Thursday, May 25, 2017

A rainy day here on the Rock......

Our Location: Lakeshore Road N, Tehkummah, Ontario

A warm night but a wet one as well. The rain started in the wee hours before dawn this morning and continued pretty much all day. Not a hard rain but a nice soaker which of course we could use as things have been pretty dry here for a while. The last rain was a huge downpour which basically only managed to moisten the top layer as it simply ran off without soaking in. The day time temps were chilly today as well, reaching a high in the hours just before noon of about 16C/62F but dropped steadily throughout the afternoon to a temp now of about 12C/54F. More rain in the forecast but Saturday is looking like a nice day!!

That brownish coloured thing is a Morel. Not many around these last number of years.

I've been slowly getting things worked out for the Dogsled, by next week I'll have Ontario Insurance and will be able to finish the Ontario Registration process as well. June 1 the Dogsled goes under the knife to have the heater replaced in the BluDef Tank as the engine light code points to that issue. Covered under warranty. I'm extremely happy about that. So we will be heading to the small northern town of Espanola to have that issue fixed. An afternoon appointment time of 1 pm with assurances of having it finished by 5 pm. I explained I'm from an hour and a half 's drive away, this is my only vehicle and I would require a loaner if they can't have it fixed in one day. Hopefully it's just the couple hours he assured me it would be. 
Some Marsh Marigolds along my walking route.

I've been walking pretty much every morning after coffee time at Dad's. I leave the Igloo around 6:15 am for the short walk to Dad's house for coffee, leave his place around 7:15- 7:30 am head out for my walk returning home around 8:15 - 8:30 am unless I take the longer walk around the block which then gets me back around 9 am. It's a wonderful walk, quiet, peaceful, some very beautiful sights to see along the way. I even walked this morning in the light rain. 

I walk this road pretty much every morning. To the left is Leeson's Bay.

I've been slowly working my way around the Igloo working on some drafts we've found. It's amazing how some places just get totally missed when they are putting these things together. We've found a somewhat big draft from the vent on the stove. I've even closed the flaps outside but it doesn't stop the draft, it slows it down but not enough to make me happy. ~laugh~ So I'm trying to figure out a way to fix that issue as well. I'm blonde and a slow thinker so it takes awhile. ~laugh~ 

Leeson's Bay

For dinner a few nights this week we've been experimenting with different variations of a chicken dish. I've used boneless, skinless chicken breasts chopped into bite size pieces sauteed  with a few different kinds of dressing. After the chicken/dressing has been browned I add whatever veggies we want, usually mushrooms, green beans, red, yellow, orange peppers, and/or asparagus. Let that simmer away while I cook either rice or pasta. Finally I toss the two together, add a bit of parm cheese and that's dinner. We've tried Roasted Red Pepper, Sundried Tomato, and of course the stand by of Zesty Italian. So far we like the Roasted Red Pepper best. Adds a really nice flavor to the chicken. 

To the right is the road to Dad's, straight on just before the bend is the driveway to the Igloo.

A call today to the Verizon folks has got the internet connection working much faster and we're thinking of going with the unlimited data plan. It works out to be a bit cheaper than our current plan with no connection fees each time we turn it on. So we're considering this plan but we'll give it some more thought as it works out to be approx $100 US a month which for us Canucky's is about $130 CAD. That seems a bit high to me but then again, maybe it isn't when I factor everything in. 

This picture is taken from the same spot as the one above just in the opposite direction.

Spent a couple of hours on the phone with my friend Linda the other day just catching up. Looking forward to having a chance for a longer in person visit in the up coming weeks. Always fun to see her and Randy. 

Okay on that note, I've rambled long enough. Today's pic were mostly taken on cloudy overcast days and therefore do not do justice to the route I walk. At some point in the future I"ll take some pics on a bright sunny day to show you how truly nice it is. 
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Until next safe, take care.....


  1. Lotsa rain here as well , gives us a chance to do other things. Soon be summer.

  2. Too much rain here, all kinds of things inside are done and overdone. Your walking path looks good, rain or shine but looking forward to those pictures. :)