Friday, November 22, 2019

Bellmead, Texas.....

Our Location:  Walmart, Bellmead, Texas

An uneventful travel day. The kind we all like, isn’t it?
Traveling through the edges of Tyler, Texas.
We left our spot in Lincoln Parish Park in Ruston, Louisiana at 7:45 AM under misty skies, humid, sticky conditions. The temperature as we pulled out was 65F/ 18.3 C. That would be our high for the entire day.

I bet you can guess where we are in this photo.
We zipped along I-20 into the state of Texas but departed at Exit 571A, heading for Tyler. We journeyed along mostly on TX 31 with a few minor little pieces added in, until we came to the construction where this cute little road meets up with I-35 in Bellmead. Hm….construction, construction and more construction. However we hung a left, letting the Big Dog run along the on ramp to I-35 S where things smoothed out considerably. For future reference, this is a nice road (TX 31), a bit bumpy in places but overall very good. Except for a small portion it is a divided highway from the exit we took to I-35. I would certainly recommend this road for anyone looking for a way across that area. We took the loop around Tyler and Athens as well. We had to travel through Corsicana and a number of little slow down towns. Cute little towns and maybe one day will stop and check out a few things, but today wasn’t that day.

Corsicana, Texas under cloudy skies.
The interstate, meaning I-20 West was good except for a fairly long stretch (or maybe it just seemed long) through Bossier City, LA. It was awful, humpy, bumpy, dips, valley, hills and perhaps even a mountain or two in there. We stopped at the Texas Welcome Center but failed to see a Welcome to Texas sign. We noticed a sign that indicated the Texas State Line but nothing else.

I filled up earlier for $2.69 a gallon, but this isn't bad.
The skies continued to mist, drip and a couple of times for a couple of minutes each time it actually rained enough to use the wipers on regular speed for all of 3 or 4 minutes each time. The sun managed to show its lovely self once or twice but not for long. Tonight we are under cloudy skies still. When we pulled off the road for the day here in Bellmead the temperature on the dash of the Big Dog was reading 45F/ 7.2C. Going to get close to the freezing mark overnight but hopefully the further we move south and then west we will find some warmer weather and plenty of sunshine.
Sorry about the mirror but it's a great mural isn't it?
I spoke with my sister in law Janet a number of times today due to lingering family business. Hopefully it gets sorted out before long. I also chatted with my dad when we arrived here, letting him know we arrived safe and sound, where we are and what our plans for tomorrow are or at least what we think they are. Even if I don’t mention talking to my dad, I call him every time we travel. Once we are safely off of the road, it’s a quick call to let him know all is well. While talking with Dad I was informed that nephew Jesse was the lucky or skillful shot today, getting an 8 point buck. Congrats Jesse!! Not as big as Leah’s but still nice!!!! Haha.

Texas 31, not busy and a good road.
On that note I’m going to sign off. Tomorrow will be another travel day and I’m hoping to rid myself of this headache before morning. Thanks for stopping, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 
Very informative sign.
Thinking of George and Suzie, wishing them good days and nights!!!

We are staying in this small city, just north of Waco, TX.
Until next time…. take care, be safe.



  1. It's nice that you took the slower routes that have more scenery and exploring. I-20 is just a road with not much to see until it connects to I-10.
    If your headache is above your Eyes or the back of your head it is a Sinus Headache. With the change of climate and allergens in the air it is easy to catch an Infection.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your explorations.

    It's about time.

    1. We enjoy the back roads and take them more often once we cross the Mississippi into the west. There is less worry about low bridges once across that mighty waterway. The interstates are a sure thing for bridges and even with a trucker/rv gps, it doesn't always ensure you won't get caught by a low bridge.
      The headache is a headache, nothing more.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. Back roads are our favorite! Love the lower gas prices! We're near 3.50 a gallon here. I still think that's wonderful that you let your dad know where you are and that you arrived. As parents we always worry don't we, no matter how old our babies are..Love it!

    1. We were liking the fuel prices too, but I think we've left them behind now. I always let my dad know as he worries about us. It's a quick call and I either talk to him for 3 or 4 minutes or leave a message. I agree about the worry, it's a constant nagging in the back of our minds.

      Take care, be safe,