Thursday, April 4, 2024

Mineral Wells, Texas….


Our Location:

Walmart, Mineral Wells, Texas

A good nights sleep at the Ward Rest Area had us well rested and ready to move along. We rolled the wheels at 8 am CDT. Uneventful is the only way to describe the perfect day. Traffic was lightish, slow downs were few and quick, fuel prices remain below $4.00, although you can find them above as well.

Lots of fans to keep us cool.

I never tire of the views.

We stopped numerous times today, the dampness is evident and stretching joints works well! We found another rest area at Eastland, Texas that will certainly do to spend a night safely there. It too is big, flat, well lit, and is a DOT rest area. Both sides of the interstate, which means you can easily plan them on a route.

Some bright new leaves and some not so new ones.

It is greening up very much here.

We are currently at Mineral Wells, Texas Walmart. Very friendly folks, assured us parking is not a problem. Big lot, pretty flat, easy in and out. So far we are enjoying our hours here. The current temp sits at 83F/28 C at 5:10 CDT.

One of the few rest areas we stopped at today.

The island is still in the midst of weather, rain, last night but I believe snow was in the forecast for the next day or two. We shall see how it goes.

It just kept getting greener…

We thought this ride was a little bumpy to MW.

Inside the Eastland RA. All things oil was the theme, and old garage and store front too.

Todays drive was short at 332 miles/534 klm, we were about 7 hrs on the road, with many stops, we used about 30 gallons/114 litres of fuel but being in Texas hill country the ups and downs were steeper and higher than the long rollers in NM, so we’re again in the 11 mpg range. Fuel prices were mentioned above.

Flowers along the roadside.

Dirty window,fast speeds, etc for the pictures again tonight.

Until next time….

Take care, stay safe,



  1. The clear weather you are having certainly made your day a better one.
    Getting out to stretch at least every Two Hours is important.
    Not as much Rain forecasted for the next week in our area.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We are enjoying the clear weather but we know it will change in the up coming days.
      Stopping often doesn’t always work for me but it is something we pretty much always do on our way home when we are a day or two into Texas. The humidity starts to bother me and I need to work back into the constant issues of my arthritis.
      We are expecting to hit some rainy weather on our travels in the upcoming week.


  2. Glad you are posting on the way home. I am enjoying the ride. Be safe and enjoy it too. Becky

  3. It sounds like your trip home is going well and I hope it continues that way :-)

  4. Replies
    1. I can appreciate being tired, and can read between the lines. Thanks Bill.


  5. You are having good travel days too. We've had issues but no complaint about the weather, the views and the traffic. Stay safe.

  6. You are moving right along. Glad the weather is holding for you.

    1. We are but now we will slow down a little, there is some rain in the forecast that we can’t miss but oh well.