Monday, May 8, 2017

To tired to fight with blogger any longer tonight....

Our Location: Lakeshore Road N, Tehkummah, Ontario

(blogger is being very difficult tonight and I'm just going to post the post how it is, after 3 hours of trying to fix the layout I'm too tired to fight any longer.)

The past few nights have been cold, right at or below the freezing mark and my morning trek to Dad’s house for coffee is a bit nippy. Sometimes that old north wind just whistles down the road right into my face causing my teeth to chatter. ~laugh~ Aw well, it’s a short walk and I make it in quick time. The days have been warmish but once again the north wind makes them less comfortable than they should be. However this shall pass as spring is here and of course the warmer weather is also on it’s way. 

The weekend was quiet and uneventful, although we did manage to visit with a couple more family members including Isabel and Seth, (niece Nicole’s two little folks), along with catching a hug and a glimpse of nephew Jesse and his girlfriend Claudia. My sister Jan also came out for a visit which lasted for a few hours during which we spent some time staggering around in the bush hunting for the ever elusive mushroom type known as Morels. We found a very few and although she offered to share 50/50 I declined, giving her our entire haul. Generous wasn't I? After all what would I do with 3 morels? ~laugh~

View from up above our spot

I managed to put in at least one walk a day, sometimes only a mile or so, but twice I’ve managed to get myself around the ‘big’ block which clocks in according to my dad at 3.5 miles. It takes me about an hour and 20 minutes now that I’ve got my sea legs under me again. The gravel road is a bit of a challenge at times as the gravel in some places isn’t always the small fine stuff but with all the rain it can get muddy in places as well. 

This morning started off with my short stroll to Dad’s for coffee time at 6:30 am, after which I went around the big block (added together it’s probably about 4 miles), back home before 9 am. Mind you it was a bit nippy in a couple of spots but I was starting to get warm by the time I was coming down through the inside trail to the Igloo on the homeward stretch. 

Old Igloo and Dogsled taken from the same spot as the above pic.

While I was just putting the bagels on to toast my phone rang, the ODSP rep was calling me back since I left message on Thursday. She couldn’t help me but instead put me through to the case worker. I can say with absolute certainty that this is the way to start off Monday morning. The call was fruitful and within 10 minutes I had Riley’s issues with them straightened out. I also had a list of things to do to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. I can tell you I”m extremely pleased with the start of the week.

After bagels and a quick tidy (yes I know it’s Monday and we didn’t clean) we headed out to brother Rick’s place to shower and do a quick chore or two there. From there it was back home to finish up the necessary items required to email ODSP, a check of Riley’s blood work (which all shows good, no red flags), and pay a few bills. After that it was a matter of just reading my book and taking it easy.

Front yard

Riley headed out for a walk today up in the field. She was gone about a half hour and seemed to be doing better when she got back. I think the walking is good for her but she seems to have discomfort from the effort of walking up the hill. I’ll be glad when we have her issues behind us.  Her blood work results show no red flags but I haven't yet spoken with the doctor but it's looking good for a quick resolution.

She made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. They are excellent. The recipe is from her sister Bradey. The only problem with the cookies is they don’t seem to last long. We can’t decide where they disappear to but we do know they disappear. ~laugh~ 

Upper part of the driveway

Dad was off to Espanola today and so we haven’t seen him since early morning coffee time. We walked up to check on him, finding him putting a fire on in the wood stove to take the coolness out of the air. They have had a fire on since last October with I think he said maybe 2 days of letting it go out this spring. Gives you an idea of how the weather is here on this little rock in the middle of Georgian Bay. The last few days the forecast has talked about possible flurries a little further north of us. The rest of the week looks to be hovering around the freezing mark most nights with day time highs reaching between 10 -13 C/ 50 -56F. The north wind is the factor that plays havoc with the warmth and if you can find a spot out of the wind it's pretty nice sitting outside.  

Tomorrow we will head out to the post office to check on the letter from the broker. Hopefully it arrives  quickly and I can get this truck stuff out of the way. That would be so wonderful. ~laugh~ Tomorrow will also see us getting our second small 20 lb propane tank filled. We keep two here for BBQing, using with the heater and of course having an extra tank never hurts anyway. With these cold nights we heat the Igloo up pretty good before bedtime but turn the heater off at night. I turn it on again early in the morning when I get up and it usually stays on until at least noon, but some days it's on most of the day. Low and slow, like the BBQ. ~laugh~

From our fire pit area

 Laundry is calling us, some banking, and of course a few other odds and ends that need to be taken care of as well seem to be the agenda for the rest of this week. A few things we absolutely need to get accomplished will be top of the list over the next number of days. 

For those that follow this blog, I want to apologize for not being more active in reading your blogs, commenting and of course replying here to your comments. It's just a bit busier here when we first arrive and I don't always have the time or the energy to do so. As the summer goes on I'll get more into the routine of doing those things again but for now it's just a bit more than I can handle.

Taken while standing at the front end of the Igloo.

Dinner tonight was something a bit different for us, we of course cooked inside again. We had fried potatoes, Orange Zest steamed vegetable medley, and Italian Chicken Breasts. We followed that with some Oatmeal C. Chip cookies. A couple of games of Yahtzee ~doing my happy dance~ and after that we headed off in our own directions. 

Thanks for following along, I'm so glad you dropped by. I will eventually get some new pictures of our spot but for now I'll post a couple taken over the last few years.

Taken just out the door of the Igloo

Until next safe, take care....


  1. Glad to hear you girls are staying busy. Less time for you two to get into trouble.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful productive day. And yes in the sun and out of the wind it was very nice.

    1. On a rock in the middle of Lake Huron we expect some wind but a north wind is always cold and chills us to the bone.

  3. You have been warmer than us, only get about 6C for the last couple of days even with the sun. It is coming and I am positive about that! Nice to see a picture of your igloo, even if it is an older pix. No problem with not replying, I forget or don't find the time to go back and check anyway!

    1. I've included new pictures in the next post. I have trouble keeping up with posts myself and when I don't get to them for a couple of days I just get too far behind.