Thursday, February 1, 2024

Friends return.....



Our Location: 

BLM, Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California


A lot of nice warm days and a few very nice nights as well, windows and vents all open. Such a nice change from the colder weather we had earlier. Although it's going to swing back to that colder weather again, not quite as cold but still colder than we like. Yes I know I'm whining, but it's my blog and I want to whine. However it is NOT THIS COLD here and so we are fortunate. I shall whine no more today!


Snow close to my Dad's house.

Bottom pic taken thru Dad's kitchen window screen, brother Rick's house next door.

It's kind of ironic that in my last post on Jan 23, we had experienced a fair amount of rain and today we are expecting rain with more next week. However the desert is already greening up from the rain mentioned in my last post. Some grass is showing under the branches of some Palo Verde trees, the Ocotillo's are leafed and plumes are showing at the top, the Prickly Pear are getting the hints of buds and the sage bushes are fluffing up and some new ones are popping up. The Barrel Cactus are still their vibrant deep reds but I think soon we will see little hints of buds coming along. 


Sunset in reverse order thanks to Blogger, Jan 24

This was the first pic but blogger put them in backwards.


Riley and I  headed north to Q, on Jan 25th to visit with our friends there. As I'm sure most of you know Doug Laning from Miss Adventure Travels travelled down from Mesa, AZ for a visit. You can read about Doug's happenings by clicking the link above. We haven't seen Doug and his faithful sidekick Yuma since last year and it looks as if we  may not be seeing him any more this year and so we wanted to at least get a quick visit with him. It was nice to spend a little time with him and all of our friends there of course. It was a little over an hour and half drive to get to Road Runner BLM, very close to the spot we stayed at earlier this year. We found them easily among all of the rigs, and there were many, many rigs due to the Big Tent Event. The Stinger B is always a good beacon! We arrived to find Deb and Tom  holding down the fort. The four of us headed out for breakfast and to catch up since we'd last visited. We returned to Road Runner BLM and soon were hugging Ken and Kim along with Keith and giving Oreo a scratch or two behind the ear. It was nice to catch up with them all. Before long a little silver streak came tearing along the road way and in a cloud of dust it whips around the dying sagauro and comes to a screeching halt. Door flies open and out pops Doug and Yuma. Hugs, smiles and a few laughs, we all sit down again and chatter along. Before long a big black Ford pulls in and the doors open spewing out Nancy Kissack, Bill Richards, Patsy Richards, and Gibbs their happy little pooch. It was an excellent, but short visit! Riley and I headed home around 3:30 pm. I don't like to drive in the dark. 


All the gang: Riley, Tom, Deb, Doug, Yuma, Patsy, Bill, Nancy, Ken, Kim, Keith.

Nancy taking a picture of me taking a picture, Doug, Deb, Riley.

We have ventured into Yuma a few times for a number of mundane things, laundry, groceries, fuel, water. You know all those non exciting things we all need. We  also headed into Yuma on Jan 29 to meet up with our good friends Elva and Gerry Shannon. Elva suggested we meet at a spot called The Landing. An excellent choice, the food was wonderful but the company was, as always, spectacular. We always enjoy chatting with these wonderful folks. The time passed very quickly as it does when you are with people you enjoy and soon we were headed home. 


At The Landing, Riley, Elva, Deb

Elva, Gerry and Riley.

We would like to offer our condolences to the Lockyer Family and the many friends in the passing of Brian on Jan 28. Brian was only 66 and passed in his sleep. He was a fun loving sort of fella. Always a quick smile. There is no doubt he will be greatly missed. 


The Ocotillos are green.

The Prickly Pear is showing hints of blooms coming...

The desert is showing signs of grass in places.


Also condolences to Kathy and the family of Terry Hill. He also passed on Jan 28. I did not know Terry but recall that he was often present at the Little Red Schoolhouse Museum in South Baymouth. He graciously told us tales of my mother and father's families when the girls and I ventured in one day. 


Last year we pushed a woman out of this sand, it was over the tail pipe deep.

