Monday, May 21, 2018

A busy week....

Our Location: Lakeshore Rd N, near South Baymouth, ON

The last number of days have been busy with various errands, jobs, and visits. We’ve travelled a bit to place like Espanola, Little Current, Manitowaning, Mindemoya and Tehkummah but we have yet to visit the little hamlet of South Baymouth. We will though and I promise to remember to take the big camera instead of just my phone.
Waiting for Dad at the bank in Little Current. Ahead is a small glimpse of the water front, which is the North Channel.

Tuesday found Riley and I securing a new family doctor in Mindemoya as our Hamilton family doctor retired and we don’t care for the new fellow. We’ve slowly been switching things to the north and have now joined with Dr. Maryna Harelnkava at the Manitoulin Health Clinic.

This is the local OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) building. No town cops, just provincial and Native ones on the Island.

Wednesday we travelled to Espanola with Dad as he wanted to do some grocery shopping, and we too managed to find a few items we could use. Isn’t that always the way though? You don’t need anything and $50 later you leave the store. The ride is about an hour and a half from where we’re located, we must cross the swing bridge in Little Current and continue along Highway 6 north bound through a couple of reserves.  We travelled through Birch Island Reserve, Whitefish Falls Reserve and weaved our way through the rocky outcroppings of Willisville and passed into Espanola just before 10 am. We managed to pass the time at a few stores, lunch and before we knew it we were home by 2:30 pm. Not a long trip but a nice slow pace and a few laughs along the way. 

My view of the morning sun as it greets the day.

Thursday  had Dad and I travelling to Mindemoya to have his 2 week old hearing aid back at the hearing clinic there. Seems they have to send it out to be repaired, and it’s only 2 weeks old. I’m not sure what to think about this little issue but we’ll see how long it lasts when it comes back. We did a few little errands while there in Mindemoya as well. 

This fella and his partner (she's in the ditch among the weeds) may be nesting in this location. Lots of marshy areas here.

Friday has us visiting Aunt Shirley during the morning and sister Jan on our way back home.  We also stopped at the local body shop where my long time friend Blaine did his magic on a stone chip we picked up over the winter travels. 

One of my morning walks, I walk up to the bend in the road which is where our gateway is located.

Taking a few minutes most days I’m also working on the oxidization issue on the nose cone and hopefully will have it finished by Monday and be able to apply some wax to bring the shine back. We shall see how that goes though. I’ve been walking a bit more now that we are back, although the mornings are pretty crisp still but I’m sure they will get warmer soon. The snow and ice are now all gone, with no signs of lingering any where. A walk over the back trail to the Sugar Shack didn’t find any Morrels in the spots I noted them last year and I think it’s too dry. Hard to believe with all the snow they had here but the ground is dry and crunchy in places. Rain in the forecast for tomorrow so hopefully we get a nice gentle rain over the evening and night. It would be most helpful. 

This is taken from our regular parking spot, as you can see we're quite a bit lower down.

Our Canadian long weekend is about over with today being Monday. Rain on Saturday had us doing some inside chores and reading. Sunday found me finishing up not quite all of the nose cone, about 15 more minutes should complete the oxidization removal and then I can apply a couple of coats of wax and be finished with that particular job. We have a few things planned for the week and hopefully a bit of warmth finds the wind/breezes that are constant here on the rock. Things are starting to show their spring colours more and more with daffs, tulips, crocus, and hyacinths showing their bright spring colours. 

We normally park right back there along those rocks and trees on the right. In fact you can see the outline of the out door mat we use toward the left of the picture.

With the long weekend comes the cattle into our little piece of real estate. They should arrive today and be here for summer pasture. All of the gates are now closed, and we will start being more aware of the things we leave outside. Cows will chew anything, we’ve been fortunate enough to only lose the occasional solar light to their destructive ways over the years so we can’t complain. 

You can see the lake from here, but we don't park this high. That's our fire pit down there below on the rock.

