Sunday, January 20, 2019

We moved today......

Our Location: Joshua Tree National Park, South Entrance, CA
We packed up and headed off this morning around 7:30 AM California time and an uneventful trip we had. We like those kinds of trips. Except for a little mishap, not ours but someone else's at the rest area on I-8 West just past Ogilby Road the roads were accident free. A semi had some how managed to jack knife himself while coming out of the rest area onto the I-8 West bound lanes but was still in the rest area. It appeared that he thought he wouldn't make the turn and backed up which jack knifed him and his right rear tractor wheels were hanging in the air over the side of the road. A big tow was on route. Enough room for us to slip past him and be on our way though. 
Just before the rest area on I-8 West. Lots of weekend warriors here.
We made our first stop at the rest area of course, water, and garbage. From there our next stop was a little over an hour away at Brawley's Walmart on Wildcat Drive. We took our time getting a few things that we hadn't been able to find in Yuma. After that it was on the road again until we turned in at the Red Earth Casino on CA 86 N where we used their dump station. We waited for about 20 minutes until it was our turn and within a half hour we were on our way once again. 
The border inspection station on CA 86 was backed up and stop and go for a while but suddenly they just started waving everyone through and not asking any questions. It appeared they had two cars pulled over and the K-9 unit was inspecting both.

Back in Ontario, Canada we never think of a Palm Forest.
We continued right along taking the Dillon Road Exit to merge onto I-10 EAST bound. From this point on our towing travels will take us east bound, with perhaps some southward movement as well but mostly east until we finally head north to the land we call home. We climbed onto I-10 E and continued on our way. We reached Joshua Tree National Park and set ourselves up by 2 pm California time. A quick call to Dad had me informed that it was too cold for folks to be outside there today and so he was inside doing some net surfing. 
Along the way, hay under those tarps, tons and tons of it. A very empty I-8 West bound. Two trees have formed an arch in this field. Very cute.
A nice lunch and then Riley and I caught up with our blogging friends and I checked the weather for tomorrow. Ho hum, I wished I'd have checked it last night instead. We wouldn't be staying here at JTNP tonight if I had. Wind warnings posted for here tonight, 25-30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph. Starting around midnight and continuing through the night and into the afternoon tomorrow. I checked the Salton Sea area, no wind warnings of any kind. I was tempted to move but instead we stayed put. Hopefully tomorrow we can still make it into town to see Janet and have a visit. 
Welcome to Brawley, CA. Fuel prices are a bit high I think.
Can you see the snow on the mountain peaks in these pictures?
So there you have it, our travel day which wasn't long and wasn't difficult. We enjoyed seeing the sights again and are looking forward to tomorrow and some time with Janet.  We will be here only two nights and be moving on Tuesday morning. 

We begin the long climb to the Chiriaco  Summit.

Thanks for stopping in, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 
As we climbed we noticed this helo. He appeared to be hovering at first, then moved off and swung around to come back. We could see the long line trailing and couldn't imagine what he was doing. As we watched he approached one of the towers and stopped, hovering again. It was then I realized there are workers on this towers and he's picking them up. Now that folks is a definite high risk ride to and from work.

 Until next time... take care, be safe, 


Friday, January 18, 2019

Not much going on today.....

Our Location: BLM on Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, CA
A somewhat restless night last night for me. I have no idea why I have those nights. I was certainly tired enough to sleep but oh well. 
The beginning of sunset tonight.

You can see the not so defined image as it sinks slowly.
A nice sunrise but I didn't get any pictures so you'll have to take my word for it. Today was a do nothing kind of day but of course we never do nothing, do we? However I did take the day off from walking, instead opting to make a turkey pot pie using fresh veggies and making up the recipe as I went along. It turned out well and thanks to George (Our Awesome Travels) for the idea of using crescent rolls for the crust instead of the actual crust. Riley doesn't like pie crust but enjoyed the pot pie with the crescent roll crust. 
The sky was more orange than it appears.

