Saturday, February 6, 2021

Winter settles in....

                                                                 Our Location: Tehkummah, Ontario


Hope all is well with you fine folks taking the time to read this today. Things are pretty quiet here in our little hamlet with winter finally settling in over the last few days with constant snow and snow streamers coming in off the lake. Winds will begin whipping the sparkling clean white stuff around with greater force as the day continues. I have no snow pictures today though, but I will hopefully take a few in the up coming days.


On one of the many roads I walk around here.

I must say I don't really like the new Blogger format, things go missing, and won't go where they should, nothing scrolls properly and so on. Not making me want to use it any more than necessary these days. 


The Igloo looks cold.


 Riley and I haven't been doing much these days, working a day here or there, doing a little grocery shopping, taking a few walks but otherwise we've been staying out the cold, wet, windy outside.


It seems we are falling apart during these long winter days. Riley is dealing with a knee injury from an earlier slip in November. It's a slow process but it's getting better and we are both looking forward to getting back to the desert to walking and hiking in something that isn't slimy and wet where slipping is much harder to do. The cold, damp north is not kind to joints  and we will leave it at that. My blood sugars have been giving me issues as well. Fun times we are having! We are like everyone else, missing the bright sunshine filled skies and are looking forward to the end of the lock downs, pandemics and border closures. I don't think it can come soon enough for any of us. 


Look closely, it's the sun.

A vintage trailer in there.

 Thanks for stopping by. 

 Until next time...take care, be safe, stay healthy, 





  1. Good to know your surviving the winter there . It was 52 here today ( not trying to sound mean ) we haven't had much of a winter here in the valley . Mt's have received a lot of snow and a good place for it. I'm waiting for my chance at the vaccine and hoping that will get life back to normal . Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the south west next winter . Vern in Boise ( PS traffic is bad around here if that helps )

  2. Good to know you are hanging in there. You can't help but love those beautiful snowy pictures. This too shall pass ... just not soon enough for us, right?

  3. Nice to hear from you two. Winter in Ontario. Sure defines WHY we go where we go when we can, right? Stay well, hope Riley's knee heals up soon and you take care of yourself. Soon it will be spring!

  4. Glad to read you are surviving our winter.
    Injuries from slipping on hidden Ice is painful. Hope Riley's knee heals soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the beauty around you.

    It's about time.

  5. We are doing good at staying healthy but staying warm is a different story. Our temps are going down about 20 degrees cooler than normal for this time of year. We have a full tank of propane so we should be good for a few days. I think that all of us will be relieved when it starts to warm up. Oh to feel the heat of the sun again.

    Sorry about Rileys knee. Maybe you should get some of those ice grippers to put on your boots or shoes. They really kept me from falling this winter. Looking forward to you snow photos. I love the snow, just not the cold.

  6. I agree with Nancy this too shall pass but it sucks in the meantime. Cactus are turning green now. But I know sap will not be running for a few weeks ha ha ha take care and be well.

  7. Your pictures remind me of what we could call a ride in the country where we would see snow covered farm fields, barns, narrow snow covered roads and all that snow would be pristine white.
    Sorry to read Riley fell and hurt her knee; hope it is feeling better soon. Tom and I hope and pray by this coming fall things have turned around enough to open the border and allow you all to travel south. Though I have a feeling just having the weather warm up enough so you can move back into your "Igloo" will feel wonderful. We think of you both often. Stay safe.
    P.S. I am not thrilled with the new blogger format either. The caption option to type under a picture is still not working for me and I do not find it fun when I am typing and the font size changes. I do like how when you hit publish it asks to confirm though because over time I have hit that more then once by mistake.

  8. So nice to hear from you two again! Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous area! Sorry to hear about Riley's fall and your numbers. Hopefully you both will be better soon! Hopefully next year will be different but who knows? I don't like the new blogger either. I don't think anyone does! Hope to hear from you two again soon :)

  9. Thanks for the update. Hope Riley's knee heals quickly. Your blood sugar numbers are probably not cooperating because you can't go walking like you do in the desert. See you in the desert next winter!

  10. Lovely photos of the sun creeping up on the shed. Glad you are surviving. Thanks for your posts.

  11. Hoping the weather is much better now and Riley's knee. Enjoy the summer.