Sunday, October 23, 2022

We travelled farther than expected today.....

Our Location: Richard's Park, Brady, Texas


When we woke this morning in Marshall, Tx it was coolish at about 60F/15C with a bit of humidity in the air already. Our plan was a regular 4 to 5 hour travel day. We pulled out of the park at 8:32 am, I know because I glanced at the clock. 


Somewhere between Tyler and I-35 South.

Confusing the number of highways here.


The route we chose had us taking I-20W to Tyler, TX and then once again catching Texas 31 West. We took this route before and enjoyed it. We did so again today. For those that are interested, the beginning of the route is a bit chopped up with lots of lights and slow downs but after about 30 minutes it spans out into a 4 lane semi divided highway for most of the way to I-35 South near Waco. I say MOST not all, a few slow downs here and there in a few of the towns but it rolls along well and the road is in pretty good condition. The only thing is you have to pay attention to direction changes as I don't feel Texas advertises some things well. That being one of them. However we managed to make our way through Tyler, Athens, Corsicana, and Hubbard, we eventually entered into Bellmead and popped onto I-35S which carried us through Waco to Hewitt our planned stop for today. . 


Course pavement but the bridge joints are good.


 But as the clock was just hitting high noon we kept going. We followed I-35S to Temple and hung a right onto I-14/TX 190 toward Kileen and Fort Hood. This road was also a nice 4 lane road for a long way but it eventually narrowed down to a regular 2 lane road with a few passing lanes when it turned to just Tx 190. We ventured through Lampasas, Richland Springs, Rochelle, San Saba and eventually we ended up here at Richard's Park in Brady, Texas. The road was decent overall with a couple of humpy bumpy spots but not many. 

A river we crossed.

I paid this price today.

A retaining wall on Tx 190.

Beauty wise it is definitely worth the drive but I think sand fleas may make it seem less so, however we shall see. The RV park is past the baseball fields and is situated near a very large pavilion. A bathhouse, play ground, disc golf and a number of other things make up the park. I'll post more tomorrow. 


A beautiful home we passed today.

For our friend Jim...the hunt is on, tools vary as per the hunter.

I called my dad upon our arrival and set up which was around 4 pm ct, 5 pm his time. We chatted for a while and he told us the weather there is down right summer like, and we are so happy to hear that. It's about time they had some nice weather. 


Some Texas country side...

The reason we came to this park is odd maybe. My late husband's name was Richard. Richard's Park is on Memory Lane. Our middle daughter's name is Bradey. About a half hour or so out of town we passed Riley Road. Only Courtney and I are missing representation here, perhaps I'll find the connection tomorrow. Although I did chat with Courtney last night. It just seemed to me that Richard's Park on Memory Lane in Brady, Texas was a place we perhaps should visit and so we have. 


Our spot in site # 8. 


Temps were warm today here, 85F/28C with very strong winds, of course they were side and head winds all day. The Big Dog was thirsty doing all that work. Diesel has been steadily going down and we are now looking at $4.35 to around $5 +, with most in the range of $4.75 or so. 


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 


Until next time..

 take care, be safe, 




  1. Our diesel is running about $5.29 up here. Love that deer/mountain lion statue. We have lots of mountain lions around here although I have never seen one in person.

    1. I'm hoping the diesel just keeps dropping but I think that's a pipe dream.
      I thought of you instantly when we noticed the statues. I've never seen a big cat of any kind that wasn't in a zoo.


  2. I love the connections you made with the park. You also have Richards as friends! We stayed at a Richard's Park in New Orleans a few years back. Stay safe and enjoy!

    1. Thanks Patsy and you are right about the friends, sometimes I forget last names. Haha


  3. I'm curious, do you look for a place the stay the day before or do you kind of wing it. I'm always trying to find a place to stay a week ahead of time. Sounds like the perfect spot to rest up!!

  4. We love how you're traveling! Slow and easy does it! That's a great answer you gave to Nancy! When we travel we don't like to make reservations, but like to have the general area we want to be in. Nothing odd about being in your RV Park. I like to think some things were meant to be. When we bought our house here in Yerington, our street is Bybee (daughter in laws maiden name) Street before us is Shirley, down Bybee is a cross of Bybee and Cheryl..daughter in laws maiden name (Cheryl Bybee) and the next road over is Shirley/Cheryl. Yep, meant to be, just like yours!!

    1. I remember reading your post about the streets around your house, it gave me a shiver. Somethings are just meant to be I guess.
      I would have made a good Boy Scout. Haha