I think the desert will bloom this year!

A Staghorn Cactus, I think.

On a happier note, Riley celebrated a birthday on January 28th. She has achieved a great deal in our travels and keeps pushing forward, although this year more slowly than last but the progress is always forward! I'm very proud of her!

Sage brush.

Sharp and pointy.

Barrel Cactus.

Also birthday wishes to Sally Smith, Bob Kay, and Ruth Kay McFarlane. They all celebrated on January 29. Sally is my grandfather's half sister. Although I haven't seen her for years, I remember her as being a bubbly, happy, quick to smile lady. My cousins Bob and Ruth are siblings, oldest and youngest of a large family. Bob married and stayed on the Island, Ruth also married, but moved to New Brunswick. I haven't seen either of them for a while either. 

That's us over there.

That's us too from a different vantage point. 

We love the spot.

Yesterday, January 30, Deb and Tom returned to our little spot on Ogilby Road. After a very trying day they arrived just as the sun was getting read to set. The three of us sat outside for a bit enjoying the wonderfully warm desert air and the company. Catching up is always fun! 

The plumes on the Ocotillo's are vibrant and wispy.

A good story teller could give you a very interesting tale of this bucket buried in the wash beside us.

Sunrise this morning...Feb 1

Sunrise over the Igloo 2.0. See the Ogilby Hills reflection in the windows?

The Stinger B, and the Baby B in the morning sunrise.

Over the Cargo Muchacho Mountains

There is something spectacular about this morning's sunrise.

I chat with my Dad and my sister Jan quite often, I hear all the local news and gossip, some tall tales and of course some short ones too. All is well on the Rock in Lake Huron. Snow is coming and going, melting and falling, blowing and drifting, wet and heavy, light and fluffy. Dad was the photographer of the first  snow pictures in today's post. It depends on the moment. Dad is in the middle of a couple of repairs, some gaskets on his truck and some form of clutch repair on his quad. He has also been out snow shoeing with a friend! He regaled me with a tale of a broken snow shoe binding, falling over and needing help to get back up. He is quite the fella! 

I hope you  have enjoyed the catch up. The photos are randomly selected from those I've taken over the last 10 or 12 days. They are in no particular order. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Until next time...

Take care, stay safe, 





  1. Wishing Riley a very happy belated birthday 🎂 ❤️

  2. So the colony is rebuilding I see.

  3. Blogger has moved many of my pictures over the years. It's a game until you can beat it.
    Great Pictures on the Rock and in the Desert.
    Nice being able to see friends nearby.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the environment.

    It's about time.

  4. I love Ocotillo, it is my favourite desert plant so it was so nice to see it in bloom already :-)

  5. I love the colors of the barrel cactus and the Ocotillo. And of course the sunrise and sunsets. Thanks for joining us for dinner. I love sharing stories and the laughter!

    1. We had an excellent time, thanks Elva. I love all things about the desert except the wind.


  6. It's interesting the elevation here is much higher, but it's much warmer. Your pictures gave me the chills!!

    1. I’m happy that I was not there to TAKE the photos! lol. Too cold for me, although much of it is dropping from the trees now.


  7. Hope you dug that bucket out, as I'm sure there is sometime valuable in bottom. Someday I'm going to be right and you will fine that gold that's there. Then you'll be surprised. Vern

    1. I left it, but marked the spot. I’ll send the coordinates in an encoded email. Lol. I’m always surprised when I see some thing like that half buried.


  8. Happy Birthday to all the birthday people especially Miss Riley!! It is a beautiful site you have there for sure! Beautiful pictures from the snow to the sunset :)

    1. Thank you from Riley.
      My dad took the pics, I’m glad I’m not there! Lol. Too cold for me.
      We love the spot, big yard should you come this way!


  9. Those pictures do not make me smile either, brrr. I'll take our coolish 60F any day over that!

    1. Every night I call Dad, every time he tells me it’s snowing there, I offer up the fact we did not get any today. Lol.