Friday, May 5, 2017

A working morning....

Our Location: Lakeshore Road N, Tehkummah, Ontario

The morning dawned not quite as cold as yesterday and the day that followed was nice except for the wind which  came from the north. It caused one to feel much colder when standing around or walking into the wind. Otherwise it wasn’t too bad.

This morning I left the Igloo at 6:15 am, took the long route to Dad’s house for coffee time. Like yesterday its as the same crew and while the stories were different, they basically were the same. ~laugh~ 

Spring is coming...

From there I headed out for my short morning walk finding it a bit chilly in places but almost too warm in others. I enjoyed the silence again and seen nary a person or sign of wild life other than the ducks. Riley sent me an email just as I turning to start home, the small propane tank we use for the Mr Heater ran out. We’ve used it steadily since a few days before we left The Ridge, some days on high most of the day, some days on high for only a bit. We shut it off at night but I turn it on early in the morning to take the chill out of the air before Riley gets up. So I have no complaints about how quickly we went thru this tank, it’s kept us very warm and cozy throughout these cold days.

I realized as I walked up the hill toward home that I was more hungry than normal. Time for some scrambled eggs and a half a bagel. It was good and hit the spot. After tidying up a bit we jumped into the Dogsled to go bring our things out of storage. Well everything except the big BBQ. I’ll ask some of the folks around on the weekend to bring it down for me. It’s too heavy for me on my own and Riley can’t help. When I say storage I mean storage at my Dad’s in the out buildings around the place. We managed to get everything put away, unpacked and set up before noon. I can tell you I worked hard all morning and I’m not finished as now I have to clean out the basement since things were kind of stuffed here and there over the past few weeks. 
Heading out for my morning walk

After a quick lunch we once again climbed into the Dogsled, turned our nose toward the nearby village of South Baymouth. Today is the first sailing of the season for the Chi-Cheemaun, I believe there will be 3 round trips today. Spring schedule has 2 round trips per day except Fridays and Holidays which will have 3. Some time in late June it begins the summer schedule of 4 round trips per day. We however didn’t make the trip to see the ferry, it had come and gone and hadn’t yet returned when we were there. We stopped Carl’s Trading Post to exchange our empty 20 lb tank. Robert of course was very helpful exchanging the tank for us.

Home from there we managed to unload the tank, grab our new walking sticks before heading the long route to Dad’s for a quick visit. We found Dad hard at work, or maybe hardly working but at least looking busy working on his travel trailer. They are planning to go on a short trip in the middle of the month. They plan to head north to Wawa, Timmins, etc just to get away. I hope they enjoy themselves. 
Almost home from my walk....

We stood around chatting with Dad for a bit, then went to the house to sit around chatting for a while longer. How do we find things to talk about? ~laugh~ Home by 3 pm I managed to answer some emails, and read a short western that I brought home from Dad’s house. 
Seen this guy heading up Rogers Creek

He decided flying was faster....

Around 5 pm I prepped dinner, tonight we had JD Smokehouse Chicken Breast, Italian vegetable medley, and chicken rice. We of course followed that with some peaches. Don’t ya just love peaches? 
Rogers Bay, I turn around not far from this point....

Cleaning up took a while but we finally managed to finish everything around 8 pm. I realized I am extremely tired and I think it’ll be an early night tonight.

So a day that seen me accomplish getting our summer spot set up and cleaning out the storage areas of our stuff. We managed to get a visit in with dad, and I managed to get a couple of nice short walks in. All in all a good day!!!
It didn't seem this dark when I took the pics...

I hope you had a great day where ever you may be!!! On that note I will sign off.Thanks for stopping by. Until next time…be safe, take care…..


  1. We love our Mr. Heater as well has been keeping us toasty for the last 11 years.

    1. It works great and I honestly can't find any fault with it. We hook it to the bigger tank outside and it works fantastically.

  2. We also love our Blue Flame heater, doesn't need to be turned up too much to keep our Suite warm. You did better than me, I don't walk in the rain and it never let up all day. I don't like to be damp and chilly. My day was a nothing day and it seems you worked enough for both of us!

    1. ~laugh~ Thank you Patsy but truly I never work too hard and if I don't get things accomplished by noon, it's usually not going to get handled after that. I'm a morning person and by afternoon I want to call it a day, sit down and read. I'm lazy that way.