So there you have it folks. Nothing exciting but we’ve been busy. I hope you enjoyed your visit. 

Quite the view from up here but we can't get this high with the Igloo.

Until next time… take care, be safe,

Walking across the old orchard you can see the back of my brother's house, my dad lives to the right behind that tall pine tree. You can barely see the David Brown Tractor on the extreme right but Dad's there splitting wood for next winter's heat.


(A note: I've found that posting a daily blog right now just isn't possible as my mornings are too full and the internet speed at night is disgusting so I'll be posting when I can, I'll try for once a week but who knows. I'll be catching up with everyone's posts at some point but I can't tell you when. I hope you all have a wonderful summer!!!!)


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Getting caught up.....

Our Location: Lakeshore Rd N, near South Baymouth, Ontario

I know I've been a bit of a sluggard but oh well, that happens from time to time. We've been busy doing a number of things and are almost all caught up to where we should be now. 

This is the gate way to our summer location. If you look you can see the Igloo right in the middle of the picture. It's not our regular spot but it's a nice one for a few weeks.

The weather has been very nice, a bit cool and hovering around the freezing mark in the mornings but it reminds me of the southwest with it's vast change in temperatures, so in my mind, it doesn't seem as cold in the mornings as it would if we'd spent the winter in the southeast where the overnight temps don't dip too much from the day time highs. 

South Bay/The Narrows as this stretch of water is referred to. The far shore is the reservation known as Wikemikong or Wiky.

The ice has finally disappeared in the bay and the air is starting to heat up a bit more each day. We're happy to say that the leaves are popping, the flowers are starting to show themselves and the daffs are out in full bloom. The grass is greening up, the Manitoulin Flamigos (sand hill cranes) are squawking and strutting around and I've seen a robin as well. Spring is here. 

That is snow there folks, still a bit here and there where the sun can't really get at it to melt it yet. That driveway you see leads down to the view of the water in the picture above.

Managed to get a quick visit in with nephew Jason and his lovely bride Leah. It's always a treat to visit with them, they are adventurous young people and enjoy every season to the fullest but Jason's love is winter and his sledding adventures. Leah also enjoys them but quite to the same degree as Jason. They are currently planning a trip to BC in January which will see them hauling their sleds out there for a month. They plan on driving through the upper states to reach BC. Not a drive I would want to make in January but then again, being young has it's advantages I guess.

The Lion rock is just down the way from our gateway, and yes that is snow on the other side of the lion.

A few more aches and pains than I've had over the winter has slowed me down a bit but with the warmer weather I'm hoping they subside some as they usually do. Sometimes typing is not pleasant on the fingers/hands joints but I guess that's why they make the good drugs I just need to convince myself to take more of them I guess. Oh well, it is what it is and tomorrow is a new day. 

That is straight snowfall, not plowed or heaped.

Friday found us heading out to the little hamlet of Mindemoya, a very busy little place even in the winter. Mindemoya has a small hospital, numerous dr's, a grocery store, a laundromat, a Service Ontario (where we can get things like drivers licence, plates/sticker for vehicles, health card updates, etc. like a government one stop shop), a library, pharmacy, and a few other little shops and restaurants. We arrived with a lot of laundry, the renewal papers for the Dogsled's plates, and of course a list of a few groceries for us as well as Dad. I will say within 2 hours we were finished all of those chores and heading home. Not a bad morning at all. 

We usually park in the area in the middle of the picture where you can see that gravel like patch but instead are parked off to the right side of the picture on what we call the green, which is actually quite a bit lower than our usual spot.

We spent the rest of Friday and Saturday puttering around doing a few little chores and just enjoying the 'home' feeling. A bit of visiting, morning coffee time, and getting in a few little strolls as well. 

We're parked here for a couple of weeks instead of going to our usual spot, it was pretty soft further up the hill in a couple of spots.

