Monday, November 11, 2019

Catching up with some reading......

Our Location: Roosevelt State Park, Morton, MS

Only 3 campers remain here in the quiet, leaf littered park. Very little sunshine here and late this afternoon we had rain drops falling through the tree canopy. Although not enough to get us wet when we took a quick walk around the loop. 

Very narrow roads here.

Very steep.


I spent some of the morning catching up on some of my blog reading. I still haven’t gotten caught up with everyone but I’ll read some more tomorrow. Some very sad news in some of those catch up reads. Numerous folks not travelling this year, loss of pets and some medical issues for others. I didn’t read each and every post but I did read many of them. Some of the highlights were new destinations for some, meeting of friends for others, and of course, some were just continuing along the regular lines of winter travel. Some shock, some awe and some smooth travel.

The leaf littered grounds here.

Vines grow every where here. Multiple on this tree.
A day to recognize the service and the sacrifice of those men and women that have in the past and do currently serve in the world militaries. We are free to enjoy this lifestyle due to the service of these brave souls. We owe these people a debt that we could not possibly ever pay. Today we remember their service, their sacrifice and their dedication. 

The vines grow big here, and oddly shaped too.

A vine actually growing around a bigger vine.

On that note I’m going to sign off for the day and leave you with some photos I took around the park today. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 

It's very steep and narrow.
Until next time…..take care, be safe,


That's us up there.


Sunday, November 10, 2019

A nice day today, very quite and peaceful.....

Our Location: Roosevelt State Park, Morton, MS

We are nestled among the trees, too many trees in my opinion, with very little sunlight making it’s way to our Igloo. However I understand the trees allow campers to actually enjoy the area during the hot summer months and so it is what it is.

Roosevelt State Park, Morton, MS

The park is very picturesque with an abundance of greens, browns, and a few splashes of fall colours here and there. The park is very hilly and makes walking a bit more difficult as it is constantly up and down hill, with some of them being very steep, while others are steep and long. I haven’t walked any of the trails but I have walked most of the way to the second campground which is a couple of miles away.

Baseball field at the park.

The grounds here are littered with dry brown leaves which crackle underfoot, long brown pine needles, pine cones and regular forest stuff. Under that is of course a bit of grass but mostly sand, a whitish sand which we are used to seeing in our many visits to Mississippi. Not quite the white sand of the beaches on the gulf coast but I suppose we could call it an ivory colour. Here and there are splashes of fall colour but for most part the trees here are still in leaf. Of course some never lose their foliage in this area until new leaves are pushing the old greens off, the Live Oaks come to  mind.
Some colour here in the park of mostly green.

The water is so clear you can see the sandy bottom but not the water.

This campground has 4 campers now including us and is pretty quiet overall. A few tenters with a couple of school age children were parked just down the way from us and it was nice to hear the little folks enjoying their warm days here in the park. 

The lake here at Roosevelt.

A great blue heron takes off this morning.

I don’t have a lot to share today so I’ll leave you with some photos of the park.

The great blue heron before take off.

Until next time… take care, be safe,


Saturday, November 9, 2019

Arrived in Mississippi....

Our Location: Roosevelt State Park, Morton, MS

I didn’t forget about you folks, honest. I have just been struggling for the past few days trying to find enough time to sit down and write. When we last left you we were waiting for an appointment in the morning at Midway Trailers. I can assure you we aren’t waiting any longer and have journeyed a number of miles since that morning. 
Sunrise as we are leaving Pyett's not far from Binbrook, Ontario.

We were waiting for the doors to open at Midway Trailer before 8 AM as our appointment was made for when the doors opened. The folks at Midway Trailer couldn’t have been nicer. Brian, Cody, Jesse and a number of other folks all made our wait much easier. Brian explained that what they thought would be a bracket replacement wasn’t actually going to be a replacement but a straightening. They adjusted/straightened the bracket, added a steel brace with support struts to ensure it won’t bend again and we were happy to be on our way. The wait was long but we didn’t mind, we just wanted this issue fixed. By 2 pm we were on the road again having settled what I think was a very reasonable bill. We came in right around the $400 mark. Most of the bill was labour. I would definitely recommend these fine folks at Midway Trailers in Dayton, Ohio. 

