Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Cold, some lights, moving to repair shop tomorrow....

Our Location: Big Buck Resort
(205 Sparks Road, Hornsby, TN)
A very cold and blustery day. Wet, damp and windy would describe today. We stayed around the 45F/7.2C mark for the high but with the wind it felt much colder. Tonight the temps are supposed to drop well below the freezing mark.
Riley and I walked only once around the park and stopped at the office to chat with Tina (park owner) and pay for the last two days. Tina is a truly wonderful person. The park is a fantastic place and we enjoy it greatly. It's a Passport America park and so we pay only $17.50 US per day. We are a short drive from Memphis, and Jackson, TN as well as Corinth, MS. The small towns of Bolivar and Selmer have a great deal of charm and offer some interesting sights. I think it will be a regular stop for us on our travels through this area. 
I chatted with my buddy Ron this morning, catching up on all the gossip and just touching base. Riley and I had hoped to meet up with him and his lovely wife Sharon some time over the winter but that won't be happening. Ron has a few issues that he's taking care of and that will perhaps keep them at home until into the new year. Hopefully they can pull Newwwmar out of his shed and get a few weeks in the sun in Mississippi . Good luck buddy. 
Butch from Butch's RV Repair stopped by around 2 pm and managed to get the lights all working again EXCEPT the tail lights of course. Tomorrow morning Riley and I will pack up and head south to Rienzi, MS just outside of Corinth to his shop. If necessary we can spend the night with hook ups there but I'm hoping to be on the road tomorrow night. We shall see how things go and I'll try to keep you updated. I chatted with Dad again tonight just to keep him in the loop and to hopefully ease his mind and make him worry less.
The rest of the day we spent indoors as it's just too cold outside for me. This damp cold makes too many things hurt and I'm ready to get out of here. A few days drive to the west is warmth and heat, and it looks like no rain so we're excited to be heading that way. 
A sad note tonight, during my chat with Ron this morning I learned that our friend Chuck passed away a few weeks ago. Our hearts go out to his wife Jeanne and son Josh of West Virginia. Chuck was a very quiet man, shy and soft spoken. Jeanne is a fire cracker and full of life. They made a wonderful couple.
Again no pictures sorry. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have some for you. Thanks for stopping by, hope you've all had a great day. 
Until next time.. take care, be safe, 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Delayed by a couple of days....

Our Location: Big Buck Resort 
(205 Sparks Road, Hornsby, TN)
I woke this morning to rain and warmer than expected temperatures. Riley and I had debated about the drive in the rain but decided we'd head out anyway. We hooked up and began checking lights. Only one turn signal worked, no other rear lights at all. Needless to say we unhooked and are staying put until we get this issue fixed. 
I tried to call a fellow near Corinth, MS but his phone doesn't accept international calls, so I sent him a text but didn't hear anything back. I headed off into Bolivar to a local auto repair shop to ask their advice. They sent me to Selmer, TN to an RV repair guy, but he was closed. I was a few miles from Corinth and so continued my drive. Butch's RV Repair is just outside the little town of Bigger, MS. Butch himself chatted with me and has assured me he can fix the issue. He's coming to the area tomorrow and will stop in and check a few things out. If necessary we can haul the Igloo to his shop, less than an hour away where he will get us set up with hook ups as needed and do the repair if he can't fix it tomorrow. 
I arrived back home as the rain was ending, around noon time. Riley and I discussed that this was a better idea to stay here two more nights as Tuesday night every where I look is going to be well below freezing and that would be an issue if we were dry camping somewhere. So we're happy to stay a few extra days. 
The rest of the day past quietly. I called my dad around 8 pm ONT time. We chatted for a bit, had a few laughs and just kind of touched base. Always enjoy talking to Dad and I think it makes him feel better to know that we're staying put until things are all fixed. 
Sorry no pictures today, the rain was ugly and I only had my phone. My quick jaunt into Mississippi was fun but not a sight seeing excursion as I was on a mission. It was a solo trip as Miss Riley opted to pass on the ride. She also takes the pictures when I drive. I don't try to snap and drive, I'm not nearly that talented. 
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all had a wonderful day. 
Until next time.... take care, be safe, 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Our last post from Big Buck this fall.....