So as you can see nothing exciting but quite relaxing and enjoyable for us. We are hoping to get another project in the works before too long but we'll need a carpenter for this particular job but I'll keep you posted as to how that goes. 

The birds catch the up drafts that seems to always be here and they coast for a long time. There are usually two or more but today only one was floating along. At the bottom middle of the picture is the road we take to get to our summer spot.

Today's pictures were all taken with my phone as I have been strolling along and revisiting some of my favourite spots. I promise more in the days ahead. Our summer location is located very close to the shore of Lake Huron/Georgian Bay in what we refer to as the pit. It was once a large and booming gravel pit but hasn't been used as such for about 40 years now and so no longer looks like a barren waste land of rock and mud. The views while not spectacular from this spot are still very nice in our opinion. 

We take the road  to the left that is tucked up behind that row of cedar trees in the middle of the picture to get to our location. The road straight up the middle of the picture is the interior farm road to Dad's house. This is the height we are currently parked at, not too high up but it's a pretty good view.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the visit. I still couldn't load pictures to the previous post of our trip through the Parry Sound/Sudbury area, so perhaps I'll just add them to an upcoming post. I will also be getting caught up with you my friends in the up coming few days.

From the dining room window you can see our usual spot which is about the middle of the picture. That road  in the foreground is actually quite steep and is also quite a bit lower than it looks. We can't come up that road with anything but an off road vehicle.

Until next time..... take care, be safe, 

For now this is our view from the steps facing north.


Thursday, May 10, 2018

We've arrived.....

Our Location: Lakeshore Rd N, near South Baymouth, Ontario
(sorry pictures won't load, I'll try tomorrow)
A few days of travel have since passed since I last posted. We've been busy doing a number of things and I've been a bit lazy too. We've had great weather, although a little windy today, a bit of rain last night but other wise sun and warmth have been filling the days. 
We left Parry Sound on Tuesday morning, taking our time, arriving in Lively, Ontario near my friend Linda's home around the noon hour. We parked and settled in for a night's stay. A visit with Randy and Linda during the evening hours, had us straggling home to the Igloo shortly after 10 pm. A late night for us. A quiet night there but alas I think our stops there will be limited for a time at least as there is construction trailers now resting near the spot we like to park and a chat with a couple of the workers/foremen makes me think they will be using it for quite some time so we may need to find a new parking place for our next couple of trips through that area. 

Due to the incoming dump trucks around 9 am on Wednesday morning (courtesy information from the two foremen the day before) we were hooked up and pulling out by 7:45 am leaving Lively in our rear view mirror. The roads in Northern Ontario leave a lot to be desired as they are horrendous, rough, pot holes, heaves from the frost, poundings from the big trucks, gouges from snow plows and so forth. Not nice at all.

The trip from Lively to our summer location is at best a 3 hour ride. We managed to drag it out a wee bit, not arriving until around 1:30 pm. We stopped along the way to do a few little things like fill the diesel tank, dump the Igloo tanks, a bit of shopping and a visit with my cousin Karen. We spent more than an hour catching up with Karen and enjoying a few laughs. Hopefully she comes for visit over the summer months when we are on the Island. 

All of the above was accomplished in the little town of Espanola, a paper mill being it's main source of employment. The drive now turns from west back to the south as we head down Highway 6 toward the ferry terminal at South Baymouth. We are not right in the little hamlet of South Baymouth but a short 10 minute ride away. 

This drive netted us sights of ice still on the rock cuts along the road, a few sightings of snow still here and there in the bush off the road as well. The temperatures were warm and the snow/ice is in those hard to reach places for the sun but will eventually melt. The big news is there is still lots of ice in the bays and channels, not enough for ice fishing but still a great deal. Although the North Channel is clear (the town of Little Current sits on the shores of the North Channel) the others are still ice choked and just now beginning to show signs of breaking up. A good strong wind for a couple of days, some good hard rain or some very warm sunny days, or a combination of the above will get the ice moving quickly and once it starts it'll go pretty fast. 

