Saturday, June 20, 2020

A catch up......

                               Hmmm I don't think I like this new format. It doesn't do anything I want it to do. Makes me sad to think that blogging is taking a step backwards instead of forward. This is complicated.

After trying unsuccessfully to edit this post, I apologize for the ugly post. I'm not working at it any more today.

It's been very quite here, not a lot going on but a we like it quiet. We've been able to enjoy the warmth and sunshine of late, and managing to pass those days that were much less enjoyable earlier in the month.

The top photos are of quick shots of the hummingbird and the new feeder we added to the yard. He seems to enjoy it and manages to handily chase everyone else away. The middle photos are of course taken of the angry, wind whipped waters of Lake Huron/Georgian Bay at the mouth of the harbour where the ferry comes in. Following that is wild strawberries I found not far from our door, and of course the wonderful green colour and abundance of cones from one of the many every greens that grace the views out our window. The last photos I captured a couple of days ago, a visitor on the picnic table. Not sure if he was expecting lunch, but we didn't feed him. 

We've been working off and on a day or two a week and are enjoying the distraction from quiet, lazy days around the Igloo. The nights are warming up nicely or cooling off, depending on your point of view but we can now leave our door, windows and vents open all night and sleep comfortably without being too hot or too cold. The perfect sleeping temperatures for us.

Lots of wildlife around these days. A number of deer have popped out from cover along the roadsides, we even managed to see two bears on our recent travels for groceries. Of course the regular rabbits, porcupines, geese, and sand hill cranes are also ever present.

My dad's youngest brother was involved in a motorcycle accident late yesterday. Not  many details, multiple injuries of course but they don't sound to be life threatening.

 Condolences to my best friend Linda and her family on the passing of her brother Allen, a few weeks ago. Allen had been ill for some time. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to my Aunt Shirley, who celebrated on June 3rd. She is the oldest of my dad's two sisters. Also an early birthday wish for my sister Jan, who celebrates another year on June 25th, and my uncle Percy who celebrates on June 26. Also Happy Anniversary wishes to my brother Rick and his lovely bride Barbara, they celebrate another year (36 years, I think) on June 23. Of course Happy Father's Day to each and every father out there!!!!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the visit.

Until next time... take care, be safe, stay healthy,



  1. When in the Design section where you tried the new Format you can then return to the old. Also there is a tab to send Feedback. If enough Bloggers complain about the Crappy New Format they might leave it alone or at least fix the new one before ending support for the old. Have tried a few times and went back to the one I'm comfortable working with.
    Nice pictures as always. Have you considered what you will do this Fall if the rumors of the closed borders come to reality.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Glad to hear all is well with you and Riley. Sorry to hear about the motorcycle accident. I know they can cause real damage. I'm hoping the border opens this summer and this is past us by winter. Say hi to Riley for me.

  3. Glad your having a good time. I can't believe we are half way through the year . Stay safe and take a picture of those bears if you get a chance . Vern in Boise ( it wouldn't allow me to hit like or wouldn't count it when I did .)

  4. I'm not happy with the new format either. They certainly have made it harder to find things and figure out how to make changes. Ooooh bears ... now that's the scenery I like to see. How cool you have so many critters around. They always make my day.

  5. Your place certainly sounds and looks like a great place to be! Nice to hear you both are good! Love having hummingbirds to watch!

  6. I have your visitor's sister here. (last photo) I love how she changes colour. She has been coming back for about 3 weeks. :)
    Glad you are doing well, I have yet to move to the new format. Stubborn, I guess and I'm sure I'll go back once I am forced to change.

  7. Glad your both doing well. Your picture of the ferry landing sent me off on a search to see what was happening with it. It must be quite different on the Island without all of the normal tourists.

  8. Wonderful to hear from you again. Quiet is nice but some people just can't handle it nor doing nothing but enjoying nature. We love it. What are you working at off and on? So glad that I am on Word Press and haven't had to make any changes, my brain is too tired to learn new technical things.

  9. Nice to read your catch up. Sounds like you are enjoying the days. The pictures as always tell a nice story about the place you are at. It has been getting warm here but it is nice when things cool off for the night and like you mentioned we can have our windows open and the temperatures are wonderful for sleeping. Take care and hugs to both you and Riley.