Our Location: Big Buck Resort

(205 Sparks Road, Hornsby, TN)

A nice day, no rain but a few snow flurries before lunch time, but just enough to make us say, 'Is that SNOW?' No wind today which made it much warmer outside. I believe we reached a high today of 47F/8.3C with mostly over cast skies and a lot of frozen water hoses this morning. Not ours, I disconnected it last night before dark.

The bathhouse....

The skinning house....

This afternoon Riley and I busied ourselves doing a few chores and an errand. We headed off to get fuel, drinking water and exchange a propane cylinder. Those things accomplished we came to home to have some lunch before dumping all tanks and disconnecting the water hose, putting away all hoses, black and drinking. Tomorrow we have a few more little things to tend to before we head off. 

The playground....

The pavilion....
We've changed our original plan and will be heading to Benton, AR tomorrow instead of Corinth, MS. We've decided to follow the same route as this past spring when we came home. We will head through Memphis and Little Rock and then hang a left onto I-30 toward Dallas-Fort Worth. We think the further south we head now the sooner we'll find warmer weather. The last few cold days have convinced us it's what we both want to do. A call to my dad tonight had me easily convinced we're doing the right thing, they had a blizzard yesterday and more snow today. Too early for the white stuff in my opinion. Brrrrrr....

I love these trees, the colour is so vibrant...

The leaves will be turning quickly now since we've had a heavy frost...

We are planning on going back to the little park in Crosbyton, TX and perhaps staying a few days at the BLM land near Carlsbad, NM before heading toward El Paso. Those are the plans at this moment but who knows what might happen. We shall just point the nose of the Dogsled and head off. 

One of the two water spots on the property...

This is where the wedding took place yesterday.

We tidied up and did a few house keeping things, including making a pot of hamburger soup (ground turkey for us instead of beef) for the next few days. It's always easier to heat something up than it is to figure out what to cook on travel days. 

This is the other water spot on the property. You can fish in this one, also has paddle boats available.

Just a different view.
So as you can see another lazy day here at Big Buck. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. On this day we remember those that have sacrificed so much for us, wounded, killed and missing, we should remember them all. Men and women that stand and have stood between us and the evils of the world that would destroy us but for these braves souls. Such a gift they have given us all. Thank you.

A couple of birthday wishes to my uncles Lyle and Don. Lyle's birthday was yesterday and Don's today. Happy birthday gents. I hope the day has been filled with all good things. 

We are the white truck on the right.

We are behind the bushes, that's David's white truck you can see.
Until next time... take care, be safe, 


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Heavy frost over night...

Our Location: Big Buck Resort
(205 Sparks Road, Hornsby, TN) 
A very cold over night with temperatures reaching down to 27F/-2.7C. The day warmed up with sunshine and blue skies to a high of 45F/7.2C. A beautiful fall day for a wedding. I noted preparations were complete by shortly after noon. 
Heavy frost on the leaves this morning.

Ice on the water holes too.
It was a quiet day here and I will leave you with a few pictures of this mornings walk around the park. 
Can you see the frost on the windshield?
I don't think we'll be worrying about mosquito's now.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you had a wonderful day.
Heavy frost on this car left at the office overnight.

Very heavy frost on the straw by the roadside.
Until next time... take care, be safe, 

Another very quiet day.....

Our Location: Big Buck Resort

(205 Sparks Road, Hornsby, TN)

(Friday, Nov 9, 2018 post)
Last night it started to rain and was still raining this morning when I woke up. It stopped around 7 am but remained overcast, cool and damp all day. Well maybe not ALL day, I think we had about 15 minutes of sun peak through late this afternoon, but soon it was gone again. 

Looking back from the office area.
It was a day of doing nothing as the temperatures were much colder today than on our arrival. We reached a high of 47F/8.3C this afternoon with a cold wind that just wouldn’t go away. We spent most of the day inside doing some more relaxing and just hanging out. We’ve got a plan in place for the upcoming week and will be leaving Big Buck Resort on Monday morning.  I’ll tell you all about it next week.

We walked over to the office and paid for another two days which like I said has us leaving here Monday morning. Although the temperatures are a bit colder than we would like we will be toughing it out a few more days and hopefully that will get our tail light issue fixed. 

The office, laundry and restaurant building.
So there you have it, not one exciting thing happened today, it was quiet and peaceful. We enjoyed a day of watching some movies, reading our books and just once again taking it easy. I’m finally over my cough but I think Riley may have picked it up but we shall see if it lingers.