you can see the pink in the top of the picture and soon that will turn darker.
The wind picked up this afternoon as we started packing away a few of our outside items in preparation for leaving in a few days time. We tend to pack up things we won't be using for the remainder of our stay to lighten the work load on moving day. 
I did a bit of research this morning as well as spending time reading my book, Deadline by Sandra Brown. I finished the book this afternoon. It was pretty good, a very interesting twist or two in the plot kept one guessing in a spot or two. I've since started reading a Tony Hillerman book, The Wailing Wind based in the area in which we've passed through recently on our way to the southwest. 
After our wonderful lunch we spent the rest of the day doing a bit of this and that, a bit of reading and a chore or two as well. Not an exciting day but we enjoyed it. 
A few phone calls to Ontario tonight had us chatting with Courtney, message on Bradey's machine, and friend Linda. Very cold back in Ontario, Canada and will remain so for the next number of days. Courtney, who lives in Toronto says they are predicting between 10-30 cm /4-11 inches of snow. The temps are in the -16 to -20 C / 3 to - 4F range for the day time highs for the next week or so. Glad we aren't in Ontario. 
Happy Birthday to son in law Matt. Matt turns 32 today. Matt is a research doctor and is currently working at York University in Toronto after a 2 year stint in Switzerland. Matt and Courtney started dating in high school and have been together ever since. We are fortunate to have Matt as part of our family. 
Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit. 
Until next time...take care, be safe, 

Goodnight from California.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

A busy day.....

Our Location: BLM, Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, CA

A wonderful night’s sleep for me and I lazed in bed until about 7:30 AM just because I could. Today was scheduled to be a busy one and I wasn’t in any hurry to get started. We chatted over breakfast and soon after had the laundry sorted, jugs collected, garbage collected and were piling into the truck to head out for our day in town.

Organ Pipe Cactus (?) at a fuel station in Yuma.

Love the bright colours.

Our first stop was the rest area on I-8 west to fill up some water jugs, and dump our garbage. From there we stopped at the Chevron Station to fill up our drinking water jug before we headed off into town. The drive was uneventful, just the way we like it. We pulled into the laundromat to find both front and back lot very busy so we opted to return to do the laundry at a later point in the day.
A view from inside Joanne's Laundromat in Yuma.

Off we headed toward the Arizona Market Place after a small tour of a few streets that truly had nothing to do with our day. We found the Market Place easily and were surprised at how many cars were in the lot, although the place didn’t seem to be busy once we started walking around. We found what we wanted and before long we were heading back toward the laundromat. We managed to find a Good Will store where we dropped off a bag of clothing that we no longer wanted. 

The beginning of sunset.

Back at the laundromat we found it almost empty and quickly went about getting things into the washers and before long into the dryers. Four loads, washed, dried and folded within 2 hours. I was happy. We were out the door and moving on.
The sun is sliding slowly behind the clouds.

We found a Fry’s but opted instead for Walmart and within a minute or two were parked and shopping at Walmart. Groceries that hadn’t been in stock when we were there the other day is what we were looking for, but still a few holes in the shelves. After that it was a stop at Wells Fargo Bank to pick up some cash and off we headed home. 

The sky is a mix of blacks and yellows.

The Agricultural Inspection station was once again an interesting part of the trip. A female inspector asked us if we had any fruit. So using the standard answer I’ve been told works every time, I answered,” yes, we purchased our fruit at Walmart a little while ago.” and handed her the receipt. She then informed me she would need to see the fruit. So as I started to open the door to step out she asked me where I am from. I replied,”Ontario, Canada.” She asked if we were spending the winter in the area. I explained not the whole winter but a portion of it in this area but will be moving on soon. She asked if we were staying at the Dunes and I said no, Ogilby Road area. How much longer are you in the area. Answer, about a week. She then decided that she didn’t want to see the fruit and told me to go ahead. So we drove away more confused than I have been originally over the whole thing. Why would how long I’m staying make a difference? It’s the same fruit it was when she asked to see it. Needless to say I doubt we’ll be purchasing any fruit in Arizona while staying in this area in the future. It’s just too bizarre and confusing. 

It was 3:30 pm before we had everything inside the Igloo. After getting things put away we opted for a quick and easy bite to eat and a chance to relax from our busy day. We spent some time with our books and just enjoyed the peace out our window. 