Interesting building, I think it's in Cincinnati, but maybe not.
We opted to boogie on down the road even though we were just getting started about the time we are usually stopping. We decided we wanted to get someplace much warmer even though the weather wasn’t terribly cold the forecast was looking frosty. We pointed the Big Dog south on to I-75 through the remainder of Ohio, hung a right onto I-71 toward Louisville, KY and just kept going. We managed to catch rush hour of course, but just the tail end and so before long we were steaming along again but this time on I-65 SOUTH. We crossed a time zone here of course and when we landed in Franklin, KY we had gained yet another hour in a few short days. (Daylight Savings having just ended).
Leaving Ohio behind, entering Kentucky.
We had a few ideas about staying in Alabama but silly me I had forgotten about college football. Everything was full until after the weekend in the locations we wanted to stay, so we continued along on our way and headed for our current location of Roosevelt State Park in Morton, MS. We are familiar with Mississippi having visited many times but usually we are further south along the gulf coast and so this area is new to us. We are looking forward to exploring the park’s walking trails and perhaps taking a drive or two around the area to check it out. Or we may just sit and enjoy the stationary part of this lifestyle again for a few days.

You have to appreciate the interstates here in the USA.
I have a few little things to take care of before we head out again next week but nothing major. Having installed new bathroom faucets I checked them first thing when we hooked up, everything looked dry but after an hour or so when I checked again I noticed a small leak under my bathroom sink. No problems, we just shut off the water and I dealt with it this morning. Yeah, we’re all fixed and now we can enjoy the rest of the day. 

Interesting, don't you think?
The photos are a mishmash and I don’t really know where they were taken other than Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi.

We travelled through some rain on our way to Mississippi.
Thanks for stopping by, until  next time… take care, be safe,


Monday, November 4, 2019

Slowly making our way along....

Our Location: Sam’s Club, Dayton, Ohio

No photos for this post, sorry, but it will be a quick update for everyone.

An interesting number of days we’ve been having. A few glitches, a few stresses, and a few laughs. However all is good and we are on our way, slowly southward. What we thought was a fixed issue in the spring wasn’t fixed and so we are still dealing with that. We made our way to Pyett Springs and they managed to fix half the problem with the other half being a long wait for the part but they assured us we could continue to our destination in the warmer climes of the south.  And so we left the Binbrook area on Saturday morning under very cloudy, and spotty raindrop skies. We have our problem half fixed and will get the remainder fixed along the way. That’s the plan Stan!!!

We had no issues with travel, everything was good, the border crossing at Windsor/Detroit was fast with only a couple of question and they didn’t want to look in the rig this time, which they usually do. We continued along our merry way making our first night out of Canada being at Wapakoneta, Ohio and the Walmart there. From there we moved just a wee bit further the next morning to Piqua, Ohio and once again to a Walmart. We found some interesting things of note with regards to finding an RV repair center. A visit to Paul Sherry’s RV was a extremely unhelpful and truly they didn’t want to talk to us regarding parts or repairs or anything helpful. We didn’t buy our rig there, so go away. We did. We next stopped at Dave Arborgast RV in Troy, Ohio. They are booking repairs with a starting date of mid December. Ummmmm, I think not but they did send us to a very helpful tire fellow. Grismer Tires in Troy was extremely helpful, very friendly and I would say if in the area and need tire assistance that’s where I would go. In a round about way we found out about Midway Trailers in Dayton from them. We pulled into Midway Trailer’s yard right around lunch and had them take a look at our remaining half of the problem. Sure enough, they have the part and will be able to fit us in tomorrow morning at 8 AM. Yeah.

We are currently sitting at the Sam’s Club parking lot, next door to Walmart (one allows parking, one does not). The sun is out and while a bit breezy it’s not cold, only cool with the temperature hovering around the 55F/12.7 C. The days ahead look sunny and bright with temps hovering at or above the current temperature. We are truly on our way to warmer weather.

I’ve been having some computer issues as well, my mouse is being an idiot and so I’ve been unable to update my blog. However I think I have this issue fixed now too. I’m on a roll. Haha

Thanks for stopping by, until next time… take care, be safe,


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

We have begun....

Our Location: Brantford, Ontario

It’s been a busy few days since my last post. We pulled out of our summer spot on Saturday morning around 8 AM, taking our time down the long lane way and out the gates to begin our journey. A few stops including Dad’s for a quick coffee and goodbye, and another to say goodbye to sister Jan, having said our goodbyes to Rick & Barb the night before. From there we headed out. The warm weather, along with the brilliant sunshine and only a slight breeze kept us company all the way to Hamilton, Ontario. A few stops of course but we travelled well and were happy to make such a good distance in one day, especially a first day after sitting for a number of months. 
Strolling over the farm.