I texted my sister in law Janet. They arrived in Indian Wells, CA on Wednesday to wonderful sunny weather and 85F/29.4C. I believe they have been out golfing already. Something they both love to do and do pretty much every day while in California. We look forward to seeing them again this winter. Also chatted with brother Rick  tonight for a half hour or so just getting caught up. I've chatted with all the family back in Ontario since leaving with this call tonight. Nice to touch base with everyone.
Some of the locals.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit.

Until next time…. take care, be safe,


Thursday, November 8, 2018

A very quiet day here.....

Our Location: Big Buck Resort
(205 Sparks Road, Hornsby, TN)
(Today's photo's are a mixture taken on my phone over the last 14 days)
This morning was a bit cooler than the past mornings have been. It seems we're going to have some colder weather for a few days at least. The temperature hovered around 50F/10C for most of the morning but the wind made it seem much colder. After a one time walk around the park my cheeks were cold to the touch and I wished I'd taken my mittens along with me to keep my hands warmer. Even tucked up into the sleeves of zip up hoodie they were still cold. 
Dogsled is shivering under this white stuff at Buttercup Ridge.

We've been enjoying the park's quiet and serene setting. The friendly folks here make one feel very welcome. I would highly recommend the park if you're in the area. 
Looking down the driveway the morning after the snow fall.
Today we actually didn't do much of anything. We strolled the park a couple of times and basically stayed home all day. I even managed a nap this afternoon. We watched a couple of movies over the course of the day and I just enjoyed the down time. The sun made an appearance off and on today but it was just a bit too cool to read outside. I did stop off at the RV Repair guy's place this afternoon on my walk and spoke to his wife. She said she'd tell him I stopped by and hopefully he drops by tonight or tomorrow. If not we have a back up plan that we've been tossing around anyway. 
I am not quite at the road yet, but you can see Gary & Lois' tracks from when they left last night after dinner.
Tina the park owner is getting married right here at the park on Saturday and so I think the park will be quite festive for the weekend. We wish her and her soon to be hubby the best of luck and hope all goes well for them. Tina (not the park owner but a different Tina) and Kenneth arrived bright and early this morning around 8 am from Tulsa, OK where they have their home. They are park members here, Kenneth is Dave's (Handy man) brother. We have always parked near Tina and Kenneth when we stay here and this time we are between the brothers spots. Tina is a very friendly lady and I've always enjoyed chatting with her. Kenneth is more quiet and reserved. Very nice folks indeed. 
The bride will walk through the arch and they will be married near the water.
So there you have it, not much of an exciting day but a peaceful one and I've enjoyed it greatly. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your day and your visit. 
I'm standing in front of the office looking across the water to the cabins and campers.

Still standing at the office but looking toward the back of the park, dumpsters, dump station, showers, etc.
Today's pictures are a mixture that have been downloaded from my phone. They were taken over the past 14 days. There are pictures of the snowfall we had while at Buttercup Ridge and of one of my walks around the park here this morning.
Inside the club house.

In the room where you see the couch is a big screen tv, a kitchen, bar and serving area.
Until next time.... take care, be safe, 
Still blooming, tucked up against the side of the clubhouse.

Wild grapes maybe?

Rain, sun and laundry.......

Our Location: Big Buck Resort

(205 Sparks Road, Hornsby, TN)

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain. The weather predicted sunny skies and warm temperatures but they were mistaken. The day started off cool, wet and uninspiring. We were up and out the door before 10 am heading out with a Dogsled full of dirty laundry. We headed up the road to Oakland, TN, about 45 minutes or so away. It’s the cleanest laundromat we’ve found in the area. The prices are good, the place is clean and easy to get to as well. We chatted with several people while there and by the time we left around 12:45 pm the sun was shining and the skies were clearing. The temperature warmed up considerably too, not warm but warmer than the morning. 
Things are green here near Memphis, TN.

