Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A picture kind of day....

Our Location: Oakdale Campground, Quincy, Ohio
(yesterday's post)
I didn't sleep well last night for some reason, and kind of dragged all day. No amount of exercise or fresh air could get me up to do much of anything and with the cold north wind, well it wasn't hard to convince myself to stay inside most of the day. Riley too seemed to be dragging. We headed out for a walk in the morning, putting in a little over 2 1/2 miles in an hour but that it was it for the day. We spent the remainder inside reading, watching a movie or two and just taking it easy. 

This was on my phone. It is from Natural Falls S.P.

We walked along this driveway yesterday here at the campground.

Way out there is State Route 235, we walked along it too.

That big tree was completely hollow in the middle.

Only one of these trees has a tire swing, but two have steps.

This one will be high and dry during a flood.

There is a dock under that high end. Must have washed down here in the big rains.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you had a fantastic day!! All of today's photos were taken on my phone.

Until next time... take care, be safe, 




  1. Love the Ford truck at the top :) Sometimes we all need a down day, except I don' t know I'd call 2 1/2 miles...down :) Love the trailer up cement blocks! Now that's a redneck trailer :) but I could live there! Nice porch and next to the water..perfect! Gotta love the steps to the tire swing! haha.

    1. I love the Ford Truck. It was a hoot. The walk is a usual part of our summer location day but we seem to slip when we are away for the winter. A change in routine I think.
      I haven't taken a picture but it's connected to the tree by a very thick cable, I guess in case it starts floating away or something. It's an interesting campground here, some very nice, well kept spots and others not so nice, or well kept. I think it's pretty busy all summer. I can almost hear the echos of the children's voices as they shout and laugh. I think it would be a fun place if you enjoy the party atmosphere and the smell of wood smoke. I would bet they keep fires going all day.

  2. Love the truck! Redneck Ferrari, haha.
    Like Ken and Shirley, they watched movies too! I like the trailer on stilts, too funny and thats what I thought those steps were for! :)

    1. The Ford Truck was a hoot. I had to take a photo.
      The trailer on stilts is pretty funny. It's the only one like that. As I said to Shirley in the above post, they have it cabled to a tree, and since no one could steal it with all those blocks under it, it must be to keep there in case of a flood. It would have to be a pretty big flood though and I don't believe the water gets that high here.
      The steps are for the tire swing, in fact not far from that trailer on stilts, about 4 sites down.

  3. Too bad it was so cool there we had a pretty decent day, but at east you did get out for a walkabout and fresh air. Nice looking park.

    1. The air was nice if you were busy, almost too hot if you were really busy but I think the river drops the temperatures a few degrees as the water hasn't warmed up yet. Very cold, very fast at times and since it's constantly moving it won't warm up as quickly. We had some nice sunshine until around 3 pm and then it started to cool off as the clouds took over. However not a bad day at all. No complaints.

      Take care, be safe,