Someone else owns over past that gate.
We parked in the lot at Eastgate Square and were given the okay to stay for up to 72 hours. (Of course it depends on which security guard you speak to at any given time). We had a number of errands to accomplish and I can tell you that we did indeed manage to get them all accomplished. A trip to our storage facility to store and retrieve a few items, a trip to Indigo for Riley to purchase a Kobo, a stop at the bank to exchange some money for our winter travels and of course our final stop of the Bell store. We have been looking at various options for our travels with data always the question mark. I’m sure you all have the same issue and I’m also sure you’ve figured out what works for you. We have opted to try Bell only because it offers better coverage and available data all on the same bill. We liked our former plan with Freedom which included phone service in Canada as well as the USA but the coverage wasn’t always great and we found numerous areas with no coverage. We have now settled on a plan with Bell that allows us unlimited text and calling between Canada and the USA, 20 GB of data EACH and all for the wonderful price of $110 plus tax per month for each phone, so around $220 plus tax per month. We brought our old phones and numbers with us. No slow downs on the data, always high speed but if we go over there are significant overage charges. So that will be 40 GB between the two of us, I’m pretty certain we will be well able to stay within those lines. It took two trips to the Bell store to get it all straightened out but we finally managed.

The Sugar Shack where Rick & Dad make maple syprup.

Some still green ferns off in the bush.

A few calls had me finding us an appointment for the Igloo on Thursday afternoon at Pyette Springs for an assessment on the woes regarding the wear on the rear axle tires. I think we may have it narrowed down this time. A call from the Rheumatologist office had them slipping my appointment from Thursday morning to Friday morning. I’m not happy with that as we were planning on taking off first thing Friday but I guess one day won’t be too much of a delay.  I visit twice a year, answer the same few questions and leave with a new script and a new blood req form. He doesn’t do video conference and so I must journey twice a year to the office which is making me rethink keeping a doctor so far away. 
Rick's winter wood for next year.
Dad's winter wood for next year.
Due to the rain and high winds on Sunday we stayed in Hamilton and of course we had to make a second trip to the Bell store on Monday anyway. From there we pulled out heading toward Brantford. Our stay here is filled with family visits including meeting the newest addition to our family, baby Auston. Middle daughter Bradey and her partner David’s new bundle of joy. Auston was born on Sept 12 but this is our first chance to visit. He is truly a bundle of joy, gas and spit ups. There is nothing quite like a baby!!

Auston!! He's a cutie.
On our way back to the Igloo we found a spot to have the Dogsled receive a few new parts such as fuel filter and air filter, along with an oil change. These go nicely with the four new tires he got over the summer. I could have had my brother do this stuff as he gives the Dogsled the once over before we leave but didn’t want to ask to much of brother Rick!
New cradle posts for the farm fence.

Time to replace this one.
So there you have it, our catch up post. We will be here until Thursday morning when we will take ourselves the short trip back to the Hamilton area to Pyette’s and we will once again put down feet at Eastgate over night and I will attend to my new appointment on Friday morning in Hamilton but after that we will have the feet up and the Big Dog running along the 401 south bound!!! Until then I will not be posting as we are filling our days with the new baby, and reading.

We won't see this sign post until the spring.
Thanks for stopping by, until next time…take care, be safe,


Friday, October 25, 2019

Pulling out in the morning.....

Our Location: Summer Home, Tehkummah, Ontario

A change of weather has us changing our departure plans and so we are still waiting in our summer location for a few more days. Due to the high winds and the frequent rain that is blanketing most of our forecasted travel area we have decided to wait it out here, high and much drier than any where else we would be parking. The ground is firm, we are protected from most of the winds and the temperatures while not balmy, are about the same (within a degree or two) any where we are planning on going over the next number of days.  We have therefore decided to pull out Saturday or Sunday, miss Buttercup Ridge this trip, and head directly for Brantford, Ontario. We shall see how these plans work out. 

The Shoe Tree.

The wind has been buffeting much of the area for a number of days now, the once vibrant reds, oranges and yellows are now more of a sodden, dull fading carpet on the ground. Some hardy souls are hanging on by the merest of connections in all of this wind and will remain as stragglers long into the winter before finally falling off the branches and adding dashes of brown on the snow in the thickest days of winter. I’m glad I won’t be here to witness this final struggle but I know it will happen whether or not anyone sees.

Cold waves crashing.......

The ferry, M.S. Chi-Cheemaun has ceased it’s sailing for another season. The last sailing day was Oct 20th. It will soon be heading to it’s winter home near Owen Sound, Ontario where it will be tied for the winter months and all things mechanical will be repaired, replaced and polished. Things are now very quiet here on The Rock in Georgian Bay. Traffic is almost non existent and tourists are but a memory. Seasonal businesses have closed down and are in the process of being readied for the long winter ahead. Many of the seasonal workers are now finished or just finishing up as well. Most marinas are now free of boats in the water, but the little rascals have moved on to dry land, some docks have been removed for winter storage and all campgrounds have been closed down until next spring. Many lights are being turned off for the last time this year and locks being placed to hopefully keep things safe until the flowers bloom again in the spring. You can almost hear the collective sighs as things slow down once again.

Birch tree on my walk.

