Thursday, May 16, 2019

Final post for the summer....

Our Location: Summer Home, Tehkummah, Ontario

Its been a while since I last posted and I did promise one more so this will be it for the duration of the summer. 
Buttercup Ridge on the left, and fuel prices on the right. Litres NOT gallons. 
The past couple of weeks have been spent getting settled in, taking care of a number of things that required attention and spending some time with family. The weather has not been nice, lots of cold rainy days, cold nights and very little sunshine. The snow that was peeking from the north side of the hills and from under the trees has gone now but the ground remains cold as there is very little growth. The leaves are starting to appear now, ready to spread open and offer us their beauty and their shade. The daffodils have been blooming for only a very few days now. The sun has made an appearance only a few times since our arrival and today is a perfect example of the days we’ve had so far. A hint of sun followed by periods of rain and drizzle, the sky brightens only to fade once again into over cast grey and dull uninspiring skies. The rain falls vary in duration and strength but I wouldn’t want to be outside long, even in rain gear as it would be cold and damp even without getting wet. Not such nice weather.
Buds, the view from just below us, and Rogers Creek which is home to a couple of beavers.
We have managed to visit with most of our family members up here and even managed a visit with Randy and Linda who will be starting their own adventure in just a few days. Every one seems to be doing well and have survived the winter, cold and ugly as it was here.

Some left over snow, our fire pit and the view from just above us.
Riley and I have been enjoying a very nice quiet time while managing to accomplish a few chores that we have been able to strike off the list. We hope to accomplish a couple of more before the end of the month and then just enjoy some leisure time.
Still some snow when we arrived, the same shots about a week later.

That is ice you can see across the bay, piled up in places on the other shore. The cold waters of Georgian Bay as the ice has only recently left before these photos.
We hope all of our friends are doing well, healthy, happy and enjoying your time where ever you may be spending it. Have a safe summer and we hope to catch up with you again in the fall.
We entered at the gate in the top left photo, beginning of our climb in the top R photo. The last part of the climb in the bottom R photo and our resting area for the summer in the bottom left. We are pulling things out and haven't gotten them put away yet but we're getting closer.
Until next time… take care, be safe,



  1. The best thing about bad weather is it makes one appreciate good weather a lot more. The daffodils are good news as they say good weather is coming. Looks like a nice spot your in.

  2. It's been a cold wet Spring all over but even more so up your way I think. All that cold grayness can sure get a person down. All the best to you and Riley and I hope you have yourselves a relaxing pleasant summer. We'll keep an eye out for you in the Fall:))

  3. Looks like a nice spot to spend the summer. We had several days of grey skies, rain, and cold when we first got back here but now, though still cold, we have had several days with the sun which definitely helps. Hope it shows up your way soon. You and Riley have a wonderful, relaxing summer. Look forward to hearing from you in the Fall and crossing paths down the road. Until then take care and be safe.

  4. Looks like you are nicely set up for the Summer. We've just started having some sunny days so hopefully they are headed your way.
    Wishing both a Safe and Enjoyable Summer and looking forward to catching up on your adventures in the Fall.

    It's about time.

  5. I hope you have a great summer . I always read your blog and will look forward to reading it this fall . Have a warm and safe summer . Vern in Boise Id.

  6. Nice that you are all settled in and set up for the summer. Now ready yp enjoy it as things warm up and you can enjoy some relaxing times.

  7. It is good to hear from you one last time before you relax for the summer. You are all settled after getting the family visits taken care of. You can enjoy setting up in that nice area.
    Hope you both stay well and we look forward to hearing from you in the fall when we do this all over again.
    We have had similar weather, probably a bit warmer but still sparse sun and more coolness than previous springs. My daffodils have been out for over a week so I'm confident spring is here!!
    Great diesel price btw!
    Take care!

  8. Well Deb I'm sorry it's your final post for the summer! We're going to miss you, but as we know Fall will be here before you know it! You and Riley enjoy that beautiful place together! When is your grandchild due? I know we would love to see pics of that awesome event! Enjoy and we'll be thinking of you!!

  9. Enjoy the rest of your summer as you settle down. We ourselves are just a bit over a month into our 6 month winter travels since we are Down Under in Australia.

  10. Enjoy your summer. It is finally warming here so it will be your way soon.

  11. Thanks for the post! You gals enjoy your summer and get ready for another fun southern adventure.

  12. You will be missed. Enjoy your summer break.

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