We stopped at Walmart to purchase a few forgotten items on the grocery list before we headed home to put away laundry. I googled my no tail light on the Igloo issue last night and decided to ask Dave next door about the possibility of it being a fuse issue. He came out and we checked things again, but with power at the plug both in the truck and all the way to the box in the pin, plus the wires leaving the pin, he assured me it wasn’t a fuse. We checked the back lights and there is no power there but all lights work back there except the tail lights. Turn signals, four way flasher, and brake lights all work. He didn’t seem surprised by that but I find it difficult to understand how those lights can work when the wires coming to the socket have no power. We spent some time chatting about life in general and finally called it off when a lady came by looking for some assistance. Thanks again Dave for all the hard work and time spent trying to help me out. I appreciate it very much. 
We found one cheaper station with gas at $2.65 and diesel at $3.06 per gallon.
After that it was inside to have some chili and toast for lunch which was more like dinner as the clock was reading close to 5 pm and to watch a movie. Then it was time to settle down to more research on this issue and to find a place Dave recommended, a repair shop near Corinth, MS. So tomorrow I’ll call them and see if they can offer me any ideas. I may also ask the rv technician that is staying here in the park. I noticed his sign today. 
Where we do our laundry.
So there you have it, nothing exciting, just laundry and a movie. We are trying to figure out just what we should do about our problems and how best to approach them. The batteries still aren’t charging on shore power but they will charge on solar. No blown fuses that I can find, nor could Dave find any either. Oh well, a problem to think about tomorrow, I’m finished worrying about it today.
The start of some colour in the trees.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Today’s pictures were taken on our way to and from Oakland, TN where we did our laundry. It is Hwy 64 between Hornsby and Oakland. A nice drive for certain. 
This empty field has a tinge of green to it, but I think it's weeds not anything else.
Until next time… take care, be safe, 

The local Bolivar, TN Walmart.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A very long few days....

Our Location: Big Buck Resort
(205 Sparks Road, Hornsby, TN)

Tuesday, Nov 6, 2018 post

(All photos taken our drive between Louisville and Hornsby)

Sorry I've been out of touch but it's been a bit hectic with us. When last I posted we were at Buttercup Ridge in Roseneath, near Cobourg, Ontario. We had visitors in the form of four legged friends but they didn't bother with the Igloo, no they visited the Dogsled leaving behind evidence of their visit by a message flashing across the dashboard. I managed to limp the Dogsled to Cobourg to Bill Spencer Chevy Dealership where the news was not good on this day of impending departure. I would need a rental car to make my appointment in Hamilton with the Rheumatologist, the good Dr. Bobba. Leaving the Big Dog with the dealership for it's operation I headed off alone at the wee dark hour of 6 am for my drive to make my appointment at 9:45 am on Tuesday, October 30 across from St. Joseph's Hospital in downtown Hamilton. I hustled my way along and managed to make my appointment with about 25 minutes grace. Of course we all know the time we spend with doctors is short, in fact I dealt with a resident from one of the local hospitals for about 10 minutes, and spent maybe 5 minutes with the doctor in the same room but only spoke with him for about a minute. I needed a new blood work requisition form. So I was in out of the office in less than 20 minutes. Back in the car by 10:40 am (blood work also completed) I managed to make it back to the dealership in Cobourg to pick up the Big Dog by about 1:30 pm.

Louisville, Kentucky in the early Saturday morning light.

The Big Dog was out of surgery and good to go. Wires chewed off at the very edge of the boot for the fuel pump caused me to have a bill of  around $650 CAD to repair that little issue, it was an easy fix but very difficult to get to and things had to be moved to accomplish this feat. I hurried back to Buttercup Ridge.  We hooked up, said our goodbyes to Janet (Dennis was away) and headed off down the road to Hamilton again. Twice in one day for me. How fun!!!

The Great Smoky Mountains early Saturday morning.

Arriving in Hamilton by 6 pm, we immediately dropped our Igloo at Walmart before heading off to Brantford to meet with Bradey and David and to see their newly purchased house. A very nice little house on a quiet street, a beautiful kitchen and a generous back yard are just a couple of the appealing things about it. I'm certain as time goes on they will settle in and make it a home, not just a house. Congrats again on the house!!!! We had dinner and a catch up chat before Riley and I headed back to the Igloo. I fell into bed and didn't hear a thing until 5 am. I think I was tired. 

You have to love the views, don't you?

Morning found us at the dentist. A visit with Marianne at the reception desk informed us that Lisa has left and is off exploring new possibilities. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. Chatting with Marianne and the new lady (Shelly, Sharlene, Sharon????) we managed to cram a fair bit of catch up in those few minutes. I was good to go less than 25 minutes later, however Miss Riley has a few cavities. One that would require work or it would be causing issues before we get back home. So we opted to delay another day. Back at the Igloo we managed to accomplish a few things and enjoyed a quiet evening. Morning found us waking up to a parking ticket, we were the only one to receive one, not the trucker or the stealth camper of a truck with a cargo trailer. Oh well, we had asked and been told they couldn't say yes or no but people often parked there with no problems. We took a gamble, worked one night, but not the second. If not for the second dentist appointment we would have been gone.