A Monday night robbery at the old local general store in the small hamlet of Tehkummah had the bad guys making off with a sizable amount of alcohol, cigarettes, the only cash register (including any money) and the keys to the gas pumps, among other things. The second such event since the store became an LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) outlet. Twice in two years, and never before in it’s 60 or so years has it ever been robbed. I do believe the LCBO brings in the bad guys. 

Getting ready for Halloween.
A few extra visits with family, a few nice days with some nice sunshine warming up the air even this late in the fall. We have been putzing around doing little things and are now ready to go in the morning. I can tell you it is a bittersweet moment when we say goodbye but a wonderful feeling to once again be heading out to warmer climes and joyous reunions with our friends.
Reflection on the cow pond.

So now that you are up to date with our happenings I’m going to sign off. I will be posting on a more regular basis starting in the next few days as we get the wheels turning and start our next adventure. 

Until next time….. take care, be safe, 

Morning over the bluff. 




Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Less than a week until we start our winter travels....

Our Location: Summer Home, Tehkummah, Ontario

I’ve been busy snapping photos with the phone on my morning walk to and from dad’s house for coffee. It’s dark now when I leave the Igloo (around 6:30 AM) and I carry a flashlight just in case but I don’t use it unless it’s necessary, preferring to walk in the dark. What would make it necessary you ask? I met a skunk coming up our lane while I was going down last year and so I feel that critters may make it necessary to flash a light beam now and then. Although this year has been quiet for critters, a fox and a porcupine being our only visitors except cows of course.
Sun and moon shots from our front yard.

Sunrise in the east sky.

We’ve had a glorious number of days these past couple of weeks with the day time temps climbing well into the ‘short sleeve’ temperatures. The leaves are turning quickly and the colour is amazing. We offered a while ago to work the weekends until our time comes to an end at work this fall and so our days off are always weekdays. It gives the other ladies a chance to enjoy their weekends until we leave. It seems the rain is partial to weekends here and so once again the weekend forecast is calling for some wet weather. I don’t mind but hope it holds off until after we finish work. Ah well, we cannot control the weather and since we aren’t made of sugar we won’t melt and therefore I’m pretty certain we will survive. While the past number of weeks have been wonderful the time ahead looks cold and damp, a sure sign the arrival of fall. 

Morning sunrise at our favourite swimming spot.

If you listen closely perhaps you'll hear the loon calling.
Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian friends out there. We hope this special time found  you wrapped in the arms of family and friends, enjoying good times, good food and making wonderful memories. For many snowbirds the weekend is the sign that says it is time to begin our preparations and our journeys southward to find the places with no snowy touches. It is the last chance to hug and kiss those we hold dear before we start scratching the hitch itch that attacks us all. We hope you enjoyed your time together.
Some of the sights we see at our summer location. Doesn't look much like a quarry, does it?

We joined our family here for Thanksgiving Dinner. We gathered with brother Rick’s family (minus Jason & Leah), along with sister Jan, her partner Rick and dad to celebrate the holiday. Barb is a wonderful cook and we enjoy every invitation to dinner. The tables seated 13 places this year, the youngest being Miss Hazel closing in on the 1 year old mark and Dad being the oldest at 82. Miss Hazel shares the same birthday as her Grandma Barb, Oct 26.

Can you see us up there in the trees? Either the Dogsled, the Igloo or both are in each photo.
The mornings are cool these days, hovering between the mid 40’s to the low 50’s ( 7 to 11 C) with the sunshine helping to raise the mercury during the day. As we are on a rock in Lake Huron there is of course always wind. Dead calm at 7 AM but by 8 AM the wind is starting to stir. Not at all like the desert winds but enough to let us know that fall has arrived and winter is barreling our way. A day or two this week the ferry had a bit of a time getting into the dock to tie up with the wind gusts making it difficult but not impossible. On Thanksgiving Sunday the ferry didn't sail the last trip (two sailings on Sundays in the fall) as the winds and waves made the trip rough. Always a bit more dramatic in the fall with the ferry and wind. 

Some fall views and colours within walking distance of the Igloo.

A belated birthday wish to our good friend Ron who celebrated a birthday (Oct 13) on our fine Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Ron and his lovely wife Sharon are folks we have known a number of years and perhaps you’ll remember we met up with them last fall for a week on our journey homeward. We are hoping to once again catch up with them but this time on our journey westward. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

Just to prove it is a quarry.

So there you have it folks, a quick post but the photos will let you see what we see every day. We will be pulling up our feet on Oct 21 with our first stop about a 1/4 mile away in Dad’s driveway for the night to check out a few things before we head out on the morning of Oct 22 for the first leg of journey. 

Some of the fall colour we see daily.
We hope all is well with our friends out here in blogger land. We will be catching up with our reading when we head out.

Our home in the colours.

Until next time… take care, be safe,