We passed through the wide spots in the road with names like Sheguiandah, Manitowaning, Hilly Grove and finally ended up just past The Slash where we turned from Highway 6 to Concession 6, then onto Lakeshore Road North and right quick we were pulling in at brother Rick's house to fill up with fresh water. As we're doing that brother Rick and Dad were pulling into Rick's yard as well. Rick had a medical procedure and Dad had been the hired driver. Filled up, quick visit with Dad and on the road once more for a 3 minute drive to the our front gate, through the mud and mire and only half way up the hill to our regular summer location we pulled off and settled for a different location for the next couple of weeks. A couple of soft spots going up the final approach made me think that for a short time we could park further down. So we pulled off onto the grassy top and put down the feet. We've arrived home after a very long time away. We left here Sept 24, 2017 and arrived back May 9, 2018. It's nice to be back. 

After a quick set up, some lunch we headed up to visit for a bit with Dad and get caught up on a few things. We managed to get a few little quick visits in before night fall, all with Dad of course. He dropped by after his dinner as well.

The rain started just before 9 pm last night (Wednesday) and fell off and on until around 3 am. After that it was just cloudy with the winds picking up again. Today has been a bit on the breezy side but the morning fog and cloud cover were completely cleared up by noon. I woke up around 4 am and was finished sleeping for the night. Finally got up around 6 am, did a couple of things very quietly before heading out to Dad's house for morning coffee with Dad, Rick and Barb. 

Back home Riley and I had some breakfast before climbing into the Dogsled to get a few things accomplished. A quick trip to the little hamlet of Tehkummah where we stopped at the little country general store, the used book store and the post office. Tons of mail, which I hate having to deal with. I wish I could do everything on line, with no more paper but alas that is not the way it works just yet, maybe at some point though. Back home once again we managed a 5 minute visit with Dad while dropping off some things for him and then settled in to deal with the mail. 

The trusty Auto Club showing it's face with a long ago paid bill had me on the phone dealing with the mess that was made with my account. It was still not fixed properly but you'll love this part, they had simply cancelled my membership, no notice, no refund, just written it off. Can you say ticked off? However I was very nice to the lady and explained what had happened ONCE AGAIN, but this time I wasn't talking to the road assistance people but someone that was actually able to pull up my entire account. When I asked why they hadn't transferred my payment from Southern Ontario to Northern Ontario when they transferred the membership she explained they can't transfer payments like that. The old membership has to be cancelled and a refund cheque issued, and I would have to sign up for a new membership with the Northern Ontario branch and pay for a full year to start the whole thing over. She had no explanation as to why they would do what they did and not tell me. She could easily see that I had paid and that no refund had been issued but that Southern Ontario had simply just written the membership as cancelled. Which means I would have no coverage of any kind, with no knowledge of the cancellation. She in fact fixed it completely, so I now am having the proper Northern Ontario numbers/card being sent to me and billing will be totally on line, etc. Yeah me!! 

A call to the credit card company had me confused as to why a new card was issued with all the exact same information as my current card. They are no longer using a rebate card, now it's called cash back. Really? They couldn't just honour the card until it expired and then send out a new one? Anyway, that was also taken care of, again yeah me. 

Trying to change our family doctor from Hamilton to the Island is also an experience. Our family doctor in Hamilton retired and we truly aren't too happy with the new one, so we're hoping to change to a local guy. We'll be getting some information about that on Monday. Hopefully it works out well, but we shall see. We will also be looking for a new eye doctor up here in the north as it's inconvenient to have one in Hamilton.

My sister showed up this afternoon for a visit. Haven't seen her since we left the Ottawa area last Sept after her daughter Britt's wedding, so it was nice to catch up with her as well. She didn't stay long as she had some other business to attend to this afternoon and evening. 

