Saturday, April 6, 2019

Rain and rough roads.....

Our Location: Richmond, Indiana 

(April 4's post)

We woke this morning to rain in Eureka, MO, not a hard rain but hard enough to make it necessary to use the wipers, not on full but enough to ensure you knew you couldn’t go without them. Our morning started a bit late due to our close proximity to St. Louis, only 30 miles to the East. We didn’t want to get caught up in rush hour and so dawdled until around 9 am.

We headed that way.

 We pulled out of the Walmart right around 9 am and headed east on I-44 once again. Not long of course but until we hooked up with I-70 East in St. Louis, Illinois after crossing the mighty Mississippi River. Still under rainy conditions until we drove out of the city limits when the drops lessened and soon stopped. The day wasn’t sunny but it was brighter and drier than we expected after looking out the window this morning. 

Originally Rolla was our destination.
We motored along pretty much all day as our previous plans were out the window due to the Walmart change. Before noon we reached our ‘previous planned destination’ but continued along the road. Our goal changed to getting us through Indianapolis today instead of tomorrow and with that thought in mind we hustled along. Our stops were longer than normal but we aren’t used to travelling longer distances again and so the breaks were very welcome. 
Construction and rain in St. Louis, Missouri.
We passed through Indianapolis without any issues before 3 pm and made our way to Richmond, IN and of course another Walmart. Interstate 70 leaves a lot to be desired and needs some serious work before much longer. Huge holes where it appears the plows may have gouged deeper and pulled out chunks of the road and of course the joining of the bridge approaches and surfaces to the rest of the roadway is horrifically rough. This of course is in both Illinois and Indiana. I believe our eggs will be scrambled before they are out of the shells. We both decided we are not interested in taking this route again. 
The Arch in the rain.
As we headed down the highway the Bella (USA GPS) was telling us we were going to be an hour later than I figured. Even though there was no way it could be possible but we discovered that we are extremely close to the time change at the Ohio/IN border. So soon we will once again be back on Ontario time. Yeah. 
We weren't the only people approaching Indianapolis.
The headwinds today were strong and steady, not good for the fuel mileage but we pressed on and tomorrow will move to a park in Ohio for the next 7 days. We will then cross into Ontario and soon be in Brantford at daughter Bradey’s house for a few days. I called dad upon our arrival here, while not extremely warm it was better than their snowy day. I hope that stuff stops falling soon. 
Of course this was earlier in the day.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

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  1. Somehow I missed you postings , we have been following the same route almost, and yes I-70 is pretty bad about the worst we have ever seen it. Enjoy Ohio .

    1. I posted three catch up posts at the same time. Sorry for the confusion.
      I am going to get caught up on my reading today as I've missed numerous posts by everyone.

      Take care, be safe,