Sunday, February 18, 2024

Friends ....


Our Location: 

Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California


I know I'm getting to be a real sluggard when it comes to posting a blog. I apologize but oh well, we aren't really doing lots of exciting things but we are putting in every day and enjoying it greatly. 


Ken and Kim coming back from Q.

Cabbage has been cut in this field.

Things are still growing in this one.

Friends, Ken and Kim (Journey with Ken and Kim ) have returned, and are once again parked in their previous spot. It is fun to have such a nice couple join our neighbourhood. We all tend to laugh a lot, and along with Deb and Tom ( Celebrating the Dance ), Riley and I seem to be able to pass the time in a very enjoyable manner. 


The sands of Tumco.

Ken and Kim inspecting Tumco!

That is hard packed sand, driven by wind and water until it has piled up. 

Light tan colour is the sand of the Imperial Dunes, way off in the distance.


We have all journeyed to Los Algodones, Mexico for some shopping, eating and a few adult libations and are considering another trip tomorrow. We enjoyed the sights, sounds and fun that comes with each trip there. I managed to bring home a few little things of interest for some folks back home. 



Grocery cart in the grocery store in Los Algodones, Mexico

We had drinks and food here at La Prilla.

We enjoyed looking at the stock in the grocery store.

Not like back home but it was interesting.

We did not have a drink at this bar, but at at the one nearby.

The outside area is where we enjoyed a drink.

Some items near our table.

Ken and Shirley ( Seeing America with Ken and Shirley ) arrived for a quick visit on Wed Feb 14, and stayed with us for a few days, enlarging our neighbourhood a little. It is always fun to get together with this wonderfully dear couple. They are warm and generous and we are honoured that they come all this way to spend some time with us. They departed Saturday morning, heading for home as appointments are drawing near. 


L to R: Ken W, Kim, Shirley, Ken K, and John

Riley, Keith, Tom and Deb D. Somehow I missed Brenda. Sorry Brenda.

Ken and Shirley pulling in with the Mansion.

Keith also came back for a quick visit, he and Oreo pulled in not long after Ken and Shirley. They stayed only one night but it was a fun visit and we wish Keith and Oreo safe travels as they headed off down the road on Thursday, Feb 15. 


Ken and Shirley heading out on Saturday, Feb 17.

But before they left....a many people selfie

They are the sweetest couple!!


Gerry and Elva came out for a visit on Friday, Feb 16, it was a couple of hours of laughter, chatting and just good fun but all too soon they too headed off home. Unfortunately I have no pictures to document this visit, but I assure you, it did happen.



Some pictures from atop a large hill near the power lines.

There is something alluring here for me.

I never tire of the views.


A few campfires had us all around the ring, looking at the stars, the moon and the clouds. The laughter just continued seeming not to stop. We were all treated to a few wonderful concerts when Ken pulled out his guitar, and sang to us a number of songs. The man has a great deal of talent and it was a great time listening to him. We look forward to another one or two before we all part company. 


The line is in the rock, they are everywhere, wide, narrow, smooth, pointy.

Deb and Tom's Jeep sitting over there.

All of those white lines are a line of rock pressed between two others.

That yellow dot is Tom, he's digging for something.

We discovered Mr. Jenson's Outdoor facilities, they even have a sign in book.


John and Brenda ( John and Brenda's Incredible Journey ) have returned from other places to park once again just down the laneway from us. They have been up to visit with us while the neighbourhood was at it's peak. 



I climbed up those rocks to get a few pictures. It isn't nearly as bad as it looks.

The views are pretty good. Lots of green out there.

Once I would have climbed up there, but not now.

I keep referring to the white lines, you can see this line is not white but pointy and plain.

Far off mountains, dunes and just desert. I love it out here.

Distances are deceptive in the clear desert air.

If you listen closely you can hear them calling me.....

The little stone hut.....with no roof.

The Ocotillos in the wash near Mr Jenson's Outdoor Facilities.

Calls back to the Island have kept us up on the happenings going on there and we can report things are good there, a few bumps but other wise all is well. Some snow, some blizzard like conditions and some cold weather seems to be the topic of this past week. 


It's a very soft whisper....can you hear it....

The sun blazes down and without the wind it becomes very hot, stifling at times.

It is very rough in places, but not always impassable.

A vein of quartz, this happens to be a bit pinky.

Looking up from that vein in the above pic.


Plans to visit sister in law Janet in Indian Wells has been put on hold as she has a very bad cold.  She was admitted to the hospital last night to undergo a few rounds of IV antibiotics. As of this writing the fever is almost gone and she is hoping to get back home tomorrow.


