Monday, December 17, 2018

A very busy day in Yuma...

Our Location: BLM Road 801, near American Girl Mine Road
(Today's pictures were also taken yesterday)
A nice night for sleeping but I was awake once again around 4 AM. I just don't seem to be able to sleep past that hour for some reason. No matter when I go to bed, I guess my internal clock is just set to wake me up then. 
Yesterday morning's early morning sky.

 Today was a day of errands. We headed off around 9 AM PST to do a few things. First stop was the garbage at the rest area, second stop was to check out a laundromat on 8th street. The next stop was unscheduled but it was another laundromat not too far from the first one. We will be returning to the second one in the next day or so. 
A decaying Ocotillo Plant, they look like an octopus.
After those two stops we did another unexpected stop to check out a few trailers with a couple of floor plans that interest us. We aren't buying something new but we are looking toward the future. We spent a great deal more time looking than we expected. We also stopped at their service center and managed to chat with the service manager Jesus who gave me a very definite idea of what he thinks is wrong with our system. 
The rocks are full of holes and cuts.
We dropped back in to CJ's repair as Jason hadn't returned our call from Friday. He agreed with Jesus when I mentioned the fact that we had a boiling battery late last week. Both gentlemen agreed that it is definitely a battery issue. Tomorrow morning we will haul the Igloo back to CJ's for two new batteries and hopefully that will fix the problem. Even though they both tested fair to good, the gentlemen both feel the boiling indicates a bad cell. The boiling is new in the past few days.
I wonder which cacti will win out?
The boiling battery was the reason we stayed in the area longer than planned. I really want to get this issue solved. Hopefully this will do it and we can move on to enjoy the rest of the winter with no worries. I guess time will tell. I'm still not convinced it's the batteries, but think it may be a two issue problem. Again, time will tell.  

The trails are everywhere back here.
From CJ's we headed to the 99 cent store for a few little things, then to Fry's for some groceries and finally to Walmart where we needed to return an item purchased last week, and to finish picking up the rest of the things on the list. After that it was a straight run for home. 
The washes are deep in places.
We pulled into the yard shortly after 3 PST. I carried the groceries to the door, Riley hauled them away from the door and started putting things away while I cleaned up the outside, putting away all of our things for tomorrow's early appointment in Yuma. 
Looks are deceiving, that is still a long walk home.

We think at this point we will return to this spot for another week but again, plans can change as we all know. We shall see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 
I know I posted either this one or one similar yesterday but I love the play of the sunshine on the dunes and the mountains beyond.

 Until next time... take care, be safe, 


Sunday, December 16, 2018

My morning walk.....

Our Location: BLM Road 801 Near American Girl Mine Road
A walk this morning found me in the hills outside our door. I hope you enjoy the pictures. 
Rock pushing up through the ground looks kind of like a splayed frog.

Struggling to grow in this barren landscape.

I've lightened this picture as it was very early when I took it. The lighter colour gravel is from mine diggings. 

Almost like someone drew a white line along the hill.

Home in front of some desert scape, then the dunes and behind that mountains.

Amazing the different colours of rocks here.

Kind of fuzzy, sorry. The gold/yellow has flaked off leaving the green behind.

A different view of home, the dunes and the mountains.

This is the large bluish hill we can see from our door. One day I'll walk over there and see what it is.

Standing on top of a hill looking homeward. Love the sun on the dunes way off in the distance.

Someone made a sort of 'hidden space' where they have cemented the rocks and made a chimney/fireplace, a kind of cubby that once had a lid for storage, and a small place to get out of the wind or if you added a tarp over head to get out of the weather and no one would know. These little items were on a shelf.

For folks that kind of know this area, we are located  a fair distance back behind that pile of black gravel that is near the power lines.

Someone cemented this area, it's not big but it would be cozy.
Interesting rock colours, don't ya think?

Hard to see from this angle but that rock on the right is the top of a ledge, the hole below is where the water falls when there is rain, making this a water fall. The rocks around the bottom are all fairly smooth from the pounding water. 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the visit. 

Until next time...take care, be safe, 



Saturday, December 15, 2018

We've moved a short distance .......