So there you have it, the last few days of our winter travel. It was peaceful and quite relaxing as we made our way home once again. I haven't taken any pictures of our spot here yet but I will for the next post. 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Until next time... take care, be safe, 


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Travel day, we're going further north....

Our Location: Walmart, Parry Sound, Ontario
Our last full day at Buttercup Ridge was one of packing up, straightening up and adjusting our location. We had to back out of the circular drive as the power lines from pole to house were just not quite high enough for us. We backed straight up the driveway to hang our end over the edge of the pond. I think that may be the place we pick next time as well. We'll see.
To quote Willie Nelson, " We are on the road again."
Departure day (Monday) was sunny, warm and wonderful. Still without power to the house when we left, we could hear the cows in the barn voicing their complaints about limited water. We pulled up the feet, powered in the slides and headed straight out the lane way. We left around 10 am, an appointment at Kal Tire in Peterborough at noon was our first destination. We arrived much earlier than that but since many of the bays were empty they took us much earlier. (When I had rebooked they said they were full until noon) We backed the Igloo up onto the cement pad at the end of the building and told them to knock on the door when they were ready to start work. 
The hints of green in the trees, and the bright green of the grass definitely say SPRING.
At 11:15 am a nice young fellow knocked on the door. We went around the entire Igloo checking the pressure of all the tires even though they were up I wanted them checked to ensure we didn't have a leak of some kind. We went over which tires to change, etc and they checked the Dogsled tire pressure as well. By 12:15 pm we were on our way. Thank you Kal Tire PETERBOROUGH. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. 
Small town Omemee, very cute welcome sign.
We headed out on Trans Canada 7 North, eventually turning onto Provincial Highway 35 North, passing though towns like Omemee, Boboconk, Lindsay, etc. We took CR 48 until hooking up with Provincial Highway 12 leading us to the small city of Orillia. We bypassed down town and continued on toward Midland until we connected with Highway 400 North. Wabashene, Victoria Harbour, Honey Harbour all passed through our sights but we were aiming for the Information Stop south of Parry Sound. NEW signs indicate 1 HOUR PARKING ONLY, so overnight parking there is not allowed. Nor is there parking allowed at either of the little turn outs for future reference. There is parking allowed at the Truck Weigh Station Area BEFORE you reach the information stop. 
One of the many, many small inland lakes in the area.
Fuel prices are scary high at $1.36 per liter and with approx 4 liters per gallon you do the  math. We did fill up though as the Big Dog was about half way down the water bowl. We continued onward to the little town of Parry Sound. For all those folks that followed hockey years ago Parry Sound is the home of Number 4, Bobby Orr of the Boston Bruins. It is also home of the 30,000 Island Cruise Ship. We pulled in at the Walmart, parked out near the end of the lot, scooted in to ask permission and were told with a smile that we are most welcome to park here. 
How can you not love the views.
A quick call to dad, left a message, some late lunch or early dinner I guess, as it was about 4 pm. Dishes cleaned up, and back inside for some quick groceries. After that we just enjoyed the rest. I found the place very quiet and had no issues falling asleep, but Riley said it was noisy. I was awake around 5:30 am too early to get up as I have no where to go at this time parked in the lot, but the quiet was amazing. Hardly any noise of any kind. The store is open from 8 am to 9 pm. Also nearby Marks Work Wearhouse, Dollarama, and Home Depot. In fact I'm using HD's wifi to do this post. 
I imagine that was quite the landing.
Today we'll be heading to Lively, Ontario about 3- 3 1/2 hours travel time. Not sure how far in distance. I'm used to this part of the route so I don't really calculate the mileage. I've travelled this part of our route for over 30 years going back to the Island to visit. We will be pulling in at the old Husky Garage for the night, hopefully getting in a visit with my best friend Linda and hubby Randy before we pull up stakes to head to our summer location on Wednesday morning. We won't be staying all summer as we usually do but at least we'll get a couple of weeks visiting in before we head out.
Our final destination for the day. We took the Bowes Street Exit.
A quick text from Alma, the power is back on at Buttercup Ridge, a day earlier than expected. Thanks for the hard workers at Hydro One for their efforts. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the visit. 
Until next time.... take care, be safe, 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Power outages, high winds, soon time to head out...