Riley once again enjoyed a campfire tonight. She’s getting into the same habit she has in our summer location. She enjoys the campfires there as well. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 
The colour is slowly fading in the west and soon all will dark.

Until next time… take care, be safe,



Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Beautiful day, sunny skies, warm air.....

Our Location: BLM, Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, CA

No rain last night but a heavy dew that made the outside of the windows mist over as well as water balls on the BBQ cover. A pretty sunrise this morning followed by a truly nice day with the sun shine and warmth we’ve come to expect during the day times here in the southwest.

Sunrise this morning. It was pretty but not spectacular.

Lots of moisture on the Weber cover.

 We didn’t have any plans for today except to get out and walk and so that is what we did. Of course we both went in opposite directions and arrived home at different times but it was an enjoyable hike for me and Riley seems to have gotten back into the walking routine as well.

Fog back near the open pit mine.

I climbed this hill today but the looking down is deceiving. It was much higher than it appears.

Of course you know I headed for the hills right? I started back toward the open pit mine but changed course just after I crossed the power line road and headed more toward the old town site of Tumoc. I didn’t go that far but I headed in that direction. 

Looking down into the wash you can see it's dry.

This one is also dry.

For anyone that has ever walked the desert floor you know it is anything but smooth and straight forward. There are washes and gullies, big rocks, little rocks, holes, heaps and growth that must be stepped around as many of them are thorny, picky or down right grabby and they hurt. So when I say I walked in a general direction that means I kept a spot in my eye but weaved my way to it. Sometimes you can walk an extra 1/2 mile or more out of your way simply because of the obstacles that you must get around. Today was no exception. 

Barrel Cactus
We parked over there close to that black hill when we were here the last time.

I ended up back in the same area as the other day (pictures with my phone) but didn’t stay there, instead I headed further off toward the north west. I managed to scramble up a few of the hills to get better views but as they were a bit on the rough side I didn’t go too far or up too many. I found only one gully that had any water in it and then only in a few spots, and I crossed many washes and gullies. I noticed where water had made it’s way down over the sand in places but it was gone, either evaporated, run off or soaked in. 

Looking out toward the dunes.

Looking off toward the area of Tumoc.

I was gone about 3 hours today. It was a pretty good hike, it was warm by the time I reached home around noon (AZ time) and I was happy to come inside and rest. I spent some time reading, doing a few little puttering things and before we knew it the sun was heading down. The day slips past pretty quickly here in the southwest and I’m not sure where it goes but I seem to be able to put the time in with no worries about being bored. 

A few of the cactus I noted today.

This was an extremely big Ocotillo on the top left, and the flower is also from an Ocotillo but not that one. The rocks were impressive today. Very flaky and shale like.
A few new folks moved in today and a few more folks left today. Amazing how they come and go so quickly and so quietly. One minute they are there and the next they are gone. Stealthy folks they are!!! Talked to my dad again tonight. Very cold there he says and will remain so for the next number of days.
This wash has water in it, you can see it in the shade.

This one is dry.

Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit. Tomorrow we have errands in town and will be out most of the day I think. I hope we remember the camera and then of course to take pictures with the camera. Often times we take it and never take a single picture. 

I climbed up in there a bit today.

Not a bad view huh? Those white dots are rigs in the area we are parked. They are quite far away.

 Until next time…. take care, be safe, 

Tonight's sunset.


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Rainy start to the day....

Our Location: BLM, Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, CA

I heard the rain once again this morning and stayed inside as there was no sun to see. Fog, clouds, mist, rain and a cool breeze filled our morning hours and into the afternoon as well. 
A rainy start to the day.
 We did a few inside chores today, did some more reading, and napping as well. About mid afternoon the sun came out, chased away the clouds and the day seemed to be heating up until one stepped outside into the cool breeze which changed directions during the day. 

Can't see much of anything. But the bushes and trees look more vibrant.
Not many rigs left in the back now. Many of them have cleared out.

 So today’s activities were very limited but I will leave with shots from the door step taken off and on throughout the day and tonight’s sunset. 

It's starting to break and clear now.

The beginning of sunset tonight over the mountains behind us.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit.
The fire is fading quickly and dusk will soon settle on the desert floor. Goodnight from Ogilby Road, California.
Until next time…take care, be safe,