Our Location:  Road 801, Near American Girl Mine Road

A quiet night and I slept well not waking until 6:15 AM. Yeah me!! Riley and I enjoyed our hot drink while deciding what we would do for the day. A quick breakfast sandwich had us out the door later than normal but we were happy to be going out. We climbed into the Dogsled around 9 AM with the intentions of going to tour the old historic townsite just up the way. However we took a detour on our way there to see if a location we were thinking about had cell service. It does and we decided to move instead of waiting until Monday. We hurried back to the Igloo, packed up and were on our way by 10:30 AM.

Just outside our door.
We know that the limit is 14 days on BLM land but we’ve also been told that it seems the rangers don’t really care how long you stay as long as you stay within the indicated number of feet from any numbered road. Plus the fact that there really aren’t very many people around we decided we’ll stretch our limit. We’ve moved only about 2 miles further north along Ogilby Road and moved about a mile deeper toward the hills. We are within a few feet of the designated road way but I doubt it will be very busy here during our stay. We are located within feet of the hills.
I wouldn't want to be taking a vehicle over this. Much rougher than it looks.
We followed BLM 801 the entire way back here. It’s very scenic, very quiet and I think we’ll enjoy it a great deal. It took a while to get us level but after that it was easy sailing and we were set up in minutes. Since it was going on the noon hour Riley whipped us up a salad to tide us over until lunch. At 12:30 PM I had finished my salad and since neither of us was hungry enough for lunch I opted to take a walk. Within minutes I was in the hills that I’ve been looking at for days. 
For Deb who can't be in the desert right now.
I followed the road we had travelled but soon after our pull off spot the road divides and both directions drastically decreases in usability. It’s fine for walking or quads, dirt bikes, razors, etc but the left hand road is not good for vehicles. Although one did manage to traverse the gully this afternoon. Too bad it ends at a huge hole in the ground. A mine obviously  as the tailings are evident as is the huge hole which marks the end of the road.  It was here I turned around and started home. My walk was only 45 minutes but I truly enjoyed it. 
Holes everywhere in the sides of the hills.
Back home Riley informed me that a couple of riders had gone by while I was gone, but I had not heard them. As we chatted another group came by, a dirt bike, a quad and an SUV. It was this SUV that made it through the wash to the dead end. However that was on their second trip past, their first trip past they stayed to the right and disappeared shortly after and we heard no more until their return visit. One other vehicle went by but decided the wash was too much and left their vehicle while they hiked a bit. They eventually came back to their vehicle and hung a right just as the other fellows had done. They obviously made it through because we haven’t seen them since.

They left their vehicle and walked for a bit. Then came back to the Y in the road and went to the right.
Our lunch today was a stir fry type meal. Slim slices of pork, onions, fresh garlic, minced carrots, mushrooms, and beans all over top of a bed of rice. Pretty good stuff. Jello of course ended our meal. A quick clean up and we’re enjoying the warmth of the sun through the windows.

End of the road, a deep hole. Bottom picture is lightened to show you the interior.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

We are located just before the Y in the other picture.
Until next time…. take care, be safe,

The view out our door.

Friday, December 14, 2018

A few errands today....

Our Location:  American Girl Mine Road, California

Another nice night for sleeping. Again I woke up around 4 AM ready to start the day. A warmish morning helped to warm things but a cool wind seemed to want to keep the heat at bay. A propane tank went empty and so I used that as an motivating factor to clean the fridge. I know that makes no sense but it was the thing that tipped me into doing it. I’ve been planning on getting it defrosted and cleaned up for a few days now.

After that little exercise I also managed to tidy up a cupboard that was beginning to annoy me. I’m sure we all have a cupboard like this, things just move around, no matter how well you stack things they just don’t stay put. I’m thinking of redesigning the interior over the summer where I will have access to some tools that I don’t have with me now. However that project is for another day, today was just a tidy up.