A bit of colour but not too much yet. Lots of green leaves in there still.

Back at the dentist office a little before 9 am, we arrived early and they managed to squeeze Riley in early. Having completed the necessary work and letting us go, we were on the road toward Windsor by noon. We decided to by pass the onRoute at Tilbury and continued on to the Walmart in Windsor on Dougall Ave. We won't tell you about the blue air in the truck cab due to the GPS but we eventually found what we looked for. Parked and realizing there is an issue with the Igloo batteries, even after being plugged into to shore power for so long they were only at 1/3 and we hadn't used them for much of anything. I stopped into Walmart for a chat with the fellow handling the automotive desk. Very uninformative but they sold me a battery they assured me would be fine for use in the Igloo. I just wanted to have lights for the evening. Got it into the battery area, hooked up and no difference. Still only reading 1/3. We opted for an early night and knew we'd be to Big Buck in a few days and that we would make due until then. Up early and eager to get on the road, no such luck. Dogsled won't start. Hmmmm....I forgot to unplug the Igloo from the Dogsled. Auto club came by to give me a boost, driver told me the battery looked old, I should replace it. However the parts guy at the local dealership told me it sounded like it just needed a boost due to the Igloo issue. Stopped at Auto Source, had them test the batteries, both were good, nothing wrong with them the fellow told me. So two people in the business of knowing indicate it's probably just the Igloo draining the battery, we should be good to go. Okay it's now pushing noon and we're heading out. The border crossing was backed up and we waited our turn for about 30 minutes. Nice young man asked us a few questions, noted our plate number and sent us on our way. 

An impressive start to their fall colours.

Southbound I-75 is under construction and poorly marked, it took us a while to actually get to the right detour road but we managed and continued on our way southward. The weather was cool, damp and some rain drops greeted us on our drive. We pushed harder than we like to push but we wanted to get southward quickly. We pushed on until we reached Carrollton, KY where a Walmart associate that answered the phone told us we could certainly park in the lot over night. Upon arriving just as dark was settling in we noted the signs in the parking lot saying NO PARKING. A trip to customer service also had us informed of NO PARKING. No explanation as to why we would have been told we could on the phone only to now be told we can't. A neighbouring TSC (Tractor Supply Store) allowed us to park in their lot over night and after a long day's drive we were happy to fall into bed and get rested. Morning dawned in a blanket of fog, of course being in the Great Smoky Mountains might be the reason for that. It was at this point I discovered that there are no travel lights working on the Igloo. The brakes, turn signals and four way's work fine but no other lights working. The fog lifted and we headed out as the sun was shining and we were highly visible to those around us and the other lights working would allow all to know the most vital information.We crossed the time line before 10 AM and so we moved our clock back ONE hour before noon. A good travel day, sun shining and the temps climbing slowly and steadily all day. A few delays had traffic at a crawl for about an hour just as we approached Elizabethtown, KY. Once again we started rolling along and soon were exiting the interstate heading toward Jackson, TN and onward to Hornsby.

A nice day, getting warmer with each mile we drive.

Checking in we were greeted warmly by owner Tina and a had a quick catch up with her before moving off to park in our spot, #24. We are beside Dave and his wife (???), not far from his brother Kenneth, and wife Tina. (Not the same Tina as mentioned above). We've been parking in this same area each time we are here and are becoming more acquainted with these friendly folks. Dave is the campground handyman. We reached a high temperature of 64F/17.8C on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Low's were in the comfortable range of 50F/10C, although rumour has tonight dipping to the freezing mark, apparently a first this fall. The trees here are just starting to turn, the grass is still green and was freshly mowed on Sunday afternoon in a part of the park. We've had two days of rain, Sunday and part of Monday. Today was beautiful sunshine and warm temps. Asian beetles and lady bugs are once again becoming an issue due to the weather today. They just seemed to appear suddenly and can creep in the slightest opening. 

Note the fresh cut grass, they were cutting grass late Friday night on the road sides as well.

