Saturday, February 3, 2024

An adventurous kind of day…lots of pics…


Our Location:

BLM on Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California 

Around 10 am MST Deb and Tom along with Riley and I all climbed into the Dogsled and headed off on an adventure. First we made a garbage dump run, and along the way learned the Sand Hills Rest area is once again open but with no water available. Good to know!

We did a few little looky look things and eventually crossed the border around 11 am MST. What follows is a picture of our day. Mexico is bright, festive, inviting and ever changing.  So come along and have a look. Riley shared some of her photos with me and while the sun made a few a bit distorted, I liked the content.

First when you cross is the purple store….

It is on two sides of the corner.

There are lots of bright colours.

That is our dentist office in the bright yellow building.

This is the far end of Snowbird Alley.

When the sun shines things are bright and shiny here…

almost every square foot of sidewalk is filled with vendors.

On the left bottom, those yellow rolls are filled with handwoven bracelets
probably about 20 per roll.
Can you see the Purple Pharmacy/Store on the right?

Various cacti line Snowbird Alley

We often have a drink and/or food here.

A close up of the overhead lights in the pic above.

Sometimes it’s very crowded in some places.

And not in other places. Yes, that’s me, like the purple bag?

Lots of wares for sale. They like to barter.

A small sample in the alley way.

This is across the alley from the above display. A bigger selection.
This alley leads to the eating place I mentioned above with the fancy overhead lights.

A new to us place to eat, everything was good except the music was too loud.

Yeah, dollar bills…

lots of them…

even on the ceiling.

This the only pic have of Tom. 

Riley snapped this, Tom and the Deb’s.

We aren’t sure what was on the rim, it wasn’t spice or hot.
3 Bloody Mary’s and a Strawberry Margarita 

A two person band but it was too loud.

Everyone wants to sell you something.

The food is good here, as are the Adult Libations.

It was windy

We did however manage. 4 on the rocks Margaritas 

A couple of light cokes while waiting for the line to slim down.

I love the glasses Deb

We haven’t selfied for a while.

We arrived back at our home dirt after an approximate 45 minute trip thru customs lines, and a 10 minute drive home. The time was just 6pm MST, and by 5 passed the hour I was chatting with Dad. We had an excellent day, I hope you enjoyed the visit!

Until next time….

Take care, stay safe,



  1. Looks like a great day!!

    1. It was a great time. Ken will have to try the BM’s in the La Prilla.


  2. Nice way to document your trip to Mexico.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was a fun day and we look forward to a few more before we pull up our feet and head homeward.


  3. a fun day on the fun side of the wall.

  4. Loved the pictures of your visit to Mexico. The commentary along with them was nice.

    1. You came up in conversation a few times. We found a new place for you to get a much better haircut and there was this hat I was sure you would like! Lol.


  5. I knew there would be margarita pictures! I am surprised those dollar bills stay there and the local kids don't clean them out every night. Great selfie of you two at the end!

    1. Thanks, and I believe it is locked down at night. Also I’m not sure anyone would steal in Algodones, even from the locals, don’t forget those bills would be looked for the next time a tourist returns, if it was missing…. No one give more. Just a feeling I have about that of course.
      Come closer, I want to whisper in your ear….Now don’t spread this around but you can buy a pitcher of Margaritas, holds about 4 glasses, much less expensive than individual glasses. Of course we all have to drink the same drink or someone has to sacrifice and drink more than one. If we had enough people around a table, we could order many pitchers and it could be a taste testing, much like a flight at a brewery. Think about that for next year. What do ya think? lol.