We had tentative plans for the next few days and decided to do a few of the errands that need to be accomplished even if plans change in the days ahead. We loaded up some small water jugs, two big drinking water jugs, and the garbage before climbing into the Dogsled for our errands. We ended up checking out a few other places to park in the area before heading to the rest area on I-8 West for the dumpsters and some water for the small jugs. Next we headed down to the Chevron station for drinking water before coming home. It was nice to get those few things accomplished. After everything was inside  I did wander over to see if the folks have found any evidence of their dog. Unfortunately not.

Back home I puttered around for a bit, reading a little as well. We enjoyed our garden salads around noon but weren’t hungry for lunch yet. We both had a small nap before I started BBQing lunch. Bourbon Chicken Breast, cauliflower (cheese came later), and grilled potatoes. Jello of course finished off lunch.  As we were cleaning up Scott and Annie were walking by when Annie came tearing over to say she’d missed us. We chatted for a bit before Scott and Annie headed off home to make their dinner.

Riley and I played a few games of Yatzee before I remembered I needed to write a blog. Sorry no pictures today, I didn’t take a single one. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Until next time.. take care, be safe,


Thursday, December 13, 2018

Hiking kind of day....

Our Location:  American Girl Mine Road, California

A nice night,  I slept well until about 4 AM and then was awake for the day. Warmer temps this morning of 52F / 11.1 C, so the day promised to be a warm one. I made breakfast wraps again this morning, a bit different than the ones of the other day. Good stuff, had us ready to head out for a hike.

The small black dot in the middle of the picture is a deer.

We took the Dogsled about half the distance to the mountains in the back and parked it off the path. Much easier to walk back closer to the mountains this way. We were just approaching the power lines when Riley noticed off to the left something moving about. Sure enough it was a deer. We didn’t get a great look at him as he was too far away but I was able to get a picture or two. The first one we’ve seen around the area. We walked about 5 miles today and still didn’t really reach the mountains exactly. The closer we got to them the stronger the wind and wind gusts. So we followed one of the trails that lead back along the foot of one and into a narrow wash that continued to lead us back into the mountains. We followed it for about a half mile before turning around. The wind was still blowing pretty hard and we decided we’d pushed against it long enough. Turning toward home the wind at our backs it just kind of pushed along to where we’d left the Big Dog. Checking the time upon arrival back at the Dogsled we had been hiking along for just about 2 hours. Pretty good for us.

He was a long way off.

Back home we decided to putter around preparing lunch and just doing a few little things that needed doing. We both had a little nap before lunch. The wind and the sun took a toll on us I think. Lunch today was a big garden salad and a couple of small turkey burgers. Jello of course finished off the meal. It’s amazing how the wind died down between our hike and me starting the BBQ. Of course once the BBQ was started the wind started picking back up. A quick clean up after lunch and we spent the rest of the afternoon reading. The wind of course died down to occasional gusts after the BBQ was shut off. 

Riley resting on our hike.

A couple of helicopters have been flying over us the past couple of days and late this afternoon they flew over again but one was almost low enough to skim the roof of any rv parked in it’s path. It didn’t stay low for too long but it sure was taking a much closer look at something. The second one maintained a good height though, not bothering to drop down for a look. 

We are close. 

Riley and I are getting ready to sit down to play a game of Blue Damn It as soon as I post this blog. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 

We followed this for about a half mile.

Big hole in the side of the hill. We didn't investigate.

Until next time… take care, be safe,

Wondering if these may be Javilina tracks in the wash.


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Calls to Ontario, lost dog and sitting in the sun.....

