Thursday, February 14, 2019

Rainy errand day.....

Our Location: Near Tonopah, Arizona
A text message from a friend at 5:17 AM ended my sleep. It was very sweet of him to wish me Happy Valentine's Day and I would like to wish all of you out there a Happy Valentine's Day as well. 
I'm sure there will be even more colour in the desert soon.

They don't look intimidating from this distance but get closer and see how it feels.
The rain was still falling in spits and spurts as I listened to it dancing on the roof. A very dull over cast day with continued rain off and on was the weather story of the day. 
It's a very steep climb and I'm very careful around those rocks I think snakes might like 'em too.

That white dot off in the distance is the Igloo.
We had a quick easy breakfast and caught up with blogger buddies before Riley and I started getting ready for the day. Today was a day of errands and we accomplished them all. First we sorted the laundry and loaded it along with water jugs and trash into the Dogsled. We headed off down the road around 10 AM. A late start for us but oh well, we didn't have any other plans today except errands and with the weather yukky like it was, it was a perfect day to do them. 
I followed that almost looking path.

It's not as level as it looks from down below on the desert floor.

 I've mentioned before how our RV GPS takes us out of the way and sure enough she was determined to do so again today, I simply ignored her and headed off in the way my memory told me to go. I managed to get us to within a few blocks just by memory, after that I needed help and the GPS provided it.  When we left the Coin Laundry she took us 10 miles around to get us 4.5 miles from the laundry. I think I'm going to start using a different one.

I just love the little blooms on these guys.
It's not smooth out there.
Desert Coin Laundry on Monroe Street was our destination and we found it easily enough. A small lot with plenty of vehicles but we managed to slip in and find 5 machines we needed to complete our laundry. It's not the newest or the nicest but it's clean and the folks are friendly. There are two full time attendants that also do any laundry that is dropped off and are there to offer any assistance needed. It is unusual to find two attendants in these places so this one must be very busy. A couple of hours later we were finished and loading the clean laundry into the Dogsled. Riley informed me that she had seen a dumpster and had gotten rid of the garbage while on one of many trips to the truck from the laundromat. So we had completed two tasks already. 
So many wind worn holes in these rocks.

That flash of light caught my eye from a long way  off. I think it's something placed on the rock. One day I may go look.
We pulled next door to the Family Dollar to use their water dispensing machine and within a few minutes we had three chores accomplished. That left groceries and lunch as it was pushing to the top of the clock near the position of the 1. Definitely time for something to tide us over. 
Amazing the difference in the rock formations.
A stop at Walmart had us checking off the last two items on the list. It didn't take us too long before we were finished with the list and in the check out line.  We picked up some potatoes wedges and a rotisserie chicken for lunch. So we had completed the entire list. Yeah us. 

So close but yet so far away.

Back home we unloaded the Dogsled, put away the groceries and had some lunch. It was then we discovered a couple of items missing. I'm sure they must be in the Dogsled somewhere and I'll look better tomorrow. Oh well, unless they fell out when we were packing the truck I know they were in there. 

How can two mounds of rocks be so different yet so close together? Makes you wonder doesn't it?

The rain continued off and on all day, the fog or clouds hugged the mountain tops out the window but it was too dull to take any good photos. So today's photos are left over from a hike. We finished the day reading and resting with the heater turned on low as the air feels damp and cold. Hopefully it clears up soon as our batteries could use the juice. If not I'll have to run the generator tomorrow.

I just make another trip to this location and climb up there even though I know what's on the other side.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you had a wonderful day. 

Until next time... take care, be safe, 



  1. A rainy day is a good one to get those chores taken care of and you got them all check off you list. Hope you find your missing items.

    1. Thanks George. It was a couple of little things, not a big loss if we don't. I'm always happy to get the chores accomplished. It makes me feel good as I have a purpose for the day.

      Take care, be safe,