Our Location: Buttercup Ridge, Roseneath, Ontario
A fine few days have passed here at Buttercup Ridge. The weather has mostly been sunny with some cloudy periods but the winds were brutal Friday daytime and late into the evening. The local area of Burnley is without power and has been since last night around 7:30 pm. We fall in that little enclave of powerless folks. Estimations are for around midnight tonight, Saturday that the power will be restored. 
Some of  my raking efforts...
Wind gusts reached 63 mph/102 km yesterday in the small city of Peterborough just to our north. Various other locals in south western, south central and south eastern Ontario all had devastating winds as well. With the fast moving wind came a cold front which dropped temperatures about 25 degrees within a couple of hours. I've seen some estimates for power restoration ranging from a few hours like us to 10 days in the future. Not a comforting thought. 
Soon be time to move these cattle out of the barnyard and on to some pasture land.
The sun shine was wonderful again today, warmed up nicely with just a slight breeze which picked up to gusty again this afternoon but has since died down again. We had no rain to speak of at all during this wind event and other than a few downed branches I found no other evidence of the wind. Well of course except for the power outage. 
Signs of spring growth at the pond.
We've spent a lazy day here just kind of cleaning up the Igloo, reading, napping. You know the drill right? We soon need to find ourselves some more reading material, or at least I do, I have 3 books left to read before I run out. I'll have to fire up my Kobo soon and download some more reading material before too long. 
Definite signs of spring here at Buttercup Ridge.
Tomorrow we will hopefully be doing some laundry before we get ready to pull out. It was actually on the agenda for today but due to power issues, didn't get accomplished. We will also be hooking up, backing the Igloo out of the circular drive (due to low power lines we can't complete the circle) and getting ready to head out Monday morning for the next part of our homeward journey. 
Farm/cow country signs of spring as the manure haulage begins.
So there you have it, our quiet few days here at Buttercup Ridge. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 
Love the wood fire pizza oven.
Until next time... take care, be safe, 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

A few leisurely days....

Our Location: Buttercup Ridge, Roseneath, Ontario

A very nice few days here at Buttercup Ridge. Warm sunshine, and a nice warm breeze from the south helped to make things quite nice here. The mud is drying up, the flowers are starting to show promise of blooms and of course the buds are beginning to appear on some of the trees near by. 

Tulips just scream SPRING.

We've been having the big door open most days for a while, windows as well, even the vents open at night. The frogs are close and very vocal, as well as chipmunks, squirrels, birds and various other forms of life. The odd moo of a cow, the honking of geese, while the gobble of the wild turkeys hasn't been heard they are around. Some deer are also lurking as I've noticed some of the tulip blooms have been eaten off and I doubt that was anything else. I don't have a picture but I'll get some before we leave of a number of  the new calves which have been born here at Buttercup Ridge. According to Mike there are 16 new calves already, and I witnessed a 2 day old calf kicking his heels and testing his wobbly legs as we chatted.

Buds are coming slowly.

Yesterday (Wednesday) we headed out for a couple of errands and managed to accomplish most of them. One more will have to wait until we arrive in Sudbury I think. We left Buttercup Ridge and ventured along County Rd 29, crossing over County Rd 45 where we settled down for a few miles on County Rd 9 in a westerly direction. We turned North on County Rd 15 (the little subdivision) toward the small hamlet of Harwood. It's a very small little bump in the road but it has an amazing feature. Free (donations welcome) water from an Artesian well or an aquifer that runs all the time. The water is amazingly cool and crisp. We will return before we leave the area to fill all of our drinking jugs. It's a mere 10 minutes from Buttercup Ridge. 

