Monday, December 18, 2023

A Jeep ride…..


Our Location:

Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California 

A warm night, windows open, lots of stars too. Even started the day in shorts right off. I chatted with my sister while having my coffee. She had a great day at the Saturday market, selling over half her stock. Congrats sister dearest.

Gerry and Elva.

We went through a couple of tunnels.

Deb and Tom headed out first to attend church, and by 8:30 am Ken and I were head headed out in their little black car. Riley and Kim both staying home due to being a bit under the weather. We had plans to go jeep riding.

The Naked Date.

More views of the Naked Date.

Tom and Deb (top pic), Gerry and Ken ( bottom pic).

A leisurely drive to Wellton had Ken and I arriving at Gerry and Elva’s place around 10 am. Deb and Tom arriving a short time later. We all sat around chatting for a bit. It is always great to see these folks! 

Baker’s tank.

Before long we headed out for a Jeep ride, Gerry, Ken and I riding in Elva’s Jeep with Deb and Tom riding their Jeep.  Gerry is always an excellent guide, thanks again, it was a fun ride! We stopped at The Naked Date for lunch and from there we were off along the levee for a while.

More tank photos 

Back to Gerry and Elva’s for a few minutes and then off home.  We see John and Brenda are back, welcome back folks. After climbing out of Ken’s car I went home and stayed inside for the rest of the night. 

Ken enjoyed climbing around for a while.

Always interesting to see these old relics.

Chatted with dad for a bit, lots of wet miserable weather up there on our Little Rock in the middle of Lake Huron. It’s been a couple of days already and not looking much better for a number of days ahead. 

Some of our Jeep views.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you enjoyed the ride.

Until next time…..

Take care, stay safe,



  1. Looks like a good time, hope Riley and Kim feel better soon.

    1. We had a good time. I think both ladies are over the worst and headed for better days.


  2. That's one of my need-to-go-there places. Looks like a nice day for a get together!!

  3. We like Date Shakes and always stop in Dateland for one. Did you notice if the Naked Date has them? Would make an interesting stop on the way.

  4. What a great day! Hope the rest of your group feel better today.