right we called the Hanging Tree last year.

From a distance it looked like a skunk, but up close, an old tire.

We all ( less Riley ) came together for happy hour, once again we all tucked in beside the Dogsled to keep out of the breeze. It being day 4 of our 12 days of Christmas, Ken and Kim supplied chilli for us. It was excellent. Thanks folks. Darkness found us all heading home as the night air brings on the coughing that seems to be going around our home dirt.

Top left, bud from a barrel cactus, the others are barrel cactus.

A prickly pear, not pretty until you look closely. 

Back home brother Rick and SIL Barb celebrated their family Christmas. It was the only day they could all gather. Merry Christmas guys. I know the feast was excellent and the laughter easy and often. I also know the love and caring was present and obvious. Rick, Barb; Nicole,Steve, Isabell, Seth, and Hazel; Jason, Leah, Hudson and Lainey; Jesse, Claudia and Hali, Dad; we are sorry we missed you all gathered together But we know you had a great time, Merry Christmas all. 

Journey, Dogsled and Igloo, Stinger B and the baby B.

Sunset, Sat, Dec 16.

Pretty pink over the Cargo Muchacho Mountains.

My sister Jan worked a craft show, selling handmade Christmas ornaments. She is very crafty and does lovely work. I’m sure she did very well and had a great time doing it!

Until next time…..

Take care, stay safe,



  1. I looked up your location on a map. You are closer to Yuma than I thought. What a great spot to hang out.

    1. Yeah, we have big yard should you care to come hang out for a while.


  2. We carry a small kite that we sometimes have some fun with on those windy days. You found a nice spot for your morning walk.

  3. Sometimes those days doing "not much" can be the best days :-)

  4. I have been working on "nothing" for years, still not finished.