Saturday, October 22, 2022

A very warm day here……

 Our location: Laguna Vista RV, Marshall, Texas

No photos today, sorry. I took only one all day.

A quiet night last night, it cooled nicely and this morning we didn’t need any kind of sweater, it was pleasantly comfortable.  It was a do nothing day except a couple of minor things that took up a few hours this morning.  Two loads of laundry, washed, dried, folded and put away, the Igloo vacuumed, the underside of the cooktop cleaned and a few screws tightened, some veggies chopped for our “grab a ready veggie” dishes. A trip to town with three stops, groceries, fuel and some wire mesh. Walmart, Murphy’s  and Lowes. We were back shortly after 1 pm. For reference we filled up for $4.66 at the Murphys.

The wind picked up this afternoon and we are under a short wind advisory here in Marshall until around 7 pm tonight. Tomorrow looks good and we are happy about that as it’s a travel day. 

Highs today reached 84F/ approx 27c with a fair bit of humidity in the air. One more day of this kind of heat before things cool off about 10 degrees. 

On that note I am going to sign off and enjoy the rest of the evening, thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Until next time,

Take care, be safe,



  1. Quite warm. Have a safe journey tomorrow.

  2. Nothing wrong with a nice quiet day. We have not had one of those for a while it sounds very relaxing!

    1. It was relaxing and good to get a few chores accomplished.


  3. Keep on truckin'!! Relaxing days are good after pulling an RV clear to Texas!