Just one of the  many statues here at Buttercup Ridge.

Leaving Harwood we retraced our steps to County Rd 9, again turned west, until we met up with County Rd 18, which we took south all the way to Cobourg and the local Walmart. We've shopped here before and so knew where we were heading. It's a bit more straight forward than coming down County Rd 45 which would make us wind our way through the city of Cobourg. 

I was quite far away and couldn't really tell what that was as it was just getting to be dusk.

We managed to get just about everything on the grocery list, which of course mostly consisted of fresh veggies and some juices. We also managed to exchange one of our small BBQ tanks, $24 CAD which seems to be the consistent price range here in Ontario. Our next stop was the Bulk Barn for some sea salt which we prefer instead of fine table salt, we use our little salt and pepper grinders to provide a fresher flavour for us. After that it was a stop at Petro Canada Gas Station (the only one in the area unless I venture further into Cobourg) to top up the Big Dog's drinking bowl. Diesel prices are high at $1.28 per liter which works out to be about $5.12 a US gallon.(There is approx 4 liters to the US Gallon) But surprisingly much less than even the lowest gasoline prices at the pumps there which started at $1.36 per liter which works out to be $5.44 a US gallon and continued to climb in 10 cent increments. After that it was home once again to Buttercup Ridge. 

Then he turned around and I could see his charming face.

The last few days have had us outside doing a few odd things, raking, puttering, etc. A quick chat with Mike (his cow's we hear mooing on occasion) had it decided that no more raking will be taking place as he assured me that his mower will mulch all the branches and sticks down on the lawn now that I've moved the big limbs over to the large pile by the barn. Any piles I make he'll have to clean up and he would rather not do it that way. So I'll have to find something else to putter at for the next few days. 

Very blurry but this guy was big and fast.

The other evening I went out to get a few pictures and noticed something by the pond. Heading that way I couldn't really tell what it was but once it turned around I knew it was a raccoon. It is the biggest coon I've ever seen in my life. This thing was huge. He took off running as I went nearer and while the pictures aren't the best I think it gives an indication of what a constant diet of corn will do for a raccoon that lives in the barn here at Buttercup Ridge. As that's where he made his get away dash for, the open areas that allow them access to the hay loft. 

He's under the hay wagon turning the corner to head back toward the barn. That's a regular sized hay wagon and look how little space there is above him to the bottom of the frame.

We've been catching a few episodes of our boxed set of Hawaii 5-0 as well as reading and getting a few walks in up and down the driveway. Today however we will be Igloo bound off and on as the rain falls outside, stops and starts again. The temperatures are still warm, 57F/ 13.8C over night with yesterdays high temperature reaching 69F/20.5C. I'm sure today won't reach that high but it's still a sign that spring is coming. Yeah!!!!!

I was more interested in the geese than the foliage or lack of it in the back ground but as you can see there is no hint of any colour yet.

So there you have it, our few days of leisure here at Buttercup Ridge. Amazing how the time is slipping past. We have only 4 more days here before we head to Peterborough for a stop at Kal Tire for tires, and then a bit west before turning our noses northward again. We'll take a few days to reach our Island destination as we have a thing or two to accomplish before leaving the Sudbury/Lively area. 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 

Until next time.... take care, be safe, 


Monday, April 30, 2018

Cold, lazy days here at Buttercup Ridge....