We are happy to hear that our friends Al and Kelly ( The Bayfield Bunch ) are doing well. Al recently had hip surgery and seems to be managing well, and Miss Kelly is of course taking wonderful care of him. Pheebes is watching over both of them.


The desert is not flat, but it looks it.

Washes/arroyos riddle the desert floor.

This hillside just sparkles in the sunshine but the camera cannot pick it up.

I would love to climb up there but I will not.

The line again, can you see it in the right side of the pic?


Today's pics were taken over the last 10 days. I hope you enjoy them. 


Until next time....


Take care, stay safe, 






  1. Glad you are still enjoying your time in the desert.
    Sounds like you are getting all those aches and pains the rest of us already have.
    Strange how the white line forms. I noticed the green growth following the washes after the recent rains.
    Wishing Janet a speedy recovery.
    Be Safe and Enjoy more visiting.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks. I always enjoy the desert. There is something hauntingly beautiful about it.
      My aches and pains are like an old friend, they’ve been around since my late teens/early 20’s.
      The rain has certainly turned the desert into a bright green, with hints of spindly grass everywhere.
      I love the white line, it winds its way around through the hills everywhere here.


  2. Great pictures!
    We are having such an enjoyable time with everyone here… making some great memories! Thanks for keeping our spot available 😊
    Hoping your sister is feeling better soon so you can visit with her 💕

    1. Thanks. I enjoyed the couple of climbs for the views.
      The spot is always open and we too are having fun!
      Thanks. I’m hoping so too.


  3. Nice to hear from you. Glad you could all get together again.

  4. Nice gathering of friends! I've never been to Los Algodones, but your fun adventures are making it look like it should be a stop when we are in the area.

    1. It is a fabulous bunch and we enjoyed the drop ins a great deal.
      Los Algodones is a great spot. You would probably enjoy it very much.


  5. Thanks for having us at your gathering, it was great meeting everyone this winter. We are heading down the road tomorrow.

    1. We were happy to spend some time with you folks this year getting to know you a little, hopefully our paths cross again in the future. I can see out my back window that you are hooking up. Safe travels where ever you and Brenda may go.


  6. You had me listening!! I have never seen things there quite like you made me see them with your words and pictures. There is something strange in the desert that attracts one in ways that are unexplainable. Thanks for making me remember those feelings. Enjoy your time there. Miss you and Riley and the gang. See you down the road.

    1. We miss you and Sue a great deal. I wish there was a chance of meeting up again before we head out, but hopefully we will meet up again in the fall for a bit.
      There is a feeling of contentment for me in the desert. A haunting whisper in the wind, and a beckoning finger plays in the light/shadows that dance over the hills and mountains. It is a hint of a memory, a taste almost known. While it is elusive it is also very real. It welcomes me when my feet hit the ground and it calls me when I am gone.


  7. Thank you Deb! We enjoyed our visit more than words can say! It's great having such special friends who feel like family! Great job on the selfie too! :) I'll keep you posted! :)

    1. We miss you guys! It was a great visit and we enjoyed it so much. There is something so comforting in having special friends around and guys definitely fit that spot.
      I need longer arms. lol
      Good luck.


  8. You are doing a better blog job than I am! It is hard to get motivated to write when you are just living life, even if it is an awesome life :-)

  9. Having met most of the friends you mentioned last year, it adds a whole new element to reading your posts. I am sure you had a great time visiting everyone and catching up. Wish we were there to share some laughs with you!

    1. It’s always nice to meet the face that goes with the post, and since we are already friends by the time of that meeting, it is so easy to slip into the easy comfortable conversations, laughter, giggles and a good time just seem to be the end result. Maybe next year you folks can drop in for a longer visit than one night and we can all
      have a few laughs.


  10. Have you ever checked out the " Center of the World" there in Winterhaven. You can see the white church just of I 8. Interesting place but as you stated it can be hot even on just a warm day. You can google it. They say that in a couple thousand years the dunes might take it over. I know, more than you wanted to know. Great photos in todays blog. Vern

    1. No, we haven’t checked out The Center of the World, but we have heard a great deal about it. Yes, the little church is always perched perfectly on the hilltop and the stairway to no where stands as strong as ever, looking at it from the freeway as we drive past. Just an FYI, the population sign “ Felicity - 2” is no longer on the road side.
      I love watching the dunes. They have a life of their own. They are ever shifting, shadows and light change their appearance hourly. They are a force of nature on their own but teamed with Mother Nature they become something else entirely. I’m always happy to learn things Vern.
      Thanks, although I just climbed and pointed my phone. lol