Saturday, April 6, 2019

Change of plans....

Our Location:  Eureka, Missouri
(Tuesday & Wednesday, April 2 & 3)

Our last day in Natural Falls State Park near Colcord, OK was not our last day. We stayed an extra day spending some more time with our friends Ron & Sharon. I have no idea when we will see them again but we truly enjoyed our visit with these wonderful folks. We didn’t do a lot of things but the visiting was worth more than I can tell. 

Sits very close to the roadway on this short, sharp turn.

We spent around the campfires, chatting about a vast number of topics, reminiscing about many things and people we know, laughing and just enjoying the time. The weather was coolish but warming up and we took advantage by sitting outside most of the time. It’s amazing how easily you can pick up with friends you haven’t seen for a long time and it seems as if no time has passed. We are looking forward  to seeing them again in the months and years ahead. 

A Dollar General Gas bar, we've never seen one before.

We pulled out of Natural Falls State Park on Wednesday morning before 9, saying our goodbyes, see you later, and left the park after a short visit to the dump station as well. We followed AK 59 North until we made a slight turn on to I-49 North. From there we skimmed the edge of Joplin, Mo and joined on to I-44 East. We would travel along this interstate for a couple of days. We had plans to stay in Rolla, MO as I had checked and the Walmart allows overnight parking. However upon reaching this store and asking inside we were informed that they hadn’t given us all the particulars. You can only stay if you aren’t longer than two parking spaces. You cannot park in length covering a number of spots, you cannot impede traffic in any way and you cannot put the feet down ( you could then drop the trailer in the combined spots and park the truck beside). Hm…. this was not what we wanted to hear but so be it. We climbed back into the Dogsled and started onwards.

First time for Riley in this state.

It was much later in the day than we normally stop but we pulled into the Eureka, Missouri Walmart and of course we had called ahead and made certain we could park there. The lot is very uneven but we managed for the night and had a good nights rest. We were just 30 miles west of St. Louis. 

Some didn't hang over the road but others completely covered it with the overhang.

The day while uneventful was longer than we like and the road was not one I want to travel again. In places the travel is good, and in other places, not so good. AK 59 was windy, steep and the lanes were very skinny. Driving under the cliff side wasn’t enjoyable for me but it was only in a few places and we weren’t directly under the biggest overhang. The country side is much like driving in Ontario except for the rolling hills.
Bank to bank and fast moving. Spring is definitely here.

A good day but a sad day as we parted with our friends. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the visit.

Heading toward Springfield, Missouri.

 Until next time… take care, be safe,



  1. Moving right along slowly making our way home again.

    1. It is that time of the year for certain.

      Take care, be safe,