Our Location: Buttercup Ridge, Roseneath, Ontario
(Today's pictures are from April 22/23 weekend with Courtney & Matt)
We've had a lazy few days with some what iffy connections so I've saved myself the frustration and just not tried to post or even go on line much. The off/on isn't the happiest of buttons and seems to work fine but then changes it's mind. Fickle would the word I think that would apply here. 
Riley wasn't too happy standing there.
The weekend was cold due to the clouds and winds we found ourselves with. The temperatures on Saturday were pretty cool, we didn't top out over 44F/6.6C, and yesterday was a high of about 60F/15.5C but the wind on both days had us bundled up for any ventures out side which were very few. The rain and extremely cold winds caused us to have ice on the steps of the Igloo Saturday overnight into Sunday morning. Hopefully those cold days are behind us. 
Courtney and her hubby Matt. Courtney is a teacher in Toronto, Matt is a research doctor in the neurology field. He returned last December from a two year stint in Lausanne, Switzerland. Courtney also lived in Lausanne for a year but returned last August ahead of Matt. Matt is currently doing his research at York University in Toronto.
A chat with my best friend Linda way up there in the cold north of Lively, Ontario (a little town near Sudbury) had us beginning to rethinking our northward trek. Snow, cold temperatures, and rain are still issues up in the north. Their Camp on Manitoulin Island still has snow, lots of snow in some places and the temperatures aren't any higher than about 37F/3C until the upcoming weekend. So that gives us pause for thought. 
Sisters on the bench.
A chat with my Aunt Shirley the night before had netted me about the same information with a few variables as they live in a different area of the Island. 
We still had some snow when they were here.
A chat with my dad yesterday also helped to give us the incentive to stay put a few more days. So we now plan to arrive on May 9 or 10 instead of 5 or 6. Not a lot of time but there it could be make a huge difference. Hopefully the rains in the forecast help things along.  The ice in the bay hasn't even begun to go out, and remains frozen solid at the shore line with a testing last week (not by my dad) that had it registering 2 feet/ 60 centimeters down the bay near Jocko's Point. That's a lot of ice for this time of the year. So with the ice solidly locked in the bay the temperatures at our summer location will be governed a bit  by that cold surface. There is talk of delaying the opening of the sailing season of the Chi-Cheemaun for a while until the ice or at least a portion of it moves out of the bay. It goes out the channel in the little village of South Baymouth which is where the ferry docks. Ice and the ferry in the small channel at the same time would not be a good mix. 
That is where we parked last fall, out by the hay bales.
So our plan is to remain here until May 7th, which will be a week from today. We will then head  northward taking our time and arrive at the Island 4 or 5 days later than we planned last week which was already changed by a few days. Our original plan had been to leave here today, April 30. So as you can see spring is still slowing slugging it out with Old Man Winter. I personally don't recall the last time there was snow on the Island at the beginning of May. 
So muddy and wet out there but it's starting to turn green.
A chat with my sister in law Janet yesterday also provided us with some interesting information. She and hubby Dennis left Indian Wells on Sunday for a little jaunt up to the Julian Pie Company, a pass along the Salton Sea and near the little town of Borrego Springs where she and friend Sue visited Riley and I. She informed me that not one camper was in the area in which we parked, nor were there many in either of the other two locations Rock House Road or Henderson Canyon Road. She commented that they were almost empty. The temperatures have been pretty high in the area, reaching into the 100F/38C in the Indian Wells area a bit further north, so I imagine everyone has headed off to better climes. I know we left due to heat when we visited in early February. However apparently a cooling trend is coming to Indian Wells, it should only be in the mid 70's/ 24C this coming week.
Still some snow with standing water as well on April 22/23.
The sun is shining this morning but we have once again cycled the furnace as we have for the last 4 days now. The wind is the great equalizer here in Ontario, where it goes from bitterly cold to balmy warmish over the course of the year. Those cold north west winds can be brutal can't they? 
Can you see the wetness of the drive way in this picture. Step on that stuff and you sink.
We have tended to stay inside most days, with a few little short jaunts outside. It's just too cold for me, not to mention the mud. We are high and dry here on the circular drive by the house but everywhere else is like a day at the spa, a mud bath. I wouldn't say we are hostage but we are being held pretty close to home due to wind, mud and cold temperatures. Lots of reading, a bit of napping and some planning have pretty much taken up our time. 
North side of the house on April 22-23.
So thanks for stopping by. 
Until next time... take care, be safe,