Saturday, February 23, 2019

End of the rain.....

Our Location: Near Tonopah, Arizona

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More rain this morning, we’re beginning to think we may need pontoons if this keeps up. Maybe some life jackets or perhaps just some water wings will do the trick. The morning is a  repeat of yesterday, cold, dreary, rainy and windy. We’ve already made plans for today and are in no hurry. We enjoyed a hot drink, catching up with friends and then we start collecting things we need to take with us. Water jugs, garbage, return for Walmart and soon we are out the door heading for Buckeye. 
A gloomy type of day. I didn't enhance or brighten this picture. This how the day looked.
We stop to see if Jeannie needs any thing before we head into town. She doesn’t but she’s thinking of packing up and heading on to Catalina State Park where she is  meeting friends from back home on Sunday. Too miserable to ride here is her comment. So we wave goodbye and off we go toward Buckeye. 
Patches of blue showed through only to get lost and pop back out again.
Rain, puddles and grooves in the pavement make the drive interesting but uneventful. Our first stop is Love’s Truck Center to dump our garbage in their big cans. From there we head on down to Walgreens on Watson Blvd only to find the water dispensing machine is on strike and won’t take our money. No problem there are other spots around too.
If you look closely you can see water running down the mountain. Not much but some.
We head off to Fry’s Grocery just because we want to and enjoy the shopping experience. We like Fry’s, they have some amazing sales but the quality of their products and the friendly staff are what brings us back. Their stores are always wonderfully presented and while some of the aisles are a bit tight if it’s busy, there isn’t tons of stuff stuck in the aisles. I like that nice clean look.
Do you see the cowboy beside the Saguaro off in the distance? He's out our side window.
From Fry’s we headed off to Walmart to get a few things and return a pan we bought on our last trip there. I didn’t take a picture but we bought a flat pan with no sides for making grilled cheese sandwiches, burritos, etc. We already have one and like it very much so thought the second one would also be handy and it was a bit smaller which we liked too. After using it one time I couldn’t get it clean. Along one side of the pan there was a black mark that just wouldn’t come off. So we wanted to return it since I knew it wouldn’t get any better. While returning the pan I asked if anyone had turned in a couple of lost items, a pair of shoes and some wall ornaments. I pointed to the receipt and told her when we arrived home we couldn’t find them. Do you know it was my lucky day, someone had indeed turned them in last week. We did the return for the pan and she told me to go get the replacement items and come back. (Did you know you don’t have to wait in line for customer service if they tell you come back? I didn’t know that until the lady noticed me in line and waved me to the front and told me never wait in line when we’ve told you to return with the items. Another win for me as the line was moving slowly and quite long.) With the replacement items in hand stuffed in a bag at Customer Service I then headed off to find Riley. She had been filling our water jugs at Walmart’s water dispensing machine. 

It's not really a cowboy but it looks like one.
We pulled out our trust list and proceeded to find the necessary items and tossing in a few things that didn’t make the list. You know how that goes, you can’t remember if you need one or not but lets just be certain that we don’t and so you toss one in the cart. Soon you have about a dozen ‘you toss one in the cart’ items that weren’t on the list. If you don’t do that you are much more organized shopper than I am. Even with my list in hand I do  it, I think it’s a habit left over from living in a house when one has tons of storage space and where one isn’t the only cook.

This dark cloud threatened but didn't drop anything on the Igloo but a few drops. I think it probably dumped on the other folks in Saddle Mountain BLM though.

 We loaded everything in the Dogsled and headed his nose westward toward the Igloo. A stop in Wintersburg had us with two fully loaded up propane tanks, one big, one little for less than $38 USD. Can’t complain about those prices. That’s about the same price for an exchange of a big tank back in Ontario (when you add in the exchange), which means the little one was free. We travel with two big tanks (in the Igloo) and two small tanks. We use the small ones for the heater and the BBQ and if necessary I can use them for the Igloo as well. I noted they too have a water filling station but it’s more expensive than in town. In town is $1.50 for 5 gallons, $0.35 per gallon. In Wintersburg it is $2 for 5 gallons and $0.50 per gallon. Not outrageous prices but just a bit more.

The blue sky and the sun makes it look so much nicer and it's promising good things for the days ahead.

 As we crossed the cattle guard and headed toward the Igloo I noticed the paddock was down and Jeannie was hooked up and loaded up. She came out to the road and we talked for a few minutes about things. Magic the white Arabian seems to be catching cold and she wants to find a vet, she thought the Pima County Fairgrounds might be able to help her with that so she was headed there. Catalina State Park is closed due to flooding and so she will meet her friends elsewhere. We wished her well, safe travels and all that stuff before heading up the road to home.
Blue skies on every side of us now.
By the time we had the groceries inside, and the propane tanks all hooked back up Miss Jeannie was on the road and heading east toward the cut off for Gila Bend. Nice lady I hope we meet her again sometime in our travels and we just might. 
It looks like we're getting rid of all the clouds soon.
The rest of the day was spent putting things away, reading and resting. Of course I’m sure you all know the sun came out by the time we had the groceries away. The skies cleared and  the sun set was visible. A wonderful sight after the last few days without one. 

A rare sight here in the desert these last couple of days.
A busy day that we enjoyed. We hope you enjoyed your day where ever you may have been and doing whatever it is you were doing. Thanks for stopping by.
A wonderful end to a dreary day.
Until next time…. take care, be safe,



  1. Nice to get those chores done on a dreary day. The forecast is looking good for the next couple of weeks and I think we are all ready for it.
    Keep having fun there.

    1. I agree, always nice to get those things out of the way and on a dreary day it's the ideal time. We are looking forward to warmer temperatures and sunny skies.

      Take care, be safe,