Sunday morning we were going to head out and do laundry as the baskets are piled pretty high. Hmm..Dogsled won't start. This is not a good thing. So instead we spend the day inside as it rained anyway but just resting up. Monday morning another call to the auto club, a boost from Mike Woods, nice fellow from the auto club here in this area. He sent me to Brooke's Automotive service in Bolivar, TN just up the road. Kevin Brooks worked on the Dogsled finding the issue as a bad battery. The Auto Source guy hadn't disconnected the  battery cables and so both batteries read good as one was feeding the other. I had him replace both batteries, keeping the still good battery for a back up just in case. Each battery was $150 US plus $85 US labour, add taxes, and a few other charges that accompany batteries, the bill coming in at around $440 US.  Expensive but now I'm no longer concerned about the Dogsled. Back home to pick up Miss Riley and we were off to Walmart to do some grocery shopping.We spent the remainder of the day tidying up and watching a movie or two. The evening found me on the phone with daughter Courtney, Dad, and my friend Linda. Daughter Bradey's call went straight to voice mail. I'll try her again another night.

A bit of colour along the Tennessee River.

This morning found me up early and the sun shining wonderfully bright and inviting. I spent 2 hours on the phone with Verizon getting my jet pack back up and running. Computers were slow today and a number of issues also impeded the progress. However Dante managed to stick with me through the whole thing and we are now up and running with internet service again. I then headed outside to do a few things, Dave next door, the handy man spent some time checking out the battery issues. We couldn't find anything, the batteries test as good, we couldn't find any blown fuses and no broken wires. So I'm at a loss as to why they won't charge when we're hooked up but they will charge while on solar on a sunny day. We couldn't determine the reason for travel light issues on the trailer either. There is a fellow here in the park that supposedly works on RV's back home in Maine and so I may ask him to look at it tomorrow. I'll have to see how the day goes but laundry is also on the agenda.

This is part of the Tennessee River but it's called Kentucky Lake or Lake Kentucky, I'm not sure which.
So there you have it. A number of things have conspired to cause me some headaches but I know I'll get them fixed up shortly. We have a few more days here at Big Buck Resort before we head on and hopefully we'll be able to head out on Saturday as we've planned. If not we'll have to do what it takes to get things fixed. Ah the joys of home ownership just keep following one along don't they? No matter what kind of home you own there is always something to fix. 

Do you know what that is?

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. I'll be spending the next rainy day catching up on my reading and hopefully I'll be back in blogger land again on a daily basis very shortly. Hope all is well with everyone out there where ever you may be and whatever you may be doing.

Baled cotton of course.

Until next time... take care, be safe. 


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Arrived at Buttercup Ridge, Dogsled checked out okay.....

Our Location: Buttercup Ridge, Roseneath, Ontario

Hello one and all. I hope you’ve all managed to stay warm, dry and healthy over the spring, summer and now into the fall months. As you can see we’ve arrived at The Farm (sounds like a Patricia Cornwell book, doesn’t it?). We left our home location after saying our goodbyes on Tuesday morning, October 16th, around 8:30 am. Our destination was only a few hours away but a bit further north and we managed quite well as it’s a new season of towing again. Arriving at our usual over night spot in Lively, Ontario we parked beside the abandoned Husky gas station on the small cement pad we like. It keeps us out of the way and makes us very level at the same time. We unhooked and headed off to the little bistro Alley Catz to have lunch with best friend Linda and her sister in law Diane. From there Riley and I headed off to our eye appointments with a new eye doctor, Dr. Teri Fisher. In and out in less than 45 minutes with no money owing. We like that!!! An  afternoon visit with Linda at her home just around the corner from the Igloo and then home for the evening. Morning found us at Linda’s once again for another hour’s visit before  heading out to hook up the Igloo. We wished our friend a very happy birthday before leaving. We didn’t have far to go before unhooking again for an appointment with a nurse for insurance purposes (not travel insurance), as there was no where to turn the Igloo had we pulled it down her street. The whole area was NO EXIT so we couldn’t even park on a different street. A quick 20 minutes with her before Riley and I along with HRH Miss Kitty headed back to pick up the Igloo again. 

Leaving Manitoulin Island via the Swing Bridge in Little Current, Ontario.