Our Location:  American Girl Mine Road, California

A cooler night last night, not cold but cooler. I slept better, not waking until around 4:30 AM so I was happy about that. We did a bit of house work yesterday, including some of the windows, some freshening up of the inside of the Igloo. You know the dusting and straightening that is part of house keeping. Since I had nothing in particular to write about I didn’t post a blog. 
I didn't have my zoom lens and so this was the best I could do.
This morning I was about to head out the door for a walk when a call from Ontario put a crimp in that idea. I had to make a phone call back to Ontario to the doctors office (nothing wrong, just insurance forms) but of course they were gone for lunch which meant my walk would have to wait until I could work this issue out. About an hour later I finally managed to get the doctors office on the phone and get things moving along and straightened out, hopefully that situation is fixed. We shall see however in the near future. I called my agent back and explained things to him and we are hopeful things will be completed soon. I figured it was not a good time for a walk, so I once again enjoyed the sunlight and my book for a while. 
He flew silently away shortly after this picture.
Last night I heard the coyotes yipping and yapping and a dog barking, not painful just barking. I didn’t think much about until we heard our neighbours truck moving around for a long time, an hour at least. This morning the same truck was moving about, up and own the road ways, through the ditches, etc. It was after my calls to Ontario that he finally stopped and asked if we’d seen a little black dog around. I explained I hadn’t seen the dog but heard the wildlife in the wash last night, just after dark, around 5:30 pm. That seems is about the time  the dog was let outside. Turns out the dog is blind, deaf and has no teeth, and is 17 years old. The dog I heard bark sounded much bigger than the size of dog he indicated and wasn’t in pain. So I put away my book and headed out to walk the wash to the road and another wash back up the other side of the Igloo. After an hour I still hadn’t found anything and it was about that time I noticed his truck was back at their rigs as well. He came by while I was BBQing lunch to thank me for looking and to say they didn’t think they would find it.

Love the sky behind the owl. The sun is just starting to show it's rays on the clouds.
Lunch today was a regular lunch for us, a nice garden salad, then later we enjoyed garlic potatoes and onions in foil, mixed veggies of carrots, mushrooms, and onions with some Italian seasonings also cooked in foil, ham steak, and to finish off we enjoyed some peaches in lite syrup. A quick clean up after lunch and the clock was reading 3 PM already. 
The sun is showing off it's colours yesterday morning.
A few more phone calls today calling friend Linda and of course Dad, I tried Bradey again but voice mail answered. Yesterday I chatted with my sister Jan, my Aunt Shirley, daughter Courtney and tried daughter Bradey but  answering machine only. Tomorrow I’ll finish off with my brother Rick and my SIL Janet. Always good to keep in touch with family back home.

A very pretty sky yesterday morning.
Today’s pictures are a mix from yesterday and today. The owl in the first few was hard to get as it was still pretty dark outside, sorry for the fuzzy pictures. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

These guys fly over a lot but not usually this low.
Until next time… take care, be safe,


Monday, December 10, 2018

Sunrise, walk, missed chance meeting, lazy day..........

Our Location:  American Girl Mine Road, California

Not a good night’s sleep for me, I was awake at 2 AM and never went back to sleep. Hopefully I sleep better tonight. A nice warmish night though and the morning dawned warm but with a bit of wind, making a hoodie necessary while I took pictures at sunrise.

The sky was on fire this morning.

Back in the Igloo around 6:30 - 45 AM I was glad to hear Riley moving around which meant I didn’t have to try to tip toe and keep quiet. I’m not good at that. We had no plans today except to take it easy. A morning read of the blog happenings had a friend of Shirley ( Seeing America with Ken and Shirley) and Patsy’s (Chillin’ with Patsy) asking if we’d like to come visit but unfortunately she didn’t leave me any contact information. I left a note in the reply for her to send me an email but we didn’t hear from her. Oh well, perhaps another time. 

It was sure an interesting sky this morning.

Riley and I had a quick breakfast before heading out for a walk shortly after 8 AM. We walked back toward the mountains again going a short distance past the power lines before turning around and coming back. We were gone about an hour. A nice walk, got the heart pumping and the blood moving. Cool heading toward the mountains as we walked into the wind but warmer coming back as the wind was behind us. 

Back home I puttered outside doing a few things before sitting down to read for a while. A little more putter, some lunch (fend for yourself day today) and more reading. We watched out the window for a while just enjoying the view too. 

Certainly not an exciting day but we enjoyed it. Tomorrow we may actually do some more house keeping things such as windows. However that is only if I feel like getting the ladder off and you know I’m not sure I will feel like it. 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. Today’s pictures are all sunrise pictures taken this morning. The last picture is very dark, looks like night but the sun was shining brightly when I snapped the picture. I didn’t do anything at all to any of them, they are in this blog exactly how they uploaded from the camera. 

Until next time… take care, be safe, 

It just came out this way. The sun peeked over the horizon and  as I snapped this picture I could see the rays.