Arriving in Parry Sound around 4 pm after a leisurely drive we dropped in to the local Walmart where we spent the night. A few flurries visible in the air but nothing on the ground. Morning found us right at the freezing mark and the dewy moisture had frozen overnight making things icy on the Dogsled and all puddles were frozen. On the road around 8 am we headed south once again exiting the 400 Southbound and catching Ontario 12 East toward Orilla. On this stretch of road we noted snow on roof tops and on the fields, not enough to say it snowed  but enough to know a few flakes had fallen and that winter is approaching. We continued along our way stopping for a stretch only once before we arrived in Roseneath at Buttercup Ridge on Oct 18, my anniversary. (Travel note to self: Continued along until we took the 115/7 to Fowlers Corners, a left there and it’s a straight run to the farm. Best route so far.) We tucked ourselves in beside the little drive shed out of the wind and settled down for a stay. Janet and Dennis (sister in law and her hubby) were on a cruise and returned home around dinner time Saturday evening. We managed a quick coffee and catch up with Janet on Sunday morning before Riley and I headed off to Hamilton.

Heading into Toronto on the Gardnier Expressway, you can just see the CN Tower on the right.

Courtney and Matt (oldest daughter and hubby) were to meet us at the storage locker to remove their things but Courtney woke up with a case of vertigo and needed to stay home. Matt and his sister Amy showed up at the locker and we managed to get everything into the Dogsled and Matt’s car and now we can actually walk INTO the locker. Thanks for the help Amy!!!! From there we headed back to Toronto to visit with Courtney and enjoy lunch. Courtney and Matt live with friends Jodi and Shane in the area of Danforth and Coxwell. A very nice home but lots and lots of stairs. A tight fit to get the Dogsled in the driveway, had to angle it in  and still managed to block a bit of the sidewalk, but not a busy street so it was no issue. Courtney broke her foot a few weeks ago and is getting around well in her walking boot. Lunch was delicious and we enjoyed our visit, it was great to see both C & M again, also nice to chat with Jodi again but Shane was absent, away for the weekend. Riley and I headed for the Farm just before 5 pm and although traffic was backed up for a while we still managed to arrive at the farm north of Cobour by 6:30 pm. Another quick visit with Janet and Dennis before calling it a night.

A dusting of snow in the Orilla, Ontario area.

Monday, Oct 22 found me on my way shortly after 8 am to Bill Spenser’s Chevy dealership to have a warranty issue addressed on the Dogsled. The beast had an oil leak, still covered for a while under the power train warranty. With the Big Dog on the hoist it was determined the oil pan nuts just needed a bit more torque. So we shall see if that is truly the issue or if it needs a new pan/gasket etc before the warrant expires. Oil level was perfect even after we towed from the Island to here, the trip to Hamilton and Toronto and into Cobourg. So it’s a very minor leak but I’ll be keeping an eye on it. 

The entrance path to Peter's Woods.

Back home before 10:30 am, Riley and I decided a short hike was in order. Peter’s Wood’s is  approximately a mile long through some very nice hard wood trees. Very little colour here yet, but it’s coming, ferns are still green, many trees still green too. However frost has hit in the past day or two so I’m sure the colours will be changing quickly. Twenty minutes later we were heading home.

Some colour but not much yet during our short hike in Peter's Woods.

We’ve been enjoying our evening meals with Janet and Dennis, she is a very wonderful cook!!! We always enjoy our time with family and the time we spend here on the farm. The barn is once again filling up with piglets and cows. Probably about 10 or piglets arrived the other day, and about 20 cows/calves as well. A couple of wild turkeys could be seen strutting their stuff in the fields which were stripped of their soybeans just this past Sunday afternoon. We hear next year’s crop will be corn. 

A bit more colour in this area of the trail.

So we will remain here at Buttercup Ridge until Monday, Oct 29 when we will depart for another destination a bit further south. Walmart on Rymal Road in Hamilton will be our next destination for two appointments and a short drive to middle daughter Bradey’s new home in Brantford will fill our short stop in the area. We’ll be checking out the length of the driveway on that visit as both she and her partner David assure me it’s lots long enough for the Igloo but I want to see it first. We are excited to see them again and their new digs as well.

Can you see the face on this tree in Peter's Woods?  I wonder if it's Peter?

My next post will be from Hamilton as we aren’t doing a whole lot of exciting things here at Buttercup Ridge but enjoying our time just the same. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. All pictures today were taken with phone/camera on our journey from Manitoulin Island to Buttercup Ridge.

One small pile of these nuts, chestnuts or walnuts, not sure which. We had several more piles like this as well.

Until next time….take care, be safe,

Some more fall colours on our journey southward on Highway69 S just outside of Estaire, Ontario

Not as brilliant as they should be but still nice.